March 24, 2014
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WHAT IS IT? For 2014, Alias made some major improvements to their A1 line, thanks to valuable input from the Geico Honda team. The new gear is light, breathable and attractive.

WHAT’S IT COST? $129.95 (pant), $49.95 (jersey).

CONTACT? or (760) 930-1712.


WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the 2014 Alias A1 gear.

(1) Pant. The Alias A1 riding pant has been vastly improved over last year. It has a more usable sans-a-belt system that will tighten the waist by up to 2 inches. There is also elastic behind the sans-a-belt straps that will loosen the waist by 2 inches. The A1 pant does weigh a bit more than last year, but it’s because Alias beefed up the pant with more leather in the high-wear area of the inner knees and used a thicker, more pliable material that works with the movement of the body. The Spandex sections have been enlarged and reshaped for a better overall fit.

(2) Jersey. The Alias A1 jersey is made from a moisture-managing polyester that feels light and breathable. The jersey has mesh panels in the armpits for ventilation, but Alias did away with last year’s stomach mesh panel. The collar and cuffs have been beefed up, and, with the tapered sleeves, the jersey is less likely to roll up in a crash. The sizing and tailoring are spot-on.

(3) Comfort. The MXA wrecking crew took a liking to the A1 jersey immediately. The material was supple and nonrestrictive. The jersey was comfortable, and the tapered arms kept the jersey in place when we were riding. The A1 pant has a 3/4-length mesh lining. Last year, MXA test riders had issues with our knee braces catching in the mesh, but for 2014, Alias used a tighter weave that has stopped the snagging. Another issue we had last year was that the thighs were tight on some riders’ legs. For 2014, Alias widened the thighs and tapered the ankles for a snugger fit (helped by an elastic stretch panel on the cuff).

(4) Durability. The 2014 A1 knee panels are both longer and wider, offering more heat protection than the previous version. The jersey’s resilience eliminated any concerns about durability.

(5) Options. The Alias A1 gear comes in six color variations, two of which are Geico Honda team replicas. The pant comes in waist sizes 28–40. The A1 jersey comes in sizes small to XXL.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We would like to see more ventilation in the jersey, but we won’t mind this oversight when riding in colder weather.

The Alias A1 gear has been vastly improved since last year and can now compete for the top spot in the gear wars.



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