REM GLEN HELEN REPORT: BEN EVANS SNAPS JASON ANDERSON’S WIN STREAK: Larry Brooks, Phil Alderton, Travis Bell, Scott Kranyak, Mark Prescott, Bengt Luotonen & Dylan Schmoke Win Classes

July 12, 2009
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Weekly warrior Denny Davidow (23) zeroes in on Hollywood stuntman Bryan Friday (43). The Over-40 Intermediates are one of the toughest classes at REM

Larry Brooks, Phil Alderton, Scott Kranyak, Bengt Luotonen & Dylan Schmoke Win Classes

Jason Anderson has owned Glen Helen’s REM Pro class for the last four races, but his win streak came to an end on Saturday when TiLube-sponsored Ben Evans took a hard-fought 2-1 to win the 450 Pro class. Anderson was close in the second moto, but overcooked one of REM many off-camber corners and spun it?allowing Evans to ride unmolested to the finish line.

Travis Bell’s 1-2 was good enough to take the 450 Intermediate class after Preston Tilford suffered from engine problems in moto one that saw his KX450F limp across the line in fourth. Tilford came back to win the second moto, but his 4-1 gave him second in front of a top five of Steve McCaughey, Cody Adair and MXA’s John Minert.

Dylan Schmoke swept the 250 Intermediates with Keaton Ward and YZ125-mounted Billy Musgrave rounding out the top three.


Billy Musgrave (4) was one of five riders who raced Vance and Hines’ CRF450 for a muffler durability test. All in all, the bike was on the track for a total of two hours and 45 minutes.

Preston Tilford, John Minert, Billy Musgrave and Tom Hinz were all drafted by former AMA Mechanic of the Year Alan Olson to test a new Vance and Hines CRF450 exhaust system. For Tilford it was a chance to win the second 450 Intermediate moto (after his KX450F dropped a valve in moto one). With Olson, Tilford, Musgrave, Hinz and Minert riding the V&H CRF450 in back-to-back-to-back motos, Olson was able to test several important areas of his exhaust system design under true race conditions. The V&H Honda raced nine motos.


Sean Kranyak finished third in the 450 Pro class, but the star of the Kranyak family on this day was brother Scott. Riding with abandon that normally spells disaster on Glen Helen’s square-edge bumps, Scott went 1-1 to win the 450 Novice class. In the first moto Scott led MXA’s John Basher home with Mark Taylor third, Ivan Brown-Kerr fourth, Kyle Wade fifth and Nigel Crosby sixth (Crosby moved directly from the minicycle class to a KX450F). In the second moto Scott Kranyak led Brown-Kerr home for the overall win.


Larry Brooks ran out of juice. Well, not Larry, but his Ni-Cad battery. What did he need a battery for?

The Brooks family did even better than the Kranyak’s. MXA’s Larry Brooks won the first moto of the Over-40 Expert class (in front of Pete Murray, Gary Renko, Shawn Heit, Phil Dowell, Greg Pierce and Steve Watson). Brooks was winning the second moto, after a duel with Dirt Bike‘s Pete Murray, until the Ni-Cad battery pack that charged his prototype YZ450F fuel-injection system died. No juice on the non-Yamaha part, meant no go. With a lap to go Brooks pulled off the track just in time, as his bike died on the exit. Pete Murray took the Over-40 Expert win. Meanwhile, son Derik Brooks, back from a broken hip and several months off, won the 250 Novice class. His dad put Derik on a YZ250 two-stroke, which is legal at REM against 250 four-strokes, and it was no contest. Derik, who Larry made race a YZ125 after he got off a mini to learn bike handling skills, adjusted to the YZ250 amazingly well. Alex Cluff was second, Ian Andre third, Holly Breck fourth and Robbie McCarthey fifth.

The Prince family was also in attendance. Alyssa went 6-6 to finish sixth in the 250 Novice class, while father Marc went 5-7 to take sixth in the Over-50 Expert class.

KTM’s Jason Anderson is a hard worker. He has been racing two classes at REM for the last month. It is paying off.


Two riders who will be moved up a class in the near future are Over-50 Novice winner Bengt Luotonen and Over-50 Intermediate winner Mark Prescott. They made the mistake of easily winning their classes again (and mixing it up with the riders in the class above them). Multiple wins and racing with the Over-50 Experts is a golden ticket to be moved up. Luotonen is obviously ready for the Over-50 Experts and Prescott can take Luotonen’s spot in the Over-50 Intermediates.

Yamaha of Troy’s Phil Alderton used a 1-2 to win the Over-50 Expert class in front of Randy Skinner’s 3-1, George Kohler’s 4-3, Ron Lawson’s 2-5 and Dennis Boulware’s 7-4.

If you want the best view of who’s in front you need to jump REM’s big, blind, step-over jump. Lots of hot-shot jumpers decide that discretion is the better part of valor when it comes to sailing over this ridge.

REM races again next Saturday, July 18. Practice doesn’t start until 9:00 am.

For more info go to www.remsatmx.com


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