April 11, 2013
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WHAT IS IT? Shark Bite footpegs are cast, stainless steel, heat-treated and hardened footpegs that are available in a 5mm rear offset.

WHAT’S IT COST? $98.50.

CONTACT? or (562) 945-1098.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with System RIG’s Shark Bite footpegs.

(1) Platform. The pegs are 56mm wide and arched via a slightly raised middle row of teeth. The theory behind the arch is that it makes it easier for the rider to rock his feet back and forth using the shift and brake pedals. In testing, the arches provided better contact when leaning forward and backward, but some riders didn’t like the feel when standing up straight.

(2) Traction.
The Shark Teeth resemble Phillips and flat-blade screwdriver tips that offer excellent traction. Every tester felt that the wide, 56mm platform was a much better foundation for controlling the bike than narrower pegs. The teeth at the outside tip of the pegs are designed to prevent riders’ feet from sliding outward, but we never noticed them during testing. The downside of the sharp footpeg teeth is that they wear through boots a little faster than the stockers.

(3) Mud.
The slim, open design of the System RIG pegs handles mud much better than stock Kawasaki pegs, which have cross braces that trap mud. Mud can still accumulate in gloppy conditions, but with the Shark Bite pegs, mud pushes out the bottom so it won’t interfere with traction.

(4) Offset. The Shark Bite pegs are available in a standard/neutral position or a half-inch rear offset. The rear offset accommodates bigger feet and creates more room to get underneath the shift lever. It also moves the rider’s body rearward when standing on the pegs. This puts the rider in a slightly more leaned-forward, attack position.

(5) Durability. The cast stainless steel pegs are heavy but strong. The biggest plus of stainless steel is that it can take a smashing that no titanium or aluminum footpeg could ever withstand.

(6) Availability. System RIG Pegs are available for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM bikes in standard or rear offset positions. On a side note, these pegs are very similar in shape and design to Sunline footpegs.

There were two features that some riders didn’t like. (1) Some riders loved the arched pegs while some hated them. It is a personal preference. (2) Sharp teeth hold the feet in place but eat through boot soles faster.

If you like arched platforms, screw-style teeth, wide platforms and an optional rear offset, System RIG footpegs have all the right features for you.


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