March 8, 2013
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The KTM Crossbar (X-Bow) is a $94,000 go-kart that uses its lightweight and low coefficient of drag to blow supercars away.

Last week we showed you the first photos of the new KTM X-Bow (Crossbow), but here are more details on the KTM-built sports car that owes its success to the motocross company. The new X-Bow gets a windshield (with a windshield wiper and defroster) and hinged side windows (that function as half-doors. The result is more downforce and less aero drag, not to mention a massive increase in driver comfort.

The engine cowl covers the 2.0 liter Audi engine.

The custom luggage fits over the engine cowl.

Also new for 2013 is a convertible top that is stored when not in use. The fabric soft top is called the X-Top. The X-Bow also has tailor-made luggage that attaches behind the cockpit ? kind of like a backpack for a sports car. It is reminiscent of the leather-strap luggage on old-school MG’s and Austin Healey’s.

The open air cockpit has been civilized with a windshield and side windows. You can see the hydraulic dampers (in the bottom corner of the windshield) for the side windows that allow them to swing open for entry and egress.

The fabric top has to be put on by hand, but can be folded up and stored when not in use.

Other changes include more color choices (orange, blue, gray, carbon black and fusion orange). The interior console gets new switchgear and better heating (no air conditioning). The seats are fixed in place, but the pedals and steering wheel are adjustable.

The suspension components are made by WP.

The suspension is by WP and the brakes are Brembos. The car weighs 1900 pounds.  As for the price, it is $94,000.


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