April 28, 2010
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Rockstar, Suzuki, Canidae All Natural Pet Foods 450 rider Tommy Hahn had his best performance of the season and climbed the podium for a well-earned second place finish at Qwest Field in Seattle, Washington. It’s been a tough season for #10 Hahn, but his results have been climbing steadily as he recovered from injuries sustained earlier in the year.

The track was by far the most difficult of the season as most riders crashed at least once with most hitting the ground several times during the day. Hahn remained steady throughout the day and went into the main event feeling great about his chances. As the gate dropped the carnage started in the first corner with several riders going down. Hahn finished lap one in 8th place. Clearly faster than those around him, Hahn began to move up every lap. By lap 8, Hahn was in third and catching Justin Brayton but the track was deteriorating rapidly. Hahn looked as though he would pace himself to survive for a hard-fought third place. As Hahn stayed true, he continued his gain on Brayton and worked through the loamy ruts and deep holes.

On lap 10 Hahn made his move and got around Brayton and into second place. By the time Hahn had passed Brayton, race leader Kevin Windham was way out and was not going to be caught. What a great finish for the young Canidae rider from Texas and an exciting night for race fans.

The Canidae riders head to Salt Lake City next week. We will see if Tommy Hahn can end the Supercross season as he did the Motocross season… with a win!

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Rockwell Time Race Report

Rockwell Time wants to offer a big congrats to Broc Tickle for taking his first Supercross Lites win this past weekend at Qwest Field in Seattle.  Broc battled the adverse track conditions, kept it rubber side down, and finished on the top of the podium.  It was a well deserved win and all of us here at Rockwell are very pumped for Broc.  Fellow Rockwell Lites riders Jake Weimer and Cole Seely also put in good rides.  Weimer, despite going down early in the race, managed to slice his way through the pack and finish a solid third while Seely finished in the 7th spot.  Jake Weimer heads into Salt Lake City with a comforting 19 point lead and looks to grab the West Coast Lites title this coming Saturday.  Rockwell Team rider Davi Millsaps took the checkers in the second Supercross class heat race and finished 5th in the main.  Davi heads into the penultimate round of the Supercross series just 17 points behind Kevin Windham who sits in third overall.  If you’re going to make it the next round in Salt Lake City, don’t forget to stop by the Rockwell pits.  Being that it’s our hometown race, it’s sure to be a good time.  

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The wet weather in Seattle narrowed the day’s schedule to one practice session. Each group went out for their practice session by warming up the first few laps and then trying their hardest to put down their fastest lap in the remaining minutes. Nicoletti rolled out of practice with the 16th fastest time of the night. “The track was difficult and very rutted. It was hard to get in a solid lap time in the short practice but if gave us a good taste of what would come for the remainder of the night,” remarked Nicoletti.

Nicoletti was placed in Heat #1. He got out to a good jump but got tangled with a tuff block in the second turn. He managed to stay up but caught the tuff block cover in his wheel and had to pull off and remove the cover. Once back on course, Nicoletti was sitting in dead last and had to make a come from behind charge into the top nine qualifying positions. Nicoletti charged hard and made it back up to 8th to grab a spot on the main event gate.

As the gate dropped for the main event Nicoletti got a good jump on his KTM and came around the first turn within the top ten and made it up to 6th by the second corner. A small mistake caused him to drop to 9th on lap two. He remained in 9th position through the halfway mark of the race. On lap ten he lost a position to Trey Canard but then gained the position back when he caught and passed Hunter Hewitt on lap eleven. One lap later Canard crashed and Nicoletti moved into 8th position. The final two laps were filled with excitement as Nicoletti and Max Anstie battled for 8th position. Anstie was able to get around him on the final lap but went wide in a turn allowing Nicoletti to make the necessary block pass to close for the position. Nicoletti finished 8th overall.

“I am not overly pleased with my result as I hoped to be in the top five. However, considering the conditions of the track, I am happy to finish within the top ten and will work toward improving that result at Salt Lake,” stated Nicoletti.


The Honda Red Riders took on round 15 of the 2010 Supercross series in Seattle, WA on Saturday, April 24, and Honda Red Bull Racing’s Davi Millsaps and Andrew Short brought the battle to the Supercross competition aboard their Honda CRF450Rs. GEICO Powersports Honda’s Kevin Windham put on an impressive show, leading every lap of the race en route to winning the Supercross event.

