KTM SPRING PROMO ONLY HAS TWO DAYS LEFT: Build Your Own Full-Race KTM 250SXF (And KTM Will Throw in $1200 Worth Of Free Parts); Word Of Advice-Go For The Polka Dots, We Did!

June 20, 2009
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ÿÿÿ If you buy a new KTM at your friendly local dealership before June 30, KTM will throw in a boat load of goodies?including a special-edition FMF muffler, gas can, bike stand, new tires and your choice of Ride PG graphics (we chose the polka dotted Atom kit?valued at $199.95, but there are six designs to choose from).

ÿÿÿ Here is a complete list of free parts that come with any KTM purchased between now and the end of the month

1. KTM by FMF muffler
2. Ride PG Special Edition graphics
3.ÿFork Bleed kit
4.ÿA spare set of radiator shrouds
5.ÿKTM grips
6.ÿAluminum glide plate
7. Michelin MS3 Starcross tires
8.ÿHydraulic clutch case guard
9.ÿFive-gallon KTM gas can
10. KTM bike stand
11.ÿKTM tie-downs
12. LED battery charger (450/505 models)
13. New air filter and oil filter
14.ÿMotorex chain lube, filter oil and filter cleaner

The graphics are by Ride PG. The Atom kit has a polka dot pattern.


ÿÿÿ This baby is a screamer! Every single test rider came away impressed with the 2009 KTM 250SXF’s engine, especially after riding it back-to-back with the 2008 KTM 250SXF. The two engines were hardly comparable, aside from the overall power between the two. The 2009 engine is much more responsive through the middle, doesn’t give up the ghost until well into the top-end and has plentiful over-rev.

ÿÿÿ Last year’s engine made more horsepower than any other 250 four-stroke, but felt so doggy that the amount of power didn’t matter. Thanks to the lighter valve train and new ignition, the 2009 KTM 250SXF has a good shot at taking the throne with a hard hitting and broad powerband. It should be noted that a lighter valve train doesn’t show up on the dyno–only the racetrack. This engine is strong, fun to ride and a very good race engine.

ÿÿÿ By lightening up the moving parts (valve springs, valves, guides, finger followers, camshaft, cam chain and cam gears) the 2009 KTM 250SXF engine has plentiful power at the lower echelon of the curve (unlike the 2008 bike). The 2009 KTM 250SXF pumps out 38.6 horsepower. For comparison that is about one more horse than an RM-Z250, KX250F, CRF250 or YZ250F.

You gotta have a bike stand. It might as well be orange.

ÿÿÿ Gearing. In 2008, we geared the bike down by two teeth to maximize the engine’s potential. Knowing that KTM didn’t touch the gearing or change the internal gear ratios for 2009, we automatically assumed that adding at least one more tooth to the rear sprocket was in order. We were right. Despite the fact that the engine’s throttle response is considerably better than the last year’s powerplant, we still needed to jump from a 48-tooth sprocket to a 49 to close the gaps between second, third and fourth gears. Slower riders (or those who ride very tight arenacross style tracks) might even opt for an additional tooth on the rear.

ÿÿÿ Forks. For 2009 KTM listened to one of our complaints and dropped the fork oil height by 5cc. They also utilized shorter bottoming cones to give the forks more bottoming resistance, but these subtle changes made little improvement to the feel of the forks at midstroke. We felt compelled to drain 15cc of oil out of the forks, which allowed the new bottoming cones to do their job, as the forks began to use their full travel.

ÿÿÿ Front brake. The Brembo brake system, with a Galfer wave rotor, was a great brake. Not as powerful as last year, it is still a works-style brake that allowed test riders to go deeper into corners. Good stuff.

The billet aluminum guard protects the hydraulic clutch slave unit.

ÿÿÿ Hydraulic clutch. After all these years KTM is still the only manufacturer of the Big Five to use a hydraulic clutch. The Magura unit is butter smooth and doesn’t fade over the course of a moto. Amazingly, the KTM 450SXF, which also has a hydraulic clutch uses a Brembo unit.

ÿÿÿ Transmission. The KTM is the only 250 four-stroke to come with a six-speed transmission. The added gear gives a rider more options, especially with the addition of an extra tooth on the rear sprocket.

ÿÿÿ Triple clamps. KTM has the best triple clamps on the market. They are so good, in fact, that several aftermarket companies have borrowed from KTM’s original design. Not only do the KTM clamps have adjustable offset (18mm and 20mm) and four-mount bar positioning, but they even have the torque specs stamped on the upper and lower clamps.

You only get one KTM muffler in the Spring Promo kit, but we decided to show you two of them.

ÿÿÿ This is the fastest 250 four-stroke on the track and when you get a new set of tires, spare radiator wings, new graphics, extra grips, a free gas can and a color-coded bike stand, it’s not only fast but a sweet deal.

ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿÿ ÿ ÿÿ ÿ ÿ ÿ ÿÿ ÿ
Got gas? Then you need a can.ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ KTM is embossed on the grips.ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ

By hook or crook.ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ

ÿÿ See your local KTM dealer to get a new KTM and lots of free goodies. Go to www.ridepg.com to see the graphics or www.ktm.com to see the bikes. There are Spring Promo deals on virtually every model of KTM–including minicycles, street bikes and XC/EXCs. Remember, the offers end in three days — June 30.


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