October 23, 2014
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WHAT IS IT? Usually a carbon helmet is a company’s featured top-of-the-line helmet. Not for Fly. The F2 Carbon is their mid-line helmet.

WHAT’S IT COST? $299.95.

CONTACT? (877) 359-2946 or

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Fly Racing F2 Carbon Trey Canard replica.

(1) Fit. The Fly F2 Carbon fit is on point. We tested a medium, and it fit perfectly. The liner held the tester’s head securely in place with no pressure points. The quick-release washable liner and cheek pads were plush and comfortable against the skin. The liner absorbed sweat effectively. Comfort is key, and Fly hit the nail on the head.

(2) Craftsmanship. The F2 Carbon replica utilizes aircraft-grade, woven carbon fiber and Kevlar composite construction. This creates strength and keeps the helmet light. There are 11 intake and four exhaust vents for airflow. In cold conditions, these vents are too much. The visor offers excellent adjustment up and down. Since this is Fly’s mid-line helmet, there are cost-saving differences from their top-of-the-line Formula Stryper helmet—most notably the aluminum screws, rivets and D-rings versus titanium on the Stryper. The Stryper also comes with a replacement visor and premium helmet bag.

(3) Weight. The F2 Carbon is on the lighter side of the helmet scale, but it is not the lightest. Helmets such as the Suomy and Airoh are the kings of this category. Lightness is a fine line. Fly prefers added structural integrity over minimal weight.


(4) Safety. There are two different foam densities in the lining of the F2 Carbon. The crown uses soft density foam because of iots larger surface area, while the remainder of the shell is made of denser EPS foam. The use of dual foam allows the helmet designer to provide progressive impact absorption for different levels of impact. The F2 is Snell M2010, ECE and DOT certified.

(5) Options. The F2 Carbon comes in two designs and six different colorways. It is available in sizes from extra small to extra-extra large. Fly offers different-sized cheek pads to customize the fit.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? One minor quibble: We would like the option of reducing airflow on cold days by closing a few of the 11 vents.


We like it. Fly incorporated comfort, safety, affordability and style in the F2 Carbon Trey Canard replica.


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