December 4, 2013
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KTM has announced its 2014 contingency program. The KTM  program is open to amateurs and pros riding KTM motorcycles in motocross, offroad and road race. Riders can earn KTM Cash at nearly 1000 races nationwide by signing up for a free account at

The new program offers:
 (1) $600 to any Pro to make the top ten in any of the 17 AMA Supercrosses and $400 to any rider to make the top 20. In the AMA 250/450 Nationals, KTM will pay $600 to any rider in the top 20 and $400 to any rider to make the main events in any AMA National.
 (2) KTM will pay will pay $500 (first), $300 (second) and $200 (third) for any big bike class at Loretta Lynn. And, $150, $100 and $50 for all 50, 65, 85, girls and Supermini classes.
 (3) KTM will pay will pay $300 (first), $200 (second) and $300 (third) for any big bike class at the Glen Helen World Mini GP. And, $150, $100 and $50 for all 50, 65, 85, girls and Supermini classes.
(4) Promoters the tools to promote their events and upload results.
 (5) Riders sign-up to claim past KTM awards, find upcoming KTM Contingency events and get alerts when they earn new KTM Cash awards.
 (6) Amateurs earn KTM Cash credit to spend at their local KTM dealer
 (7) Pros receive KTM Cash on a Visa debit card and can spend anywhere Visa is accepted.
 (8) There are no fees charged to riders, promoters or dealers to participate in the program.

Here is a list of some high-profile KTM contingency paying events:

AMA Supercross Series $361,000
AMA National Motocross Championship $480,000
National Arenacross Series $256,000
Women’s Pro Motocross $5,400

Amateur Open $16,050
Branson MX National Championship $19,100
Freestone Spring Championship $21,750
GNC International Final $21,175
Loretta Lynn Amateur National $25,300
Maryland des States MX Championship $2,490
Millcreek Spring Classic $19,425
Mammoth Mountain Motocross $13,325
NMA Grand National Championship $16,350
Ponca City Amateur Championships $18,975
Powder Mountain Motocross $9,000
Daytona Amateur Supercross $12,600
Winter Olympics (Mini O’s) $16,200
Viking Clash 6 / Millville $16,950
World Mini Grand Prix $17,800

AMA District 17 MX Bonus Series $14,160
AMA District 20 Championship Series $10,500
AMA District-23 MX $11,025
AMA Great Lakes Grand Prix/ Pro-Am $7,275
American Bluegrass Series $7,650
AMP/GFI Fall Series  $13,400
California Gold Cup Series $9,865
Carolina Ultra Series $8,100
CMC PacWest Nationals $22,500
CMC Trans-Cal (South) Series $13,350
Florida Georgia MX Spring Series $9,180
Florida Gold Cup Series $23,220
Florida Winter Am Series $12,760
Hi-Point MX Series $15,960
Joliet Motorsports Arsenal Series $18,720
MDRA 7 $27,060
Mega Series $8,325
Millville Super Series $11,450
Missouri State MX Series $20,900
SoCal Spring Cup Series $13,720
National Vet MX Championship $1,260
NDMA MX Series $5,175
Nebraska State Motocross Series $6,300
NEMX Fall Series $12,900
NEMX Spring Series $12,900
NESC Spring Series $17,805
Nuclear Series $18,030
OTHG Nationals (Summer Series) $5,100
P.R.O. Northwest National MX Series $20,820
PAMX Fall Series $19,230
PAMX Spring Series $21,120
RMX Summer Series North $11,030
RMX Summer Series South $19,415
Rocky Mountain MX Association $18,470
Southern All Stars MX Tour $9,525
Southern Classic Championship Series $18,360
Sport Riders Association of Colorado $9,750
Texas Night Series $16,400
Texas Championship Freestone  $10,075
TMXA Series $4,725
TNMX Series $12,750
Triple Crown MX Series $9,600
Winchester Speed Park MX Series $18,325
Winchester Speed Park SX Series $5,070
Women’s Cup $1,230

For a complete list of KTM contingency events and payouts or to sign-up for the program, please visit



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