August 13, 2013
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WHAT IS IT? The M64 Elite is the next-generation product from a company that got its foot in the door by selling a polycarbonate plastic stand.

WHAT’S IT COST? $128.95.

CONTACT? or (661) 253-1592.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Matrix Concepts M64 Elite bike stand.

(1) Design. The MXA wrecking crew liked the original M2 Worx stand. It was relatively durable and looked trick. After three years of offering the M2 Worx stand, Matrix went back to the drawing board and designed the all-new M64 Elite stand. They didn’t completely scrap the M2 Worx design; they borrowed concepts from their original stand and incorporated them into the M64 Elite?hence the M64 is the spitting image of the original M2, but it is improved.

(2) Size.
Compared to the M2, the top of the M64 Elite is 3/4 inch wider one way and 1/4 inch longer the other way to provide a larger contact area for a bike’s frame rails. It’s not the widest stand on the market, but it’s big enough for the MXA test riders. Additionally, the M64 Elite will hold a gas can when flipped upside down in the back of your truck on the way to the track.

(3) Rubber top. We were happy that Matrix updated the rubber top on the M64. Now we can rotate a bike on the stand without ripping the rubber or turning the stand. Also, the number of mounting bolts has been decreased. The 12 fasteners on the M2 Worx stand have been replaced by four on the M64 Elite.

(4) Durability. The polycarbonate plastic sets the M64 Elite apart from traditional metal stands. The honeycomb construction is durable and rigid. Metal support struts underneath the rubber top, along with braces near the legs, make the M64 much sturdier than the M2. Wide feet at the base prevent the stand from rocking. The M64 had no trouble handling the weight of a 450 four-stroke. As for the honeycomb design, we wish that the open areas were sealed. Dirt collects in the openings when you are pressure-washing your bike.

(5) Weight. At 8.3 pounds, the M64 Elite weighs almost 1/2 pound more than the M2 Worx stand, but we don’t think the added heft is an issue. We would much rather have a heavier stand that is durable than a lighter stand that might break.

(6) Tool tray. As with most stands, the M64 Elite comes with a tool tray. It sits firmly on the leg struts and does a commendable job of holding bolts and tools. A magnetic strip runs down the middle of the tray to keep bolts from rolling around, but it isn’t strong enough to really do the job. Still, it’s a good idea.

(7) Options. Matrix Concepts offers the M64 Elite stand in nearly every color under the sun. Need proof? The stand comes in seven colors and five team graphics for a grand total of 14 options.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The honeycomb frame construction can collect dirt, especially when you are pressure-washing a bike.

We liked the original M2 Worx stand, and the M64 Elite is even better. It’s no wonder so many Pro teams rely on the Matrix M64 Elite to keep their bikes planted while in the pits.


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