February 10, 2006
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ÿÿÿÿAmp’d Mobile Supercross has put together back to back weekend ratings of 1.5 and 1.3 on CBS Sports for the Anaheim 2 and San Francisco telecasts. Combining the very consistent and strong numbers on the CBS Sports network television package, along with the strong numbers with the cable package on SPEED, Supercross television viewership is at an all-time high. To date, SPEED has put together an impressive .47 GAA (gross average audience) per event for households, compared to .36 GAA per event for households on ESPN2 last season.

ÿÿÿÿ”It’s compelling television. The ratings are comparable to regular season NCAA basketball, the Winter X Games, PBR, and other sport properties on network television. It’s a great next step in the evolution of Supercross to mainstream America. We have been fortunate to have some epic Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart battles that have made for exciting television,” said Ken Hudgens, vice president of marketing, Amp’d Mobile Supercross. “The CBS numbers, coupled with the impressive SPEED numbers mean more people are watching supercross on television at this point in the season than ever before in the history of the sport. While that’s good, we believe it’s just the start.”
ÿÿÿÿSPEED’s supercross ratings to date already are equal or better than cable ratings for the series last season on ESPN2, with a very similar number of households carrying both cable networks.

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