January 2, 2014
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The MXA wrecking crew wants to wish every motocross racer a happy New Year. We hope that 2014 will be as fun, prosperous, safe and successful for every member of your family as it was for the MXA gang.

John Basher.

MXA appreciates the family nature of motocross?and we think of the MXA wrecking crew as one big extended family. From the crazy Aussie Alamangos brothers to the ultra-competitive Musgraves, to AMA Hall of Famers like Chuck Minert and Lars Larsson, we like to spend time together?and typically we do that at the races.

Zapata Espinoza.

MXA runs a large racing enterprise on a weekly basis. We typically race every test bike in our stable every weekend ? to try new gearing, work out jetting issues, test exhausts or just for comparison purposes. Doing this requires a large group of racers (of all skill levels and ages)… racers who are willing to race every weekend of their lives in pursuit of information to feed MXA‘s vast reservoir of knowledge.

Jody Weisel
(192) and Lars Larsson (15).

And although the four main MXA guys (Jody Weisel, John Basher, Daryl Ecklund and Dennis Stapleton) get all the credit, or blame, we couldn’t do it without the special skills of our band of brothers. So, as we offer our best wishes to every motocrosser reading this, we also extend our personal thanks to Lars, Mark, Larry, Ray, George, Willy, Billy, Dan, Randel, Chris, Bengt, John, Zap, Tom, Chuck and Al. With special thanks to Trent Pugmire, Austin Politelli, Emil Foldager and the other hard working Pro riders who help us.

Daryl Ecklund.

Dennis Stapleton.

Billy Musgrave.

Bob Hannah and Zapata Espinoz

Larry Brooks

Willy Musgrave.

Tom Hinz.

Chuck “Feets” Minert (45).

George Kohler.

Dan Alamangos.

Tom White.

Trent Pugmire.

Ray Pisarski.

Tim Olson, Aidan Olson and Alan Olson. Alan started as an MXA test rider in the 1979 (and has been Chad Reed’s, Steve Lamson’s, Craig Anderson’s and Doug Dubach’s mechanic). Tim worked for MXA for 14 years before moving to Yamaha. Aidan is unemployed at the moment.

Lars Larsson.

Mark Hall.

John Perry.

Bengt Johansson.

Chris Alamangos.

Randel Fout.

Ernie Becker.

Putting 2013 behind us.


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