April 3, 2014
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WHAT IS IT? The Motion Pro Uni-Sag telescoping sag scale is designed to allow a rider to set his bike’s race sag without help.


CONTACT? or (650) 594-9600.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Motion Pro Uni-Sag telescoping sag scale.

(1) Problem-solver. Setting sag correctly is critical for proper suspension performance, but it is typically a two-man job. The Uni-Sag is very creatively designed to make it possible for one man to set his own sag.

(2) Moving parts. The Uni-Sag is easy to use once you get it set up for your bike. The bottom piece slips into any hollow rear axle. The top fitting threads directly into your rear seat-bolt hole, or there is an optional fender clamp for bikes that don’t have side-mounted seats, like KTMs. Once the Uni-Sag is solidly mounted at the top and bottom, the incremental scale can be zeroed out. Slide the recording marker down the telescoping scale and climb on board. When you dismount, the recording marker will show how many millimeters the bike sagged with your weight on it.

(3) KTM. To measure sag with the Uni-Sag on a KTM, you either need the optional fender clamp or you can rotate the rear axle to the right side of the bike and use the muffler mounting holes just as you would the seat-bolt holes on a Japanese bike.

(4) Quality. It is hard to believe that Motion Pro can sell the Uni-Sag for $49.95. It is a quality piece with heim-joint fittings, sliding scales, laser engraving and anodized parts. It even comes with its own plastic carrying case.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The laser-engraved numbers on the telescoping tool are on the small side, and there is a learning curve to using the Uni-Sag properly that requires trial and error.

This is five-star engineering that solves a one-star problem. We have never been so alone that we couldn’t get someone to hold a regular sag scale for us or couldn’t wait until we got to the track to set our sag. But, if you are a loner, this is the tool for you.




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