Earning a good start out of the gate and challenging up front from the get-go, Millsaps had the misfortune of going down in the whoops on the opening lap but rallied back with an impressive come-from-behind effort. Relegated to 18th position, the Honda racer sliced through the pack to take the checkers in a hard-fought fifth place. Short was right behind his teammate in sixth position and rounding the final turn of the race when disaster struck; he stalled nearing the finish line. Scrambling at the base of the finish-line jump, Short dropped three spots but still took the checkers in ninth place. Up front, Windham put together his best effort of the year, scoring his first Supercross win in 2010 aboard his CRF450R?his last win coming on this same track in Seattle in 2008. Overcoming extremely difficult track conditions, the veteran racer shot to the lead on the opening lap and enjoyed a healthy gap by the time the checkers fell.

“This feels amazing,” said Windham. “There’s something about Seattle and me that just works. I last won here in 2008 and to come back and be on top again in 2010 is just awesome. As I get older, things like this are much harder to come by. This race was all about keeping it up on two wheels and surviving to the end. I can’t thank the GEICO Powersports Honda team enough for all their support throughout the season and my race bike was just perfect tonight.”

In the Supercross 250 West competition, GEICO Powersports Honda’s Trey Canard was challenging teammate Blake Wharton for the lead when the pair made contact on the opening lap. Wharton came out on top and remained among the top contenders throughout the race, finishing just shy of the podium in fourth position. Canard went down and was forced to resume his campaign from the back of the pack. Making up eight spots by the race’s end, the champion racer finished in 11th place. Troy Lee Designs Honda’s Wil Hahn equaled his season best result by nabbing second spot on the podium.

“I’m really pumped to get second,” said Hahn. “I trained really hard during the break between rounds and I felt really confident coming into this round. I’m on a great team with great bikes and I’m going for the win at the final round next week.”


 “I like winning championships?a lot. It’s addicting,” said five-time World Champion and Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Team Manager Roger DeCoster. With that, the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team prepared for the start of the 2010 Supercross season with one goal: win races. With Ryan Dungey moving up after winning the 2009 Western Regional Lites Championship and becoming the hero of the 2009 Motocross of Nations, hopes were high. Ryan prepared with dedication and focus, and the new 2010 fuel-injected RM-Z450 was fast, smooth and a winner right out of the gate. The only thing between the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team and the 2010 AMA/FIM Supercross Championship was 17 races. At the end of the Seattle Supercross race on Saturday night, the team showed the world they didn’t need 17 races?they only needed 15 to clinch the title.

The race at Qwest Field in Seattle was the roughest and toughest track of the season, and Dungey finished fourth, which was enough for him to clinch the title. “The track was really tough,” DeCoster said. “Some of the ruts were so deep and so long that they went from one end of the stadium to the other on the straights. When you see guys this good sitting down while riding, it made everyone look humble. They didn’t look like super champions out there, until you saw the three-foot-deep ruts close up.” Despite the rough track and intense racing Dungey pulled through and earned enough points to secure the Supercross championship. Dungey has now entered an elite club with only one other member: Supercross racers who’ve won the title in their rookie year. The other rider who managed that is known as the King of Supercross, Jeremy McGrath. Not bad company to keep for a 20-year-old racer from Minnesota at the beginning of a promising racing career. “Ryan is now a rookie champion, which is pretty amazing,” DeCoster said after the race. “Only Jeremy McGrath has done that before, but Dungey is a world champion because this is AMA and an FIM championship. I don’t believe that was the case with McGrath’s first championship, so this is an amazing feat.”

“It’s been an amazing season to sit here after 15 rounds and be the champion,” Dungey said after the race. “It was a lot of hard work and effort put in by everybody on the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team. As a little kid, I would dream as I watched races and say, ?One day, I want to be that guy.’ This really is a dream come true, and all the hard work has paid off. The whole team gives 110 percent every week, and when we’re all on the same page this is what can happen. I have to thank the Man Above for making all this happen.”

“It was a great season, and we’re thankful and happy and we proved that the equipment is good and Suzuki has a good base bike to work with,” DeCoster said. “The Rockstar Makita Suzuki team did a good job setting it up.” The fuel-injected 2010 RM-Z450 made a statement at the first round of the series and has proved, race after race, that it has the horsepower and the handling to take on everything Supercross has to offer.

