REM GLEN HELEN REPORT: The Longest Point Paying Series In Motocross is Over; It Starts Again In Two Weeks; Be There On Saturday, January 2

December 20, 2009
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Canadian Devon Rochon (463) leads Kevin Worrell (331) and Gregg Schellack (10).

The 2009 REM season started back in January and wound up this past weekend. It was 40 races long. One of the major benefits of sunny SoCal weather is that every weekend has good enough weather to race. Amazingly, REM will take one weekend off for Christmas and then start the 2010 series on Saturday, January 2, 2010.

So, what happened at the 40th round of the year.

Vet Novice winner Tom Hinz cranks the turn at the bottom of Mount Whitney in front of a pursuing pack.


Parker Eckman, who has raced at Glen Helen since he was a little kid, took the 450 Pro win in front of Dylan McKee. Michael Leib won the 250 Pro class by large margins over second and third place finishers Brandon Brady and Richie Leech.

Steve Thetford (98) has some ground to make up in the Over-40 Novice race. Steve would eventually work his way up to fifth.


Jeagher LaFountaine went 1-1 in front of Bryce Stewart (2-3), John Minert (5-2), Michael Meade (3-4) and Marcus Ougard (4-6) in the 450 Intermediate class.

David Meade, brother of Michael, swept the 250 Intermediates. Lewis Trickett went 3-3 for second with MXA‘s Billy Musgrave (testing two different 150cc two-strokes) in third. Garret Eckman, brother of Parker, was fourth with a 6-2, while Luca Nastrini is back from Italy again (and went 5-5 for fifth in front of Will Beevor, Ryan Butler and Richard Andersson).

With ten feet to go, Joe Wilson (46) had to push his bike to the checkered flag. Amazingly, his effort was good enough to hold on to fourth overall in the Over-40 Novice class.

Helmet painter, clothing designer, team owner and all-around good guy Troy Lee took both motos of the Over-40 Intermediate class. Mark Haupert (2-2), Fred Nichols (5-4), Gregg Schellack (3-8), Steve Watson (8-5), Tim Murphy (7-6), George Andrews (6-7), Eric Knudson (4-9), Dan Alamangos (12-3) and Todd Huegel (9-11) rounded out the top ten.

Hollywood stuntman John Alden beat Leon Baird, Marc Crosby, Ray Pisarski and Gary Scott for Over-50 Intermediate gold.

Pete Vetrano (37) has made a successful return from hip replacement surgery and raced two classes at REM.


Brian Adams took the gold in the 450 Novice class; Nick Serrano won the 250 Novices; and Tom Hinz won the Vet Novices. In the Over-40 Novice class, Kenny Campbell used a 3-1 to hold off a big field of contenders. In the Over-50 Novices, Larry Waterhouse used a 2-1 to beat Dennis Smith’s 1-3 and Craig Johnston’s 3-2.

AMA Hall of Famer Lars Larsson (44) gets in a drag race with Gary Renko (28). Larsson was the man that Husky sent to America to demonstrate the Swedish bikes back in 1967. He won the original Trans-AMA Support Class Championship in 1970.


In a strange phenomenon, REM continues to attract a giant crowd of Over-50 Experts. It was, and has been, the biggest class of the day for most of the 2009 season. Word has gone out that if you are over the age of 50 and looking for the toughest competition?then REM Glen Helen is the place to play.

In this week’s Over-50 Expert war Steve Lawler held the upper hand over a top ten of Jim Latendresse, Ron Lawson, Greg Nelson, George Kohler, Randel Fout, Mark Hall, Dennis Boulware, Larry Boulware and Carl Gazafy.

The MXA gang races every weekend of the year and we don’t cut each other any slack. Here, Tom Hinz (192) blows teammate Mark Hall out of a berm.

As for the MXA wrecking crew they were very busy testing a wide variety of machinery, parts and mods; Willy Musgrave (Honda CRF450) won the Over-40 Pro class; Tom Hinz (Yamaha YZ250) won the Vet Novices; John Minert (Honda CRF450) was second in Open Intermediates and third in the 450 intermediates; Alan Olson (Kawasaki KX250F) was second in the Over-60 Experts with Lars Larsson (KTM 450SXF) fourth, Bengt Johanssonÿ (Honda CRF450) fifth, Jody Weisel (Yamaha YZ450F) sixth and Feets Minert (Yamaha YZ250F) seventh; Billy Musgrave (KTM 150SX) was third in the 250 Intermediates; Mark Hall (KTM 250SX) was third in Open Vet and seventh in the Over-50 Experts; Ray Pisarski (Honda CRF250) was fourth in the Over-50 Intermediates; George Kohler (Husaberg FX450) was fifth in the Over-50 Experts; Dan Alamangos (Husqvarna TC250) finished ninth in the Over-40 intermediates.

This part of the REM track was the original starting line from the old Arroyo Cycle Park of the early 1970s.

Missing MXA guys: Dennis Stapleton is on his way to Europe to race winter Supercrosses, John Basher took time off for the holidays and Larry Brooks is busy with James Stewart right now.

REM races again on January 2, 2010. For more info go to


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