August 15, 2013
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WHAT IS IT? A pit mat makes life easier when working on your bike, and Pro Circuit’s pit rug has the added bonus of helping the environment. These mats are required in many racing organizations around the world, including most American events that take place on government or BLM land.

WHAT’S IT COST? $189.95.

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WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Pro Circuit Environmental pit rug.
(1) Idea.
Pit mats come in handy at the races. They make your pit look more defined. They cushion your knees when you kneel down to work on your bike. They give you a clean, dry place to set your parts and tools on. Every factory team uses pit mats. However, there is an environmental move afoot to have pit mats made out of an absorbent material on top and rubber on the bottom to ensure that no oil or gasoline can leach into the ground under your bike. Not surprising, the typical rubber pit mat does not trap or contain chemicals or fluids. It takes a special type of pit mat, which is what Pro Circuit offers.

(2) Features. Pro Circuit’s pit rug is adorned with Pro Circuit logos embroidered into the plush carpet (1/10-inch pile). Although most racing organizations only require the minimal bike footprint, at 3-1/2-foot by 7-1/2-foot the waterproof Pro Circuit rug is upsized for more working room. As an added touch, the carpet is fire-resistant.

(3) Rules. Every FIM-sanctioned race, including motocross, speedway, World Enduro, ISDE and ice racing, demands an environmentally safe pit mat. Supercross does not, but only because the riders do not pit on dirt. A legal pit mat must be composed of an absorbent fiber part and an impermeable rubber base. The mat must be able to absorb at least 1 quart of fuel or oil and be at least 5mm thick. This pit rug does very little to save the environment, but it is required by many race organizations and government environmental organizations ? so you have to use it when you race where they are required.

(4) Cleaning. Pit rugs get dirty, and unlike a rubber pit mat, the Pro Circuit environmental mat needs some cleaning care. Dry the mat before cleaning. Use a Shop-Vac to get the dirt out of the carpet pile, then clean it with soap and water. A garden hose works best, but you can use a pressure washer if you keep the nozzle 30 inches away from the carpet. Let it sun-dry.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We have two complaints: (1) Size. Pro Circuit carries their pit rugs in an 18-wheeler; we use a pickup truck. We roll the carpet up and secure it with a tie strap, then we slide it under the bike. (2) Price. The price may seem high, but most carpeted mats cost the same, and rubber non-environmental mats this size run about $150.

A pit mat is always a bonus for a mechanic, but one that protects the environment is a big plus.


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