Dungey started off the season just the way Team Manager Roger DeCoster and ace Technician Mike “Goose” Gosselaar had planned. At Anaheim 1, Dungey shot out of the starting gate and made it known that he wasn’t racing for just a podium spot?he was gunning for the top spot. After leading lap after lap, defending Supercross champion James Stewart caught up to him. Most racers may have conceded to Stewart and his reputation for fast and aggressive racing, but not Dungey. Dungey battled every second of the race until the checkered flag flew, and then he was only a very short distance behind Stewart. The tone for 2010 was set. Dungey was out to race hard and win. That night, Dungey took the second spot on the podium, and Goose took the MMI award for outstanding technician. The matchup of Dungey, DeCoster, Goose, and the RM-Z450 was already making people take notice, from the stands to the pits.

The fuel-injected RM-Z450 was well suited to Dungey’s racing style, and it propelled him to great starts and fast getaways at the beginning of the season. At Round 2, Dungey got his first Supercross victory and the holeshot. His RM-Z450’s immediate throttle response, impressive power output, and race-minded gearing gave Dungey that winning edge he needed. The 450’s frame is lighter than last year’s model, and every ounce counts when you’re flying over triple and carving berms in the heat of battle. With a larger radiator, the bike stayed cooler while pumping out horsepower and torque. All the pieces of the RM-Z450 work together in harmony to make for the perfect race machine, and it was obvious that Dungey was hitting his stride with the bike and was very comfortable on the track.

Dungey continued to collect points, and became the series point leader after Round 2 in Phoenix. Amazingly, the talented rider never gave up that lead. While he didn’t always win, and a few races he didn’t find the podium, no other racer on the track was as consistent as Ryan Dungey and no other machine was as mechanically sound as the Rockstar Makita Suzuki RM-Z450. Dungey won a total of five races. Phoenix was the spot for the first Supercross win of his career, and he followed that up with wins in Anaheim 2, Atlanta, Dallas and St. Louis. Dungey finished on the podium in 10 of the 15 races so far.

He got three of the first four holeshots of the season, including Anaheim 1, Phoenix, and San Francisco. The holeshot at Round 3 in Anaheim 2 went to Dungey’s teammate Austin Stroupe, who was also riding the fuel-injected RM-Z450. It was a great way to start the season, and it was a great way to show people instead of tell them that the bike was powerful and fast.

Dungey’s appeal has stretched further than the reach of Supercross. With a slew of impressive sponsors, including Rockstar, Makita, Yoshimura, and Fox Racing, he’s even got the attention of retail giant Target and the extremely selective Nike 6.0. Ryan helped design Nike’s Air MX boot and was the only racer who rode the entire season with them. Dungey also has two very important racing legends standing by him who believe he is the future of the sport of motocross racing: five-time World Champion Roger DeCoster and Supercross’s “Greatest of All Time” Ricky Carmichael. “It’s nice to win it with someone like Ryan because we picked him up from the Suzuki amateur support program and we started off with somebody who a lot of people weren’t paying attention to,” DeCoster said. “He came and talked to us a few times and he gave off a good impression and we had a feeling he would be good. We tried it out and he got better and better, and after this season, now he’s a rookie champion.” Dungey also credits his family and their unwavering support for his success, as well as the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team that has put together one of the most impressive race bikes ever to hit the Supercross track: the 2010 fuel-injected RM-Z450.


Uphill Battle
Weimer had a difficult start to his night program in Seattle. After leading the only practice session, Weimer crashed in the first turn of his heat race and then stalled his bike trying to work his way up through the field. He was able to get the final transfer spot to the main event and he capitalized by finishing with his sixth podium of the season.

“There is no doubt that it was the toughest race of the year,” said Weimer. “It was possibly the toughest track I’ve ever ridden, like ever. It was nasty and gnarly, so this is the happiest I’ve ever been to get third place. I’m so happy. After falling in the first turn of the heat race and then stalling it. After finishing ninth in the heat and getting the 18th gate pick, I figured there was no way I was thinking I was going to extend my points lead.”
Welcome Back

Wey’s return to the Monster Energy Kawasaki team resulted in his best finish on a factory bike this season. Though his main event didn’t start the way he wanted it to, he finished strong to come home sixth.

