SoCal Surprise: Snow Summit On Mt. Saint Helen

January 15, 2007
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Snow may not come as a surprise to motocross racers living outside of the banana belt, but it shocked the regulars at Glen Helen when they showed up last Saturday for the weekly REM races only to discover that the track was frozen solid, the fire hoses wouldn’t work and the Caterpillars had trouble moving on the snow covered ground. Snow is rare in SoCal, but this snow fall came as a surprise because five miles away from Glen Helen there was no snow. Glen Helen sits at 2000 above sea level and that was the level of the snow line following a quick moving winter storm.

Here are some photo that Joe Lee sent us from Glen Helen this last weekend. Of course, all the snow was gone by Sunday, but it made for a very white Christmas (about three weeks too late)

This is the view from the front gate looking at Mt. Saint Helen and Yamaha Hill. The actual race track is the white part.

Driving through the front gate required a deft touch as the slushy ground was frozen in the morning.

Do those palm trees look out of place?

Glen Helen’s metal sculpture sits in a mound of snow.


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