March 29, 2013
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WHAT IS IT? The Psycho Cycle is a remote-control, full-suspension, radio-controlled motocross bike that comes with its own backflip ramp.

WHAT’S IT COST? $89.99.

CONTACT? or (800) 843-6292.

Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Max Tech Toys Psycho Cycle.

(1) Setup. The Psycho Cycle kit includes the Psycho Cycle bike, two-channel remote control, Mega Stunt ramp, 9-volt controller battery and 9.6-volt rechargeable bike battery (with charger). All you have to do is open the box, charge the batteries, and go out and wreak havoc on your local parking lot. Although the bike does not require assembly, the backflip ramp takes about five minutes to set up.

(2) Handling. The MXA wrecking crew loves to play with RC motorcycle toys?for as long as they last. During MXA’s Psycho Cycle test, we found that the bike was easy to keep upright on hard, flat ground (thanks to a gyro system and outrigger wheels under the footpegs). The Psycho Cycle worked best on hard, smooth ground like concrete, since dirt or asphalt would catch on the tiny outrigger wheels and cause high-sides. The Psycho Cycle didn’t have enough power to get through any real dirt, as the turbo boost didn’t make a huge difference in speed. On jumps, we had to assign someone to pick it up whenever we wrecked?and we wrecked a lot. Overall handling of the bike was sluggish compared to most R/C cars.

(3) Mega Stunt ramp.
The included ramp can be set up in two configurations: backflip and long jump. Although we could seldom land backflips (just hitting the jump at all was a challenge), the included ramp added tons of value to the Psycho Cycle. Driving around on flat ground got boring after a few minutes, but jumping the ramp was challenging and fun. Passing the remote control around, missing the ramp and crashing was good for a lot of laughs. Our jump and backflip success rate increased when we placed the ramp on a slight decline and used the turbo boost judiciously.

(4) Endurance. With moderate use of the turbo button, we averaged 25 to 30 minutes of run-time with the Psycho Cycle. The battery takes four hours to charge before each run. We logged hundreds of unsuccessful jumps, yet the Psycho Cycle was undamaged.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We had three quibbles. (1) The box said it could do backflips, but only we could only do it occasionally and mostly by accident. (2) The Psycho Cycle is an awesome toy for younger kids, but it doesn’t have the performance to keep an R/C enthusiast or an adult entertained for very long. (3) You charge it more than you play wiyh it.o

We think that the Psycho Cycle and Mega Stunt ramp kit is a five-star product for a young kid and a three-star product for an experienced R/C aficionado. Thus, we gave it four stars, but it’s really a three-star product for anyone over the age of 12.


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