“I got off to a good start, maybe a little farther outside than I wanted to be,” said Wey. “I fell back a few positions early in the race because I was riding tight. In the middle of the race I started riding better and made up some positions. Sixth isn’t bad, I would rather be top five, but this weekend was a little rough. Coming back to the factory team, I only had one day on the bike and then we only had one practice so I’m happy with my result.”
Up to Speed

Hansen spent a good amount of the eight week break in the West Coast season working on his speed and consistency and it showed on Saturday. Hansen was one of the fastest riders on the track and worked his way up to third before a crash set him back.

“I came from the back and thought my speed was good,” said Hansen. “It makes me mad, because I thought I could win. I got up to third and was closing in on second. But I got cross-rutted and crashed and then later in the race I got caught up with a lapper and crashed again. The track was gnarly, but I was able to come through the pack so it’s frustrating I didn’t get the finish I wanted.” 

Reed’s night didn’t start off well as he went down in the whoop section during his heat race and finished eighth. With the bad gate pick, he tried to make up some positions on the start, but ended up going down in the first turn. Even with the difficult track conditions, Reed slowly worked his way into the top 10 finishing eighth.

“It was a brutal track, one of the gnarliest I’ve ever raced,” said Reed. “It’s difficult to race in these conditions when you have to come from last. I crashed in my heat race so I didn’t have a good gate pick. I pushed hard at the start and ran out of racetrack. I’m going to get home soon and hopefully I’ll have a big smile on my face really soon when I see my son for the first time.”
Stress Release

By finishing ninth in his heat race, Weimer had the 18th gate pick and was worried how his start would be with the very short start straight before the first turn. From the outside, Weimer made his way up to second by the first turn, but soon there after he went down and dropped back to 10th. During the race, Weimer didn’t know his closest competitor for the championship also went down, he actually thought Trey Canard was leading.

“After I was stressed out for the hour between the heat and the main about my start, I got a great start,” said Weimer. “But then I fell down on the first lap and I didn’t know how far back I went, but I was just thinking I was the biggest idiot to ever ride a dirt bike. I thought Trey was leading so I just rode the best I could and ended up on the box. My goal was to push and get as much as I could and I did that.”
Hard Days Night

The track in Seattle was a consensus pick as the toughest of the season by the riders and some even said it was the most difficult they had ever raced on.

“It was probably the gnarliest race I’ve ever been in,” said Hansen. “It was ridiculous out there. When the track looks bad on TV you know it’s bad, because TV usually makes the track look better than it is.”
Business as Usual

With the final race of the 250 West Coast season coming next week, Weimer has both plan A and plan B ready to make sure he leaves Salt Lake City with a title.

“I’m going to try and win next week at Salt Lake, but I’m also going to be smart,” said Weimer. “My job right now is to win the title. When the gates drops, if I get the holeshot I’m going to go for the win, but if not I’m not going to push and ride over my head.”


On what was undoubtedly one of the most brutally demanding supercross tracks ever built, Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda rider Wil Hahn gritted out a second place finish and moved himself to second in the series standings. His teammate, Cole Seely, toughed out a seventh place finish despite a poor start.

Lining up for the main event it was clear that Hahn meant business. His lap times were good and he knew he was prepared to ride at 100% for the entire fifteen laps. The Young rider from Texas was third coming around the first turn but ran into the back of Trey Canard when he fell in turn two. The mishap dropped him to fifth where he would begin an impressive charge towards the front. By the time he moved into second the leader was already several seconds ahead and the margin was too much for Wil to close. Although he wants a win baldly, Hahn rode well and he was proud of that.

“Man, I really felt like tonight was my night to win,” He said after the race. Adding, “I know it’s coming… I’ve been working way too hard not to win one of these. I can’t take anything away from (Broc) Tickle though; he rode great tonight. He was flying out there. Next week we’ll just get back to work and see if we can get a win in Salt Lake City.”

Seely was mired in the pack and lost all of his tear-offs early, forcing him to remove his goggles. The race became about survival for him after that point. Cole would soldier on to a seventh but he was visibly disappointed with the way his night went.

“That definitely wasn’t how I wanted the night to go,” Cole explained. “All night I just felt tight and like I was fighting the bike. When I reached up on the second lap of the main to pull a tear off and I grabbed all of them, I knew I was in trouble. I tried wiping them as long as I could but I couldn’t see a thing. I had to throw them and it made it tough to get close to anyone after that. I need to have a good race next weekend to bounce back from this.”

The team will now head to Utah for the final round of the west region series. Wil has a five point lead over Canard and he is nineteen points down on Jake Weimer. It is a long shot to win the title but crazier things have happened.

The Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series heads to Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City on Saturday, May 1.

The Troy Lee Designs Lucas Oil Honda race team would like to thank all of the companies that have supported our racing efforts over the years. They include Lucas Oil, American Honda, Red Bull, PPG, Wings for Life, Alpinestars, Avia, Couts Heating and Cooling, Dunlop, Epic Action Video Cam, Leatt Brace, McQueen Racing, Oakley, Pacific Collision, Pro Circuit, Rossignol, Santa Cruz, Selle Italia, Skullcandy, All Sport Dynamics, Cycra, Fasthouse, Flexfit, Hinson Clutch, Hot Wheels, Kahne Racing, Light Speed, Muc-Off, N Style, Nameplate, ODI, Primm, QTM, Renthal, RK Chain, Excel, Twin Air, Vasser Racing and VP Racing.

Follow the Troy Lee Designs / Lucas Oil / Honda team at


To say the Supercross track in Seattle was a tough one would be an understatement. After being pounded by rain all week, the treacherous whoop sections became soft and rutted during Saturday’s race at Qwest Field. Seattle presented a tough track for Yoshimura’s race team, no doubt. But Yoshimura rider Ryan Dungey, despite the tough track, managed to make history. With two races left in the series, the rookie sewed up the 2010 AMA Supercross championship.

Dungey winning the title, only the second rookie ever to do so, caps off an amazing season. Dungey has been leading the series points since the second round in Phoenix, where he won his first Supercross race. Due to his consistent riding and his Yoshimura-prepped RM-Z450, Ryan Dungey has been on top of his game and on top of the box a lot in 2010. He won five races and grabbed the holeshot in four. He ended up on the podium 10 out of 15 races and has shown the kind of dedication and talent that makes a true champion.

Despite the ever-changing conditions on the track Saturday night, Dungey was on his game in heat one, riding the track with skill and taking very necessary precaution. His Yoshimura engine propelled him to second-place in his heat, winning him a ticket straight to the main event. Heat two saw even more exciting racing for Yoshimura as Honda teammates Davi Millsaps and Andrew Short battled it out on their CFR450s. Millsaps came out on top for first, and Short finished third.

The Supercross main event was eventful as the track deteriorated and changed with every lap. Dungey started the race in second, but the deep ruts in the whoop section caused him to fall to fourth where he finished the race. Dungey finished the race in fourth and earned enough points to become only the second rider ever to claim the AMA Supercross championship in their rookie season.

Yoshimura rider Davi Millsaps got off to a rough start and went down in the first whoop section, as well. The crash caused some trouble on the bike and he was forced to pull in to the mechanic’s area to get it straightened out. Millsaps truly showcased his talent this race by making an amazing comeback on his Yoshimura RS-4-powered CFR450: from 19th to 5th place by the time the race ended. Millsaps put in consistently fast laps with the assistance of his Yoshimura-prepped engine, which allowed him to make such an incredible recovery from his pit stop in the first lap.

Andrew Short competed in his third race since his injury in San Diego had him sit out a majority of the season, and showed that he’s capable of competing with the best. Short moved around on leader board for much of the race and was able to pull off a ninth place finish on the treacherous track with his Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust on his Honda.

Round 16 of the AMA Supercross series takes place on Saturday, May 1, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Look for the Yoshimura racers to power their way to the top of the leaderboard!

To learn more about Yoshimura and view the wide variety of performance products, visit


The 15th round of the 2010 Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship, kicked off with incredibly tough track conditions and super soft dirt making it anyone’s race Saturday night.  Team San Manuel’s Josh Hill posted the fastest qualifying time of the night before Seattle’s Qwest Field crowd of 51,442 and despite the 19th place finish, still maintains a fifth place spot in the overall championship race with 227 points.   Teammate and current series Champ, James Stewart, continues rehab on his right wrist as his Team works to bring him back to the race track in 2010.

After posting the fastest qualifying time in practice (58.044) Hill had a solid start in Heat Race 2 but an unfortunate bobble in a very tough whoop section had him pinned under his race bike only to remount at the back of the pack.  Though he quickly worked his way through the field, he was not able to regain position to qualify for the Main, forcing him to compete in the last chance qualifier.  Hill then won the LCQ by a strong margin for the transfer to the evening’s Main event.

