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July 7, 2010
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Shaun Simpson (11) beats Jeremy van Horebeek (89) and Joel Roelants (34) to the inside line in the 250 class. Harri Kullas (151) and eventual winner Steven Frossard (183) get boxed out. Photo: Ray Archer

450 (MX1) Championship leader Antonio Cairoli marked his comeback to victory in Sweden courtesy of two moto wins right before the start of the FIM Motocross World Championship’s summer break. In the MX2 class instead the event marked Steven Frossard’s maiden victory after a battle with Ken Roczen in both heats.
Clement Desalle took two second places for second overall ahead of team mate Steve Ramon, putting together two solid moto’s and finishing ahead of Evgeny Bobryshev.
In the MX2 class Jeffrey Herlings took second on the podium while Gautier Paulin completed the top three at his first podium appearance of 2010. Roczen instead won the final heat but a technical problem ruled him out of heat one when he was chasing Frossard for first.
In the EMX 125 class Jordi Tixier came back to victory and reinforced his Championship lead. The Swedish podium was completed by Stefan Olsen and Samuele Bernardini.

Tony Cairoli won both 450 motos in Sweden and opened up a 67 point lead. Photo: Ray Archer


Taking victory number four of 2010, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MX1’s Cairoli walked away from Sweden with an extended Championship lead. The Italian, who won both heats, is now 67 points ahead of Desalle whom he passed for the lead of moto two after having dominated the opening moto. The Rockstar Teka Suzuki World MX1 Team completed the overall podium and now looks forward to their home Grand Prix in Lommel, Belgium, coming up next on the August 1 weekend.

Desalle was second overall and collected his fifth consecutive podium. The winner of the last GP in Latvia recovered to second in the opening moto and was again second in the final moto, which he was leading until a hard charging Cairoli moved past him and pulled away. Ramon mounted on the third step of the podium after a solid final moto. The Belgian, who missed this GP last year due to a neck injury, was close to Desalle towards the end of the heat but decided to settle for an eventual safe third. In moto one instead Ramon was fourth.

Once again CAS Honda’s Bobryshev missed his first podium by a bunch of points. The Russian already came close to the podium in Latvia and today took another fourth overall after he made a mistake in the final moto, when he tried to move past Desalle for second. He was an eventual fourth in the second moto and fifth in the first one.
Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross’ Philippaerts completed the top five. After a good third place in the opening moto, the Italian had a bad start to moto two and struggled to recover. Nagl was sixth ahead of Boog while S”derstr”m was the best placed home rider with 14th overall. Boissiere was 15th in the standings but a head concussion following a second moto crash ruled him out of the final heat. 17th was Guarneri who crashed in both moto’s after taking good starts.

Marvin Musquin (1) chases Jeffrey Herlings (111). Marv didn’t win, but he still has a three-moto points lead in the 250 class. Photo: Ray Archer


Kawasaki CLS’s Frossard interrupted KTM’s winning streak in the MX2 class as he took his first ever Grand Prix victory at Uddevalla. The French made up for a disappointing qualifying heat yesterday ?he tangled with Roczen at the opening lap and crashed- with two solid performances today. Frossard moved past Simpson and Herlings in heat one to lead until the chequered flag while he let Roczen by in the second moto and took second. The German troubled Frossard also in the opening heat, making mistakes but always coming back to the Frenchman’s tail; eventually a mechanical problem ruled him out with just two laps to go. Now the French has equalled runner up Roczen in the Championship standings with a total of 355 points.

Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MX2’s Herlings was a positive second on the podium in Uddevalla, where he had never raced a Grand Prix before. The Dutch, who won in Kegums last weekend, was handed second by Roczen in the opening moto and rounded off the day with a fourth place in the final moto.

With Roczen having pulled away from runner up Frossard, the second moto was added drama by Paulin’s recovery in the final laps. The French worked his way to the first 2010 podium by passing both Musquin and Herlings in the final six laps. Combining a third place in moto two and a fifth in moto one, the French earned the overall podium. 
After taking third in the opening moto, Kawasaki CLS’ Van Horebeek was troubled by pain to his neck due to last weekend’s injury. The Belgian could do no better than sixth in the second moto and dropped down to fourth overall.

Championship leader Musquin of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MX2 was a bitter fifth overall, combining a fourth and a fifth place in the heats. Musquin struggled with bad starts but his main rival in the Championship Roczen still scored lass points than him due to his dnf in moto one.

American Michael Leib took his best result of the season with ninth overall right ahead of Simpson. The British was leading race one when he was passed by Frossard and crashed. Kullas took 11th leading a Yamaha trio completed by Lupino and Charlier, with the latter being disappointed with his riding after he almost won yesterday’s qualifying. A broken rear wheel hampered Teillet’s ambitions of winning race two, which he started in the top three but ended with a dnf. A crash at the opening lap and a broken exhaust also spelled an early end to Tonus’ last moto.

Steven Frossard.


1. Frossard, Steven (FRA)…1-2
2. Herlings, Jeffrey (HOL)…2-4
3. Paulin, Gautier   (FRA)…5-3
4. van Horebeek, Jeremy (BEL)…3-6
5. Musquin, Marvin (FRA)…4-5
6. Roelants, Joel   (BEL)…8-8
7. Osborne, Zach (USA)…7-9
8. Roczen, Ken (GER)…28-1
9. Leib, Michael (USA)…13-7
10. Simpson, Shaun (GB)…9-11
Other notables: 11. Kullas, Harri (FIN)…6-15; 17. Arnaud Tonus (SUI)…14-33; 19. Pocock, Mel…26-16.

Ken Roczen (94).

(After 10 of 15 races)
1. Musquin, Marvin…438
2. Roczen, Ken…355
3. Frossard, Steven…355
4. Herlings, Jeffrey…326
5. Osborne, Zach ..275
6. Simpson, Shaun…268
7. van Horebeek, Jeremy…244
8. Arnaud Tonus…243
9. Roelants, Joel…240
10. Kullas, Harri…203
Other notables: 13. Paulin, Gautier…168; 20. Pocock, Mel…49; 21. Leib, Michael…43.

Max Nagl signed a two-year deal with KTM for 2011-2012 while he was in Sweden. Photo: Ray Archer

1. Cairoli, Antonio (ITA)…1-1
2. Desalle, Clement (BEL)…2-2
3. Ramon, Steve (BEL)…4-3
4. Bobryshev, Evgeny (RUS…5-4
5. Philippaerts, David (ITA)…3-8
6. Nagl, Max (GER)…6-6
7. Boog, Xavier (FRA)…9-5
8. Strijbos, Kevin  (BEL)…8-7
9. Swanepoel, Gareth (SoA)…7-12
10. Goncalves, Rui (POR)…12-10
Other notables: 11. Coppins, Josh (NZL)…11-11; 17. Guarneri, Davide (ITA)…26-14; 18. Priem, Manuel (BEL)…14-25; 29. Albertson, Jimmy (USA)…27-29.

(After 10 of 15 races)
1. Cairoli, Antonio…434
2. Desalle, Clement…367
3. Philippaerts, David…331
4. Ramon, Steve…315
5. Nagl, Max…306
6. Boog, Xavier…276
7. Ken De Dycker…269
8. Bobryshev, Evgeny…223
9. Leok, Tanel…219
10. Guarneri, Davide…196
Other notables: 11. Strijbos, Kevin…161; 14. Coppins, Josh…140; 17. Albertson, Jimmy…82.


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