May 13, 2012
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KTM’s Tony Cairoli obtained the second GP win of the season in Mexico after going 1-3. In the first moto, Cairoli ovetook Clement Desalle and Christophe Pourcel to pull away for the victory. At the start of the second moto Cairoli almost crashed and had to push hard to get back to third to obtain the overall 450 victory.

Suzuki ‘s Desalle finished second in both motos and missed the top step of the podium by one point. The Belgian rode a consistent first moto, and in the second one he moved from third to first and exchanged the lead with David Philippaerts during the last minutes of the race. In the end, Philippaerts imposed an incredible rhythm and Desalle had to settle down with the second place.

If Clement Desalle has anything for Tony Cairoli (222) he better start showing it because Tony is pulling away with each passing week. Photo: Ray Archer

Yamaha’s David Philippaerts had a really tough first moto, as he suffered a heavy crash at the start of the first race. However, the Italian did not give up and finished tenth. Philippaerts made an outstanding second moto, moving from sixth to first to get third overall for the day.

Ken De Dycker ended fourth overall with Tanel Leok fifth overall (thanks to his 6-6 results). Strijbos went 5-10 and finished seventh overall. Christophe Pourcel took the holeshot of both motos, but got some green fence stuck on his back wheel and had to pull in during moto one, while in the second moto he finished fourth.

Steve Frossard tried to race again after his knee surgery two weeks ago, but crashed in moto one and hit his knee. He pulled out. Shaun Simpson collided with Xavier Boog and dislocated his left shoulder during the first moto.

1. Cairoli, Antonio…1-3
2. Desalle, Clement…2-2
3. Philippaerts, David…10-1
4. de Dycker, Ken…4-5
5. Leok, Tanel…6-6
6. Boog, Xavier…8-6
7. Strijbos, Kevin…5-10
8. Barragan, Jonathan…7-9
9. Goncalves, Rui…9-8
10. Pourcel, Christophe…16-4
Other notables: 11. Dean Ferris; 13. Gautier Paulin; 14. Sebastien Pourcel; 16. Davide Guarneri; 28. Shaun Simpson.

If Tommy Searle has anything for Jeffrey Herlings (84) he better start showing it because Jeffrey is pulling away with each passing week. Photo: Ray Archer

In the 250 class, KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings had another perfect weekend and managed to win both motos, coming from fifth to first in moto one and leading from start to finish in moto two.

Tommy Searle got second overall in Mexico after finishing second in both heats. Jeremy van Van Horebeek was third on the podium and is second overall in the season points tally (one point ahead of Tommy Searle).

Jordi Tixier finished in a consistent fifth position in the first race, but he crashed in the second moto while he was fourth and he went down to eighth. The French rider could not improve that position and he ended up sixth overall.

Michael Leib injured his left hand in the first moto while running sixth and had to go to the hospital to have two fingers looked at. If Leib is healthy, he will go to Brazil next weekend.

1. Herlings, Jeffrey…1-1
2. Searle, Tommy…2-2
3. van Horebeek, Jeremy…3-3
4. Roelants, Joel…6-4
5. Charlier, Christophe…7-5
6. Tixier, Jordi…5-8
7. Nicholls, Jake…10-6
8. Anstie, Max…8-9
9. Coldenhoff, Glenn…15-7
10. Lupino, Alessandro…11-11
Other notables: 12. Nikolaj Larsen; 13. Petar Petrov; 15. Jose Butron; 26, Valletin Teillet 27. Michael Leib.

Ken DeDycker got a sombero while he was in Mexico, but he only gets to keep it for five races ? then he has to give it back. Photo: Ray Archer

(After 4 of 16 races)
1. Tony Cairoli…178
2. Clement Desalle…149
3. Gautier Paulin…134
4. Ken De Dycker…131
5. Christophe Pourcel…129
Other notables: 6. David Philippaerts…105; 9. Tanel Leok…92; 11. Evgeny Bobryshev…69; 16. Steven Frossard…40.

Former 125 two-stroke star Jordi Tixier is fifth in the 250 points. Photo: Ray Archer

(After 4 of 16 races)
1. Jeffrey Herlings…194
2. Jeremy van Horebeek…154
3. Tommy Searle…153
4. Joel Roelants…118
5. Jordi Tixier…107    
Other notables: 6. Max Anstie…105; 10. Harri Kullas…76; 11. Michael Leib…61; 13. Petar Petrov…57.


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