MXA MID-WEEK REPORT: 2010 Silly Season Rumors, Catching Up With Ryan Villopoto & Trey Canard, MXA In Thailand, MXDN Predictions, & Kind Words For Zoli

September 30, 2009
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By John Basher


ÿÿÿ After Dennis Stapleton and I had the opportunity to ride the all-new Yamaha YZ450F this past week at Budds Creek, the rest of the MXA wrecking crew has been chomping at the bit to try out the bike. We will be getting the 2010 YZ450F on October 10th at Glen Helen, and we’ll promptly put many hours of saddle time on it. At that point we’ll begin dissecting the bike and writing a test. For now, we’ll have to make do with a photo of Dennis Stapleton getting air born on the YZ450F at Budds Creek.


Ryan Villopoto is back on track.

ÿÿÿ Remember Ryan Villopoto? He’s the guy that won three out of four races in a short span between the end of the Supercross series and the beginning of the Nationals. In his rookie year in the 450 class, Villopoto’s highs and lows resembled an EKG monitor. He dominated the field at the Glen Helen National opener, only to blow out his knee a week later at Hangtown. Since then Villopoto has faded from the limelight (injury will do that to you), but we haven’t forgotten the lightning quick kid from Poulsbo, Washington. Ryan spent his down time having his house in Menifee, California completely gutted and remodeled. He also is in the process of buying Tim Ferry’s house in Florida. I gave RV2 a phone call, and this is what he had to say:
ÿÿÿ “I actually just got back on the bike a few days ago. I rode two days of outdoors, but now I’m really only riding Supercross. The knee feels good to me, so I’m just getting back into it.”


Trey Canard liked the look of the number one plate on his bike. He will have to work hard to get it back in 2010.

ÿÿÿ Also on the list of guys returning to the riding fold is Trey Canard. The likable rider is back riding after breaking his wrist at the High Point National in mid-June. Although he has been off the bike, Makita/Suzuki didn’t forget about him. Apparently they offered him a deal, but Geico/Honda countered with a different offer. I gave Trey a ring at his home in Oklahoma to find out what he has been up to.

MXA: Hey Trey, are you back on the bike?
Trey: I started riding just after the Budds Creek National. I rode for a few weeks, but then I had a little spill. It was a minor crash, but I had to take a week off. When I fell I ripped my thumbnail off, so I needed to let that heal. That happened a few weeks ago, because I’ve been back on the bike again for about a week and a half.

MXA: Ouch! How is your wrist holding up? Do you have mobility and strength back?
Trey: Everything is pretty good. As far as mobility, my healed wrist is actually a little better than my other wrist. I started out in an Allsport Dynamics wrist brace, which helped me get started in the right direction.

MXA: Have you been doing any Supercross riding, or you primarily riding outdoors?
Trey: I’m still riding outdoors. I was trying to get my contracts figured out before I moved forward to Supercross testing. I have been trying to get used to the bike. Honda is starting with a new bike for this next year, so I will be getting to know the bike a little better.

MXA: Have you been able to ride the 2010 CRF250 very much?
Trey: Yeah, I rode it at Southwick the day after the race, and I came away pretty impressed with it.

It sounds like Trey Canard will sign with…read on and find out.

MXA: The question everyone has probably asked you is the same one that’s on my mind. Rumors have been floating around that Makita/Suzuki are looking to have you on their team for the 2010 season, but Geico/Honda also has serious interest in you. What team will you be riding for next year?
Trey: I’ll definitely be riding for the Geico/Honda team. I haven’t signed the contract yet, but I did sign a letter of intent for a one-year deal.

MXA: It has to feel good knowing that two teams are fighting for you, especially in an economy that is about as strong as Steve Urkel on the bench press.
Trey: I am pretty fortunate, especially because I know several other guys that don’t have anything going. To have a few offers thrown my way was nice. They are both great teams. I went with Geico/Honda because they’ve been there for me since I started as a pro. They are making some positive changes for this year and they will do whatever it takes for me to do well. I also get to keep my mechanic, and Geico is kind of a home for me.

MXA: It’s cool that you’re sticking with the team that gave you the opportunity in the first place. I know that you’ve had a year that you would rather forget, but you still had a very successful professional racing career thus far.
Trey: Yeah, but at the same time it’s hard to win races when you’re sitting on the couch healing up. Hopefully next year I can have a healthy year and get a full season under my belt.

MXA: It’s very early, but can you provide an indication as to which coast you would like to ride in Supercross?
Trey: I would like to ride the West coast. I beat myself in the West last year. I didn’t perform how I wanted to, so I would like a second chance. I want to go and do my job out there. That’s what my training is designed for.

