May 1, 2014
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This is a list of the 16 major sections of the 2014 Glen Helen National track design. Although Jody and Karl Scanlon started working on it several weeks ago, they have focused mostly on moving new dirt into place to build the track. The plans call for finishing the layout by May 12 and then fine tuning it in the final week. This map is the final design.


Five feet of sand was truck in over Tuesday and Wednesday by Karl Scanlon’s crew. For the time being the sand will not be watered, but will be left to dry out —since it is still wet about three feet down.


Eventually the sand will be lowered and extended around the corner heading towards the Log Cabin Jump in the background (number 16 on the map).


Although originally built for the World Vet Championship back in November of 2013, The Velodrome turn (number 9 on the map) is twice as high and twice as steep as it was four months ago. It will be even steeper by National time.


Weston Peick and Ivan Tedesco will replace Broc Tickle and Josh Hill at RCH for the outdoor Nationals. While Tedesco and Peick rode their practice bikes on Thursday, the team had one bike for suspension testing and one bike for engine testing.


Josh Grant (33) is as local as a “local hero” can be. He rode to fame by racing at REM and considers Glen Helen to be his home track.


Team Yamaha has joined forces with Team Valli to support Christophe Pourcel. Additionally, Erik Kehoe will be the Valli team manager. Pourcel was at Glen Helen with the Yamaha squad. Christophe plans to race the 250 National on May 24.


Glen Helen is more than just a motocross track. There are two motocross tracks, three Supercross tracks, a Lucas Oil Offroad Truck track, a Rally Autocross course and miles of offroad trails. Glen Helen has hosted AMA Nationals, USGPs, Red Bull X Fighters, World Mini GPs, The Day in the Dirt, mud runs and Baja Cups.



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