In the Main, a tough gate pick made it hard for Hill to get the start he needed to stay ahead on a very challenging course. However, by lap 6, Hill moved up 9 spots to 11th place.  Ploughing through the super soft track with ruts so deep in the whoop section that bikes almost came to a standstill, Hill finished the 20-lap race 19th.  With riders once again, battling for every spot, Hill’s finish still keeps him fifth in the overall championship points race.  

In what many riders called the “gnarliest” race yet, Hill had this to say post-race, “Okay, now that track was crazy!  I consider this to be like my home track so I really was giving it my all – started out great in qualifying but as racing went on the ruts made it harder and I didn’t have a good race. Anyway?like I have said all along this has been a great season for me despite the challenges and I am looking forward to the last two races.  Thanks again to my entire team and everyone at San Manuel and all my sponsors.” Suzuki

The Suzuki supercross team rolled into Seattle for round fifteen of seventeen with a new addition to the 450 class. Troy Adams was put on a 450 to see what he could do and he easily made the 20-man main event.

The track was as soft as mom’s chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven and the ruts were deep enough to swallow our own Jason Thomas so when Adams didn’t get a great start, his work was cut out for him. He worked his way up to 9th within the first 10 laps, but then a fall on the “swamp like” track had him looking to settle in for a 14th place finish. However on the final lap, the deep ruts caught Adams foot pegs on the face of the big triple and sent him sailing through the air with no bike.  Adams hit the ground hard, but thankfully had no major injuries.  Adams finished in 16th.  

JT$ had some bad luck in his heat race but going to the LCQ was nothing to be worried about as he has proved to be the master of these. Unfortunately just as he was in third and looking to make a move up, he tipped over in a turn and that was all she wrote folks. JT’s missed main event was his first miss of the season.

Our 250 west rider Bobby Kiniry rode hard all night and despite not getting a great start, he almost finished inside the top ten. The New Yorker will look to try and avenge his night this weekend in Salt Lake City. and

There’s no way that BTO Suzuki team can go racing without the help of their sponsors and would like to thank the following companies:, BBMX, Palmetto Suzuki, FLY Racing, Bel-Ray, Vortex, Pro-Circuit, WMI, Vanquish MX, Smith, FLU Graphics, Jett Boot, Wiseco, Leatt Brace, McGraw Insurance, Umbrella Girls, Dream Traxx, ASMF, ASV, Ti-Fuel, Factory Connection, Applied, Hinson, ICW, Twin Air, RK / Excel, QTM, Faction MX, Pit Posse, Outlaw, Dunlop, FLmx, MX Press, Polisport, Engine Ice, Galfer,, STMX, Kinetic Animation, Safety Kleen, Axcel

Rockstar/Hart & Huntington

Generally the toughest competitor to an AMA Supercross rider are the other riders themselves but this past weekend in Seattle, the track turned out to be the toughest foe. With the ruts deep and the berms beat up, the Rockstar Hart & Huntington team was looking to get out of there in one piece. Team riders Chris Blose and Matt Boni rode hard in the 450 main event but neither rider had their best finishes of the season.

“The track was gnarly out there” commented Boni, last season’s Privateer of the Year “The ruts were past my kneecap and made completing a lap a tough chore. I’m happy with the fact that I got out of here alive.”

“Being from Arizona, I have never really ridden in these types of conditions before and it was really tough” said Blose, who’s currently 14th in the series points “I tweaked my bad ankle and after that, I was just trying to survive.”

The teams other rider, Josh Demuth had a previous commitment to race in Texas and wasn’t at Seattle. Look for him this weekend in Salt Lake City.

As always, the pits were rocking with Rockstar Energy drink being given away, the fans were hanging out and having a good time. The Rockstar Hart & Huntington team is the place to be this year in the supercross pits. Come by next week in Salt Lake City, get an autograph and a Rockstar Energy Drink!

Check out for more info on Rockstar Energy Drink.

The team could not have been at Seattle without all its sponsors and they would like to thank them for all the support in the 2010 season: Rockstar Energy drink, Hart and Huntington, Chronic Tacos, ONE Industries, Carter Powersports, Skull Candy, PMG, Ethika,  Faction MX, Kal-Gard, MX ID Systems, Independent Suspension, Tilleys, Smith, Akrapovic,  Simpson, Liquid Graphics, Tag Metals, Beam Designs, QTM, Cycra, K&N, Harts Wasted Space, DVS, VP Fuels, General Tire, All Sport Dynamics, Alpinestars, Vortex, Dunlop, Works Connection


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