MXA: You’ll be busy testing during the off-season, but do you have any fun activities or vacations planned?
Trey: I try to find something fun to do every week. I’ve also had a lot of down time, so I want to get back to work. I went on a Fox vacation a few weeks ago with all of the Fox athletes up to Lake Shasta. It was a whole lot of fun, and it was the first vacation that I’ve been on in a long time.

MXA: Trey, good luck testing and stay safe.
Trey: Thank you.

MXA in Thailand? Sweet! Now we just need to send out newer issues!

ÿÿÿ I get random emails all of the time. Some of them are funny, some are interesting, and some are sketchy financial opportunities (like wiring a check to Abu Dhabi for ocean front real estate…seriously?). Just this past week I received an email from my buddy Russ Stratton with the subject heading “MXA in Thailand.” Russ is a sports agent for Christophe Pourcel and other top athletes. This is the email that I received from Stratton.

ÿÿÿ “I’m at the X Centre in Chaingmai, Thailand, and they only have the November 2008 issue. Can you make sure they get something newer? Lol!”

ÿÿÿ It appears that MXA will have to make sure that Thailand is getting the newest issues of the magazine.

Story and Photos by Elisabeth Bergmans

ÿÿÿ Honda factory rider Andrew Short did what he promised when he returned to the Ullevi Arena – he won all his heats in the presence of 18,700 spectators!

Andrew Short controlled the Swedish Supercross race.

ÿÿÿ A very successful Duells International Supercross and Freestyle was once again performed at the Ullevi Arena in Gothenburg, second biggest city in Sweden. Seven U.S. riders took part and, as expected, all of them went to the final. Andrew Short was outstanding and not even the Australian star Michael Byrne could threaten him. Jacob Marsack hurt his elbow during qualification but he struggled on and finished 3rd after Byrne in the final. Heath Voss secured the 4th place before the best European rider, Fabien Izoird from France and young Alex Martin. Cole Siebler crashed into a strawball, got problems with the rear brake and did not finish. Also Michael Hall did not finish.

Short started his off-season European Supercross racing with a bang.

ÿÿÿ “It’s always nice to come to Sweden and Ullevi. The crowd knows how to appreciate good racing. The victory feels so good for me and I am so happy for Honda, Sweden, Duells and the promoters. They provide the best of service for us riders, everything is perfect and they make our stay in Sweden very pleasant,” says Andrew Short.
ÿÿÿ In freestyle Fredd Johansson of Sweden won. Best American, Jack Rowe, finished 4th. The junior final was won by Eddie Hjortmarker.

Jacob Marsack was happy with third place in Sweden.

Andrew Short getting it done.

Heath Voss did a very good job in Sweden. He finished fourth.


ÿÿÿ I’ve said it a dozen times and I’ll say it a dozen more – it’s called the Motocross des Nations, not the Motocross of Nations. Come on, people! Last time I checked the world referred to the most grueling cycle racing as the Tour de France, not the Tour of France. Whatever happened to history?


Read my lips, Ryan Dungey will lead Team U.S.A. to victory.

ÿÿÿ I enjoy hearing people make predictions about who is going to do well. Before the start of the outdoor series I heard that Ryan Villopoto was going to sweep every race. I also heard that Mike Alessi was guaranteed the title. In the end Chad Reed won out. Predictions are just that, a forecast of what someone thinks will happen.
ÿÿÿ I am going to make a few predictions about this weekend’s Motocross des Nations event. Below is the finishing order of countries after the racing concludes in Italy.

1. U.S.A. - I can’t bet against my country. Ivan Tedesco seems to rise to the occasion, Ryan Dungey is flying high, and Jake Weimer won’t let his team down. Team U.S.A. will win by the skin of their teeth.

2. Italy - MX1 Champ Antonio Cairoli will have a point to prove in his home country. Philippaerts is also a great racer. The only possibly weak link will be MX2 rider Davide Guarneri.

3. Australia - Australia has a very strong shot at winning its first MXDN. Chad Reed, Brett Metcalfe and Michael Byrne is a dream team, but Australia always seems to be snake-bitten at the MXDN. They have all the talent in the world, but will they consistently run up front?

4. Belgium - Never bet against the Belgians at the MXDN. Clement Desalle has talent, and Steve Ramon knows how to win.

5. France - MXDN sensation Sebastien Pourcel is out due to surgery from months ago. France will field newly crowned MX2 World Champ Marvin Musquin, as well as Gautier Paulin and Nicolas Aubin. All eyes will be on Musquin.

