MXA PRODUCT TEST: EVS FLUX CHEST PROTECTOR: They Call It The Flux, But It Should Be Called The Flex

November 5, 2009
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A top-of-the-line chest protector from EVS that offers technological benefits and comfort.

WHAT’S IT COST? $115.00.

CONTACT? or (888) 873-8423.

EVS Sports prides itself on its motto of “protection first.” The company takes painstaking steps to pioneer new ideas in hopes of furthering safety?an area of product design that is often overlooked by the modern day motocross rider.

Pro racers typically forego chest protection. This stems from a misguided desire to look cool, a desire to avoid overheating, or plain ignorance. Many riders simply don’t understand the benefits of wearing chest protection. Nearly every member of the MXA wrecking crew wears a chest protector?and for good reason. Roost hurts. We make a living racing motorcycles, and it is much better to wear a chest protector than sit on the couch with broken ribs caused by a flying rock.

MXA test riders are very particular about their chest protectors. We want ample protection, but we yearn for comfort. Additionally, half of the MXA test crew also wears some sort of neck protection. Historically, chest protectors have failed to interface with neck braces (without modificcation). In our never-ending quest for a neck-brace-compliant chest protector, we put the EVS Flux to the test.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the EVS Flux chest protector.

(1) Sizing. The Flux comes in two sizes: youth and adult. As a general rule, having only two sizes would result in poor coverage for bigger riders, but the Flux has dual-panel front and rear sections that slide up and down in a channel. Shorter riders will discover that the panels recoil and hide, while taller riders will enjoy the protection capabilities, thanks to the dual-panel extensions.

(2) Comfort. Every test rider raved about the comfort of the EVS Flux chest protector. The dual panels, along with the medium-density polycarbonate material, made the Flux feel like it was an extension of the rider’s body. Ample padding (that is not removable) helped make the Flux one of the most comfortable chest protectors that we have ever worn.

(3) Neck-brace compliant. We were surprised to discover that the Flux chest protector worked in conjunction with a Leatt neck brace. Why? Most chest protectors won’t. Strangely, the EVS Flux didn’t interface as well with the EVS RC-Evo neck support (at least not without serious modifications). It also requires some modifications to work with the Alpinestars or Omega neck braces. If the shoulder cups were removable, the Flux would be neck-brace compliant with nearly every system on the market.

(4) Protection. The Flux ranks high on the protection chart. The wide front and back plates (12-1/2 inches at the widest points) provide extensive coverage. Riders who prefer arm guards are out of luck, though, as the EVS Flux doesn’t come with them.

(5) Price. The Flux is $20 to $30 cheaper than its competition. Talk about a smoking deal!

(6) Place of manufacture. The EVS Flux chest protector is made in China.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We would like to see removable shoulder cups in order to accommodate different neck braces.

EVS has aced the chest protector market with the Flux. It is comfortable, protective, inexpensive and compatible with the Leatt neck brace. This is an excellent chest protector.


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