May 2, 2010
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Tommy Searle took the Pro win with a 2-2. This is a new uphill that will be used on the USGP track.

With the AMA Nationals only 20 days away, a wise group of AMA pro riders showed up at Glen Helen’s REM races to see where their fitness, setup and race savvy stand. To help them, REM promoter Frank Thomason has been holding 30-minute plus one lap motos to allow the racers to push their bikes and bodies to the limit. Additionally, the majority of pro riders, whether on a 250 or a 450, decided to combine themselves into one large pro race. The result was a mash-up of riders and bikes that delivered exciting action.

Mike Alessi has been using REM to iron out issues on his KTM 350SXF. Mike said he was glad that he has raced for the last four weeks because they have learned a lot of things that he wouldn’t have wanted to find out at an AMA National.

And, a 250 rider took the overall win. British rider Tommy Searle on a KTM 250SXF went 2-2 for the overall victory. Searle was the best of the 250cc riders by a large margin, but his overall victory came at the expense of this KTM teammate Mike Alessi. Alessi had easily won the first moto on his KTM 350SXF, but in the second moto while winning, the electronics on Alessi’s fuel-injected bike went on the fritz. As his bike bogged coming out of corners and over jumps, Alessi dropped back. He was passed by Searle, Kyle Summers, Ryan Sipes, Tyla Rattray and Colton Haaker before his KTM gave up the ghost. Alessi stepped off the dead bike and walked back to his pit.

Kyle Summers won the second pro moto. The blue plates means that he is a WORCS rider.

Searle’s victory was assured, but there was a surprise in store for all of the AMA National riders. Offroad WORCS rider Kyle Summers, who had finished fourth in the first moto, picked his way through the pack and, as you would expect from a rider used to racing for two hours at a time, by the end of the 30-minute moto he took the lead. Summers second moto victory (based mostly on fitness, but helped by a good turn of speed) gave him second overall for the day with a 4-1. Ryan Sipes went 3-3 in front of Tyla Rattray’s 5-4. The 2008 250 World Champion would work his way up from mediocre starts, gain ground and then lose it as the motos wore on. Colton Haaker’s 7-5 was good enough for fifth in front of Baja Champion Robby Bell, two-stroke mounted Tye Hames and MXA’s Dennis Stapleton (Stapleton was the holeshot king of the day…Alessi did not get holeshots in either moto). Mike Alessi’s 1-22 earned him ninth overall.

Ryan Sipes raced a YZ450F.

Other notables included Ricky Renner, who went 6-DNF. Renner’s bad second moto came when he tried to force his way into REM’s infamous off-camber downhill corner and got Chris Hay’s footpeg stuck in his wheel. It took a lap to separate the two bikes. Dylan McKee (12-11), Myles Tedder (9-18) and Benny Breck (DF-17) had mixed days.

MXA’s Dennis Stapleton holeshot the second moto. He was eighth overall.


Yamaha R&D technician Steve Butler won the Over-40 Expert class. Oh yeah, Butler won on a Yamaha YZ125. To win on Glen Helen’s hilly track with a 125 is a major accomplishment. Butler beat a top five of Greg Flanagan, Phil Dowell, Bryan Friday and Bob Weber.

Matt Tedder won the Over-50 Expert class for the third week in a row. MTA’s Greg Nelson was second, Dave Eropkin third, N-Style’s Rob Healy fourth, LightSpeed’s Willie Amaradio fifth, Denis Boulware sixth, Randy Skinner seventh (on another YZ125), Phil Alderton eighth, Greg Groom ninth and George Kohler tenth.

Son of Gary, nephew of Dewayne and grandchild of Don?Justin Jones. This looks like a crash in the making, but he saved it.

Gary Jones’ son Justin won the 250 Intermediate class and the Open Intermediate classes.

Shane Post (139) chases Justin Jones and Mark Hall. Post finished third overall in the 250 Intermediate class.

Hollywood stuntman Mark Donaldson took the Over-50 Intermediate class in front of Harrison Ford’s stunt double John Alden. This race included two stuntmen, a dentist and a preacher.

U.S. Marine Taylor Lacombe won the 250 Beginner class in front of Kyle Wilke and fellow Marine Ian Swett. Tyler Nichols was fourth with Austin Mierau fifth.

Frank Mierau, father of Austin, won the Over-50 Novice class, but since he left his group and raced with the Over-60 Experts (that started on the same gate) his time as an Over-50 Novice may be numbered. Gary Scott was second with a 2-2, Tim Norton third (3-4), Brian Underdahl fourth and Michael “The Rock” Rigdon fifth.

Ricky Renner (11) led the first moto for a couple laps, but in the second moto his bike got jammed together with another bike (and they wouldn’t come apart).

Terry Fowler beat Willy Musgrave, Shawn Wynne and Matt Tedder for the Over-40 Pro victory. REM has a pro class for Over-40 riders (and it shouldn’t be confused with the Over-40 Expert class).

KTM’s Revelle Harrison used two-stroke power to take the Vet Intermediate victory over Troy Lee Design’s general manager Bob Weber, Michael Quiroz and Leatt’s Jason McCune.

REM races again next Saturday (and the 30 minute motos will continue). For more info go to www.remsatmx.com

To find out more about the series sponsor, click here www.bristolcore.com

Photos by Dan Alamangos


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