Team to watch – Canada: Although very young, Team Canada has a lot to prove. They have serious talent in the form of Dean Wilson, Tyler Medaglia, and Mitchell Cooke. They won’t win, but they sure will surprise a lot of Europeans.


ÿÿÿ HaberVision introduces the new MXT line of Powersports goggles available in both regular and Eliminator? equipped versions.

ÿÿÿ MXT goggle frames are constructed of Protex? Haber’s polymer frame material that is both resilient and tough making it the perfect choice for Powersports enthusiasts. The lenses are polycarbonate, long known as an industry standard for impact resistance. The frames are fitted with a three layer sweat absorbing foam designed to keep moisture at bay and comfort and vision intact.

ÿÿÿ MXT goggles are designed to fit comfortably in a wide variety of helmets including both adult and youth helmets and are currently available in three colors; Pearl, White w/ black and White w/ blue.

ÿÿÿ MXT goggles are also available fitted with Haber’s unique fan module called the Eliminator which features Haber’s “Automated No-Fog Fan Technology”. This pairing affords the user with a fully functional goggle as well as an integrated fan module that increases the goggles fog fighting capabilities.

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ÿÿÿ HaberVision is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. Founded by Steve Haber, the developer of the Bolle’ brand, Haber products are rigorously tested in the field. All HaberVision products combine the latest in light management systems and coatings with lens and frame materials designed to maximize performance and comfort. HaberVision is an online only retailer and all products are sold exclusively through the company’s website, at savings of up to 50% or more.

ÿÿÿ 32 eyewear products are now available (5 goggles and 28 sunglasses) in a variety of styles.
ÿÿÿ Please call HaberVision for more information: 303.459.2220


Every member of the MXA wrecking crew admires the great Zoli Berenyi Sr. Here, Lars Larsson (right) gives some pointers to Zoli.

ÿÿÿ With the World Vet Championship only a month away, it is with great sadness that we report that nine-time World Vet Champion Zoli Berenyi Sr. has been diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. For those of you unfamiliar with Zoli Sr., he is one of Canada’s greatest riders (and as a Vet racer he is a hero, winning the Over-40, Over-50, Over-60 and Over-70 Championships). He is quite likely the toughest rider, ever.
ÿÿÿ The Berenyi family has been a staple of North American motocross for decades. And according to family friend Duillo Casalli, Zoli Sr. rode for the last time this week (he pulled off the track and said that it was too painful to continue).

ÿÿÿ Often we express our gratitude to the pioneers of the sport when it is too late for them to hear it. Not so with Zoli Berenyi Sr. We very much want him to know how much the MXA wrecking crew (dating as far back as the late Movin’ Marv Olson) admires him, not just for his speed, but for his love of the sport.


Chad is seeing green.

ÿÿÿ Many team managers are playing the waiting game. What does that mean? Teams have the budgets set for 2010, but several top riders need to sign on the dotted line before all the chips can fall into place. The biggest rumor at the moment is that Chad Reed will be riding for Monster/Kawasaki next year. After finishing second in the Supercross series and winning the 450 National series, Reed feels that he has the goods to demand a pay increase, even in a shoddy economy. His request hasn’t fallen on deaf ears. Suzuki offered him a deal, but apparently the dollar amount wasn’t big enough to satisfy Reed.
ÿÿÿ Also on the A-List of sought after talent has been Ryan Dungey, but the rumor talks have fizzled. According to Roger DeCoster, Dungey is pretty much a shoo-in for Makita/Suzuki next year. The only hang-up was (or might still be) his deal with Target and logo placement.
ÿÿÿ As of last week Broc Tickle informed me that he hadn’t heard any news about his future. Star Racing is apparently set with Nico Izzi, Austin Stroupe, and Martin Davalos so far, but they will need a fourth rider. Could Tickle be it? Also, former Star Racing rider Matt Lemoine might be headed to Europe. After seeing Zach Osborne’s success overseas, Lemoine could be following in Osborne’s footsteps.
ÿÿÿ Will Mike Alessi be back on KTM, or maybe go to Yamaha? Although KTM doesn’t have a factory team for 2010, Alessi might do his own deal. It’s probably best that they do their own program and not have to work with any other team riders or management. We have, and will continue, to like the Alessi family. They are dedicated to racing and winning, even if they sometimes act out in weird ways (Glen Helen 2005 comes to mind).
ÿÿÿ Where is rookie Dean Wilson going to land? Word is that he wants to ride for Pro Circuit/Kawasaki. So does Broc Tickle. So does everyone else in the 250 class that doesn’t have a ride!
ÿÿÿ Apparently Grant Langston is working on having his own team with Monster Energy and Yamaha backing. His teammate? Sean Hamblin.
ÿÿÿ The influx of riders without rides could seriously hamper racing participation for the U.S. Open on October 9-10 in Las Vegas. Several teams set their contracts to end today. This means that riders will either be sitting on the couch or out testing with new teams on new equipment.


