March 13, 2011
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Ryan Villopoto owned Indy and the massive crowd that showed up to watch.     Photo: Hoppenworld

60,789 fans greeted round ten of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series in Indianapolis as Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto won his fifth race of the season. In the 250 East class, DNA Shred Sticks/Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes captured his first career victory.   

As the gates dropped for the 20th Supercross in Indianapolis, TwoTwo Motorsports/Bel-Ray Racing’s Chad Reed squeezed through the pack to capture the holeshot with Villopoto and Dodge Hart and Huntington’s Ivan Tedesco in tow. Reed’s lead was short-lived as Villopoto perfected a series of jumps to ride past Reed on lap one.

The three riders that Ryan Dungey needed to beat finished in front of him. That makes fourth place the same as losing.

Andrew Short DNFed with a throttle position sensor failure.     Photo: Hoppenworld

Of the five guys fighting for a shot at the title, Trey Canard had the worst night…6th.

Villopoto, unaware of the battles trailing him, led all 20 laps to register his fifth victory of the season. Meanwhile, behind Villopoto, Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey dueled over second place spot?unaware that James Stewart was coming up from a last place start. Villopoto now has a more than 25 point lead on his chasers (and 25 points is the maximum number of point available at each race, which means that Villopoto will hold the points lead through next week’s Jacksonville Supercross, no matter what happens).

Nick Wey had a good night with an eighth.

Cole Seely made the top ten in his first-ever 450 Supercross.

On lap 11 Stewart made his move on Reed and took over the second place spot. As Stewart carefully held this second place spot, a battle for third between Reed and Dungey continued to the checkered flag; however, Dungey was not able to put the pass on Reed?even though he had the angle on his several times.

“The track was really tough tonight,” said Villopoto. “The ruts played a big factor throughout the 20 lap main. You really had to be smart out there. The whole team worked together really well tonight, and I couldn’t do it without them.”

Roger DeCoster in orange.     Photo: Hoppenworld

“I had a rough weekend last week and wasn’t able to ride the way I wanted to,” said Stewart. “I let my team down today. It’s not over. I’m so motivated right now and I have a bunch of guys behind me.”

A happy Ryan Sipes and team.


At the start of the fourth race of the 250 East series, Pro Circuit’s Blake Baggett was first off the line followed by Yamaha’s Ryan Sipes. Early on lap seven, Baggett clipped a Tuff Block on the finish line jump and acreened intot he infield. Sipes took the lead, while a stray Tuff Block blocked Justin Barcia. Sipes went on to lead the remaining eight laps to register the first victory of his career followed by Barcia and Baggett, who finished second and third respectively.

“I can’t even describe the feeling right now,” exclaimed Sipes. “I didn’t think about winning until I crossed the checkered flag. Last time I thought about taking first place while leading, I went down and handed over the lead. Tonight, I stayed strong and didn’t think about it, and it definitely paid off.”

“I went six laps and got pressured and went down and pretty much threw the race away, said Baggett. “I threw away a good amount of points, but we’ll just make sure we pick it up down the road.”

Stewie lost ground to Villopoto but gapped the rest of the contenders.

1. Ryan Villopoto…Kaw
2. James Stewart…Yam
3. Chad Reed…Hon
4. Ryan Dungey…Suz
5. Justin Brayton…Yam
6. Trey Canard…Hon
7. Kevin Windham…Hon
8. Nick Wey…Yam
9. Cole Seely …Hon
10. Mike Alessi …KTM
11. Davi Millsaps…Yam
12. Matt Boni…Kaw
13. Michael Byrne…Suz
14. Fabien Izoird…Kaw
15. Matt Goerke…Kaw
16. Tye Simmonds…KTM
17. Bobby Kiniry…Suz
18. Chris Blose…Kaw
19. Ivan Tedesco…Kaw
20. Andrew Short…KTM

Justin Brayton was a quiet fifth.

1. Ryan Villopoto…221
2. James Stewart…195
3. Chad Reed…192
4. Ryan Dungey…183
5. Trey Canard…169
6. Andrew Short…129
7. Justin Brayton…121
8. Davi Millsaps…114
9. Brett Metcalfe…107
10. Kevin Windham…103


1. Ryan Sipes…Yam
2. Justin Barcia…Hon
3. Blake Baggett…Kaw
5. Malcolm Stewart…Suz
5. Matt Lemoine…Kaw
6. Dean Wilson…Kaw
7. Blake Wharton…Hon
8. P.J. Larsen…KTM
9. Alex Martin…Hon
10. Les Smith…Hon
11. Gannon Audette…Yam
12. Bradley Ripple…Hon
13. Taylor Futrell…Hon
14. Ricky Renner…KTM
15. Michael Akaydin…Kaw
16. Nico Izzi…Hon
17. Tyler Sjoberg…Kaw
18. Jason Anderson…Suz
19. Shawn Rife…Hon
20. Hunter Hewitt…Suz

Mike Alessi made the top ten.     Photo: Hoppenworld

1. Justin Barcia…91
2. Blake Baggett…85
3. Ryan Sipes…79
4. Dean Wilson…75
5. Blake Wharton…65
6. Malcolm Stewart…52
7. Matt Lemoine…51
8. P.J. Larsen…46
9. Jason Anderson…44
10. Alex Martin… 40 

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