July 31, 2013
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Press release: Local dirt bike enthusiasts may soon be without a place to legally ride their motocross bikes and ATVs. Last week, Miami MX Park, which is located at Milton Thompson Park on Krome Ave, received a letter from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue stating that any time that there is a rider on the motocross track, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel must be on site. A meeting with Miami-Dade Fire Rescue confirmed that they (MDFR) are requiring that stand-by rescue services be at the track any time the Miami MX Park facility is open and being used. Furthermore, MDFR is asserting that the emergency rescue services can be provided only by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. They will not allow any other licensed emergency personnel to provide these services, even though MDFR itself, at times, utilizes services provided by private emergency response companies.

The rate that has been quoted by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue is $208 per hour! It will not be financially feasible for Miami MX Park to continue to operate if they are required to pay this fee every time that there is a rider on the track.

Miami MX understands the need for emergency response personnel to be at the track on race days, where there may be a larger number of people in attendance. In fact, they have had emergency medical personnel on site during race days. On regular practice days, Miami MX Park has a first responder on site. Other parks within the Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation system are not required to have on site medical personnel when patrons are using park facilities.

After being closed for this past week, cancelling practices and a race due to this situation, Miami MX Park has agreed to pay over $1200  to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue so that they can open to riders and spectators, perhaps one last time. The track will be open this Saturday, August, 3, from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM for riding and to rally support to keep the track open.

Miami MX Park is located at Milton E. Thompson Park, 16665 NW 177th Ave (Krome Ave), Miami, FL 33178. For more info go to


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