ÿÿÿ Answer Racing is pleased to announce the opening of our 2010 sponsorship program.ÿÿ To be a part of the Answer Racing team along side James Stewart and Michael Byrne, riders will need to submit an up to date resume directly to our Corona headquarters.

ÿÿÿ Resumes can be submitted by Postal mail or email only.
ÿÿÿ Post mailed resumes must be sent to:

ÿÿÿ Answer Racing
ÿÿÿ Attn: Rider Resume
ÿÿÿ 1055 Montecito Dr
ÿÿÿ Corona, CAÿ 92879

ÿÿÿ Resumes can be emailed to:

ÿÿÿ This is your chance to be a member of the same team that has graduated successful riders to the pros such as Ryan Dungey, Darryn Durham, and Kyle Regal, among others.

ÿÿÿ *Please note, whether sending resumes by postal mail or email, a valid email address is required to apply for sponsorship this season.ÿ

ÿÿÿ For more information or answers to questions log on to, and click on the sponsorship page under the “Corporate” section.



ÿÿÿ Pro Taper is pleased to announce the opening of our 2010 sponsorship program.ÿ Get your resume in now to be a part of the team that helped steer AMA Champions Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey to their titles in 2009.ÿ

ÿÿÿ Resumes can be submitted by Postal mail or email only.ÿ Resumes will not be accepted from sponsorship web sites or fax.
ÿÿÿ Postal mail resumes must be sent to:

ÿÿÿ Pro Taper
ÿÿÿ Attn: Rider Resume
ÿÿÿ 1055 Montecito Dr
ÿÿÿ Corona, CAÿ 92879

ÿÿÿ Resumes can be emailed to:

ÿÿÿ *Please note, whether sending resumes by postal mail or email, a valid email address is required to apply for sponsorship this season.ÿ
For more information or answers to questions, please log on to, and click on the Rider Support page under the “Company” section.


At first we thought that Zapata Espinosa and Bob Zingg had joined forces to start their own company, but after reading closer we discovered that Zing Racing Products, who rose to fame a decade building custom bike graphics, is the exclusive U.S. Distributor for Zaptechnix USA.

The first product that caught our eye was Zaptechnix’s 57mm wide, aluminum footpeg with stainless steel teeth.

Zaptechnix is a German company that manufacturers accelerator pump covers, axle blocks, bar mounts, throttle tubes, footpegs and billet gas caps.

You can see Zaptechnix products by going to

ÿÿÿ Hosting an event like the Monsters Of Motocross bash is no small endeavor. The MXA wrecking crew went with event producer Todd Huffman and announcer Tom White while they scoped out the locations for this year’s Halloween night event.

ÿÿÿ The Sturges Center for Fine Arts in San Bernardino will be the site of this year’s party. The 730-seat theater was built in 1922. It is not only a classic venue, but it is only about six miles from Glen Helen Raceway (and since the Monsters Of Motocross event is scheduled to run in conjunction with the MTA World Vet Championships the location is perfect).

ÿÿÿ Bob Hannah will be the host of the event, which will honor three-time 250 National Champion Tony DiStefano. David Bailey, Gary Jones, Marty Tripes, John DeSoto, Marty Smith, Malcolm Smith, Larry Huffman, Danny LaPorte, Mark Barnett, Donnie Hansen, Barry Higgins, Chuck Sun, Brad Lackey, Kent Howerton and many others are expected to attend.

ÿÿÿ The evening will kick off at 5:00 pm (right after Saturday’s first round of World Vet racing) with an autograph session, vintage bikes and free access to all of the stars in attendance. At 7:30 Bob Hannah will open the ceremonies with one of his you-have-to-see-it-to believe-it speeches.

ÿÿÿ There will be two short films about Tony DiStefano and then Tony will be called to the stage to receive the Edison Dye Award?immediately followed by a Tony D roast from his closest friends and a few enemies.

Todd Huffman.

ÿÿÿ Todd Huffman will also debut a preliminary cut of this yet-to-be released “United States Grand Prix” retrospective film (which will be done in time for the 30th anniversary of Marty Moates spectacular victory back in 1980).

ÿÿÿ You can get tickets at, at the door on the night of the event or through select Southern California motorcycle retailers( like Malcolm Smith Motorsports and Cycle Gear). Tickets will be $30 each or two for $50.


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