September 5, 2010
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Marv at Lierop.                                                                                                            Ray Archer

Gautier Paulin won the Grand Prix of Benelux at Lierop with 1-3, but Marvin Musquin finished second overall to clinch the 2010 title with one race left. Ken Roczen gave it his best to try and stop Musquin from securing the crown. It all came to end when Roczen’s Suzuki threw its chain in moto one. Roczen would come back to win the second moto.

Hard work paid off for Paulin.

Gautier Paulin said, “My goal, as always, was to win and I had spent a lot of time on sand tracks this year – I think around three months in Belgium – and the work paid off. I am really happy to have won this race. Last year it was difficult for me in the sand, I think I barely scored and then had a DNF, and now I have a win so that’s fantastic.”

Marvin Musquin said, “I can’t wait to work with Roger DeCoster in America.”

Marvin Musquin(1)  just had to finish to win the 250 title, but he hung it out.        Ray Archer

1. Paulin, Gautier …….1-3
2. Musquin, Marvin …….3-2
3. Roelants, Joel …….2-4
4. Simpson, Shaun …….5-7
5. Kullas, Harri …….7-5
6. Tonus, Arnaud …….6-8
7. Roczen, Ken …….34-1
8. Osborne, Zach …….11-6
9. Teillet, Valentin …….12-9
10. Nicholls, Jake …….13-10
Other notables: 13. Frossard, Steven..5-30; 17. van Horebeek, Jeremy..29-13; 18. Lupino, Alessandro..16-18; 34. Leib, Michael..36-31

(After 14 of 15 rounds)
1. Marvin Musquin……613
2. Ken Roczen……524
3. Steven Frossard……446
4. Jeffrey Herlings…..391
5. Zach Osborne…..368
6. Joel Roelants…..366
7. Shaun Simpson…..361
8. Arnaud Tonus…..356
9. Jeremy van Horebeek…..345
10. Harri Kullas…..310

Tony Cairoli has already clinched the 450 crown, but he keeps winning.           Ray Archer

With the 2010 450 World Championship already secured, Tony Cairoli showed no mercy on the field as he won his eighth GP of the season and the 37th of his career. Making it all the more amazing was that he was caught up in a first turn crash, while Max Nagl, Steve Ramon, Rui Goncalves and Marc de Reuver were up front.

Cairoli and Clement Desalle got up off the ground and started charging. Cairoli caught and passed Steve Ramon for second on the last lap. Max Nagl was too far ahead. Desalle, who had gone to the hospital after a qualifying crash on Saturday made his way up to tenth. Clement Desalle said, “It was a crazy weekend. I had a big crash in the qualification heat. There is a double around the back and I wanted to do it but I caught my footpeg in the sand on the inside line and the front of the bike dipped, putting me straight into the ground. I don’t know how I damaged my mouth. I think I must have gritted my teeth. I was lucky that my dentist is a fan of motocross and was here. I must thank him a lot because not many people would work as late as he did; I did not get to bed until 1.30 a.m.. I didn’t feel so bad in the morning. I knew I had to start well from a bad gate position, but I had another bad crash on the first corner when someone touched my rear wheel. I tried to come back and managed tenth. In the second moto I was 15th on the first lap when the bike spun around and I couldn’t catch it. I started last again. The sand tracks have not been good for me this year! I think I will sleep for three days now.”

The first moto ended with Nagl, Cairoli, Ramon, Leok and Philippaerts rounding out the top five. In the second 450 moto, Cairoli holeshot and led an uneventful race to the finish. Rui Goncalves was second, Ramon third, Nagl fourth and Philippaerts fifth.

Steve Ramon was third overall.

1. Antonio Cairoli …….2-1
2. Max Nagl …….1-4
4. Steve Ramon …….3-3
3. Rui Goncalves……..7-2
5. David Philippaerts …….5-5
7. Tanel Leok …….4-7
6. Marc de Reuver …….8-6
8. Davide Guarneri …….9-8
9. Clement Desalle …….10-9
10. Josh Coppins …….11-10
Other notables: 11. Jonathan Barragan..12-11; 12. Ken de Dycker..6-35; 16. Xavier Boog..13-33; 35. Dean Ferris..29-31; 36. Jimmy Albertson..34-DNF

Max Nagl won the first 450 moto at Lierop, but finished fourth in moto two.        Ray Archer

(After 14 of 15 rounds)
1. Antonio Cairoli …….625
2. Clement Desalle …….494
3. David Philippaerts …….473
4. Max Nagl …….463
5. Steve Ramon …….448
6. Tanel Leok …….346
7. Ken de Dycker…..324
8. Xavier Boog……299
9. Evgeny Bobryshev…..270
10. Davide Guarneri …….267


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