March 13, 2010
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WHAT IS IT? It’s a new, slimmer version of Tag Metals’ Rebound Technology Grip. The Lo-Pro grip’s goal is to provide more cushion without more girth.

WHAT’S IT COST? $15.99.

CONTACT? (888) 520-4888 or

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Tag Lo-Pro Grip.

(1) Design concept. The original Rebound Technology Grip was born when Tag sought to build a grip with superior cushioning. The problem is that more cushioning meant more material, which translated into a fatter grip. There is limited room on a 7/8-inch bar, especially over the throttle tube. The Lo-Pro tries to address the girth problem.

(2) Dual-compound. The firmer inner compound clamps to the bar/throttle tube and increases durability. The outer compound is super-soft and pliable to provide plushness. In an effort to achieve maximum comfort, Tag was willing to sacrifice some resilience.

(3) Pattern. The raised diamonds on the original Rebound Technology Grip looked like the spikes on a medieval weapon, but they were very supple. The Lo-Pro’s diamonds are much smaller. Testers who complained that the original grip felt too squirmy were happy with the Lo-Pro.

(4) Diameter. Believe it or not, the difference between the original fat grip and the new skinny one is only two millimeters. The original Rebound Technology Grips were so large that some test riders felt that they contributed to arm pump. The Lo-Pro is slimmer, but not slimmer than a standard grip. It’s the same diameter.

(5) Feel. When switching from relatively hard OEM grips to the Tag Lo-Pro, test riders noted more give. And, while the Lo-Pro Rebound Technology Grip isn’t as squishy as the original Rebound Technology Grip, it does maintain a supple feel and is more comfortable with padded gloves. The soft rubber has a very tacky feel when new, but the tackiness starts to diminish after a couple hours of use.

(6) Installation. Softer grip material means that extra care must be taken during installation. Safety wire can easily cut through the grip.

(7) Colors. Lo-Pro grips are available in gray with red, black or blue highlights.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The downside to soft grips is durability, and there are three things that can destroy the Lo-Pro grips. (1) Safety wire. It’s easy to lacerate the soft rubber instead of clamping it. Double up on each loop and be gentle.(2) Crashes. Although the dual-compound design helps, the softer gripping surface makes the rubber more vulnerable to tearing in a tip-over. (3) Natural wear. Soft rubber compounds lose their crisp edges faster than medium-density grips.

If you’re looking  for very soft, supple, yet normal-sized grips, Tag’s Lo-Pro Rebound Technology Grips are for you. They’ll wear out faster, but they’ll feel good while doing it.


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