June 25, 2015
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WHAT IS IT? The STI Tech 2 MXC rear tire is an 110/90-19 intermediate-terrain tire designed to be a performance tire at an affordable price.

WHAT’S IT COST? $87.51.

CONTACT? or your local dealer.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the STI Tech 2 MXC rear tire.

(1) Weight. The STI Tech 2 MXC 110/90-19 is not the lightest rubber on the market, but it is not the heaviest. Compared to the Dunlop Geomax MX51 rear, the STI rear is a 1/2-pound heavier. This is about the same as the weight difference between a stock tube and a heavy-duty tube. The 1/2-pound is not a deal-breaker, because different brands and models of tires can vary by as much as 2 pounds in the same size.

(2) Mounting. The MXA wrecking crew was pleased when we mounted the STI Tech 2 MXC. It is an intermediate tire by design but has a more pliable bead and sidewall than a Dunlop MX51, which made the tire much easier to install.

(3) Performance. Every MXA test rider was impressed with the straight-line traction of the STI rubber. From soft to hard terrain, the STI hooked up great when accelerating. The tire also tracked well through ruts and loose berms, but lost some consistency when flat tracking it across hard terrain. There was enough knob flex to make the rear end float when loaded from the side. We tested 12, 12.5, 13 and 13.5 psi. We got the best traction with 12 psi, but opted for more pressure to help support the side knobs in terrain that was harder than pure intermediate dirt. Our STI 110/90-19 was 1/4-inch narrower than a comparable Dunlop MX51. This downsizing allowed us to run the 110/90-19 on our 250F without an issue. On a 450 four-stroke, the 110-19 worked fine, but we would recommend running STI’s 120 rear (because it is closer in size to a normal 110).

(4) Durability. Given the low price, we thought the STI Tech 2 MXC would either wear out on the first ride or last a lifetime. Lo and behold, we were wrong. The tread wore evenly and lasted much longer than expected. In our experience, the STI rear lasts longer than a Dunlop MX51. The knobs stayed intact, and no suspect wear was spotted.

(5) Value. Obviously we have to consider price when evaluating an affordable tire in comparison to a high-end premium tiree that can run $30-and-up more than the STI, but the relatively low price isn’t the only thing the STI rear tire has going for it. It is a workable tire for a rider on a budget.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? This is an intermediate-terrain tire, thus it has tall knobs. When you push those tall knobs on the harder side of the intermediate equation, the rear can break loose.


This rear tire is a steal for the price. It is a low-cost tire with better-than-average performance.



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