July 26, 2016
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While Washougal could have been uneventful, there was a memorable fight in the second moto. Cooper Webb and Joey Savatgy got into a skirmish that produced very different results for their two closest competitors. It started when Joey Savatgy made an aggressive block-pass on Cooper Webb on the first lap. Tempting Cooper is like playing with a grenade and boy, was he irritated! Webb put a solid brake check on Savatgy a few corners later. However Webbs temerity landed him in trouble as he jumped the corner rut. Mayhem ensued. Jeremy Martin crashed hard, Adam Cianciarulo was forced off the track and both Alex Martin and Austin Forkner capitalized on the pileup by leaking between the feud. Jeremy Martin staggered up after the pileup had left. While he finished the moto, a 17th is not characteristic of the defending champion, even coming from that far behind. While the team didn’t say much after the incident, sources have confirmed that he did injure a few ribs in the crash. While the team has yet to release an official statement, they are assessing the situation. With a two week break and three races left, it is unknown if Martin can complete the last few races of if he will have to forfeit his chance at the championship. While he has only finished with one win this season, Martin is second in points and had been gaining on Cooper Webb. The crash Saturday wouldn’t be the first time Jeremy was a victim of a pileup. In Supercross during the East/West shootout, a pileup forced him on the ground and he was unable to get his bike from under a barrier for the first few minutes of the race.


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