September 23, 2013

The newest of Youthstream’s building is the Skybox, which lets VIP’s overlook the starting line. The riders are pre-staged under the Skybox.

The 40-man gate does not have enough room for the 123 racers who have traveled to Germany for the race. They will be whittled down by timed qualifying and heat races before being divided into three motos on Sunday. Some countries will not even get to race a heat race after timed practice.

This hairpin leads the riders by the mechanic’s signal area?which is housed in the two-story building to the right. The second floor is for, you guessed it, VIPS.

A close up view of the mechanic’s signal area.

Sponsor flags fly in the German air. It should be warm and pleasant this weekend.

The track is laid out in a small valley.

The fans will not be allowed into the narrow infield.

This is the finish line jump, while a snow-covered mountain looms in the background. Oops! That isn’t a mountain. Iit a heap of dirt covered with white lime.

The far side of the valley

This is where the 41 teams hope to stand at the end of the day. If Team USA wins the three riders, team manager, mechanics, families, distant cousins, high school friends, hangers-on, manfriends and people who stayed at a Holiday Inn Express will all stand here. 
Photos: Youthstream

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