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MXA PRODUCT TEST: AXO Compression Team Issue Jersey: Well, Actually, It Is Two Jerseys In One

March 17, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? A Lycra/Spandex jersey designed to keep muscles warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
WHAT’S IT COST? $44.99.

CONATCT? (877) 296-7223 or www.axo.com.

WHAT’S IT DO? AXO is no stranger to the motocross market. Founded in 1978 by Italian Remo Berlese, the company reached its peak in the early ’90s under the guidance of Jim and Nick Hale. AXO built its reputation on innovative, quality products. In 1998 AXO was sold, and today Nicola Serragiotto runs the operations at AXO America.

ÿÿ AXO was lucky enough to keep the services of top designer Kenny Safford (one of the creators of the Alpinestars Tech 8 and previous AXO product line), and the Italian company is still producing radically new products that push the envelope.

Need an example? The AXO Compression Jersey/Team Issue vest combination is the first motocross jersey to incorporate a two-piece design.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the AXO Compression/Team Issue Jersey.

ÿÿ (1) Concept. It is a proven fact that keeping muscles warm is beneficial for increased performance and comfort. Additionally, a small amount of compression helps blood flow through the capillaries. Motocross isn’t the first sport to use the muscle compression concept; however, AXO is the first gear company to combine a compression shirt with a motocross jersey. It is also the first company to sell a two-piece jersey. Part one is the skintight, long sleeve, Lycra and Spandex Compression jersey. Part two is the Team Issue vest, which is basically a basketball jersey that you wear over the Lycra undershirt.

ÿÿ (2) Performance. The MXA test riders were divided. Half of the test riders felt like their muscles were less fatigued and recovered faster. The other half felt uncomfortable in the skintight jersey. However, all test riders agreed that on a cold day the AXO Compression jersey was much warmer than a conventional loose-fitting jersey. Of course, the corollary of that benefit was that on warm days it was hotter. AXO’s Lycra undershirt has mesh sides to allow air in (and the Team Issue vest is sleeveless).

ÿÿ (3) Sizing. The snugger the better, but not to the point of cutting off circulation. MXA test riders who tipped the scales at 175 pounds wore a large, while those at the 200-pound mark chose extra large. The undershirt part fit well, although riders with muscular forearms complained that the sleeves were too tight. Unlike many other competing compression shirts, the AXO jersey is long enough to tuck into riding pants without sliding upward during a moto. Silicone gripper strips on the base of the jersey help it stay put.

ÿÿ (4) Choices. AXO’s Compression jersey comes in one color (white), but it coordinates with four different Team Issue vest colors (red, blue, black or blue/yellow). Test riders enjoyed the creative two-piece jersey (and on cold days many test riders took to wearing the AXO undershirt even when they wore another brand of gear.) You will be shocked to find how much warmer your body will stay with this AXO Lycra Compression shirt on.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Every MXA test rider hated wearing the jersey in hot weather. This is a cool-weather shirt.

We were impressed with the performance gains (in terms of warmth and muscle fatigue). On a cool morning in Wisconsin, this would be a five-star product. On a hot day in Florida, however, this is a two-star jersey. For riding conditions that fall between the extremes, we gave it three stars.



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