MXA PRODUCT TEST: POLISPORT IPD INMOLD PLASTIC KIT: Graphics That Wear Like Iron And Never Need To Be Replaced

December 14, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? Tired of the decals peeling off your bike? Upset that your bike doesn’t look as good as it did a moto or two ago? Polisport of Portugal has a new plastics technology that fuses the graphics directly into the radiator wings and fenders. First used by KTM on their production bikes, Polisport’s IPDs (Inmold Plastic Decals) are now available for Yamaha, Honda and KTM owners.

$159.95 (complete Yamaha IPDs on the fender, shrouds and side panels), $139.95 (Honda and KTM kit with IPDs on the radiator shrouds only).

CONTACT? or Motoman Distributing at (909) 608-0082.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with Polisport’s IPD kit.

(1) Technology. Polisport’s IPD system is no mystery. The same basic technology is used to put graphic designs on production helmets or logos on surfboards. In essence, a UV-resistant graphic design is printed on translucent paper and then placed under the final coating. On a helmet, the final coat is paint, while on a surfboard it is a gloss coat of resin. Polisport uses a variation of the same idea to mold the graphics into the plastic parts. You can scratch, bead blast or torch the plastic on Polisport’s IPD plastic and the graphics will stay put.

(2) Choices. Polisport offers its IPD graphics for Yamaha, Honda and KTM (there are no IPD parts offered for Suzuki or Kawasaki, but Polisport does make plastic parts for those brands). All the IPD kits include fenders, radiator shrouds and side panels, but only the Yamaha kit has IPD graphics on all the pieces (the Honda and KTM kits only have IPD graphics on the radiator shrouds). Color choices are blue or white for the YZ250F/450F; black, white or orange for the KTM; and red or black for the Honda.

(3) Durability. Terrific. We have years worth of experience with Polisport’s IPD technology on the production KTMs, and they are by far the longest-lasting and most durable graphics on the market. This stuff wears like iron. There is one caveat: we put aftermarket graphics over an IPD radiator shroud, and when we removed the 3M graphics, the IPD graphics underneath came off also. We think the glue in the aftermarket graphics broke down the plastic bonding agents.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The only choice of graphic designs with the Polisport Inmold plastic is the Polisport designs (no Monster, Pro Circuit, One Industries or N-Style).

If you need new plastic and are tired of the merry-go-round of replacing graphics, Polisport’s IPD plastic kit is an affordable and cheap way to lessen the hassle. For the price, you get the graphics and new plastic.


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