MXA PRODUCT TEST: SNAP-ON 1750 PSI ELECTRIC PRESSURE WASHER: Harnessing The Power Of Electricty To Fight The Evils Of Roost And Grime

November 28, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? Choosing the right pressure washer is like buying a car. There are many choices. Half of the MXA test crew prefers gasoline powered pressure washers because they are powerful, loud and don’t need a cord. The other half believes that electric pressure washers are better because they are equally powerful, quiet and don’t need to be filled with gasoline.

Our favorite electric pressure washer is the Snap-on 1750 PSI model (although Snap-On changes their models with some regularity, so you may have to mix-and-match the features.

WHAT’S IT COST? $149.00.

CONTACT? or Costco.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Snap-on 1750 PSI electric pressure washer.

(1) Power. The Snap-on’s 1750 psi is overkill, but sometimes it takes too much pressure to get too much mud off your bike. It’s better to have more pressure than you need than not enough. You can always back up a few feet to lessen the power.

(2) Detergent tank. The Snap-on pressure washer has a self-contained detergent tank. This is perfect if you plan on using it to wash your RV, boat, trailer, barbecue, or siding on your house, but doesn’t make much headway on a dirty bike.

(3) Assembly. It took us a few minutes to assemble the Snap-on electric pressure washer. No tools are needed.

(4) Hose. The 25-foot hose is somewhat pliable, but it would be nice to have a softer hose that didn’t recoil or fold awkwardly.

(5) Sound. If you live in close proximity to your neighbors, the 120-volt Snap-on electric pressure washer is a great product. However, since it isn’t powered by gasoline, you are limited to using it near an electrical outlet. This isn’t the best choice if you want to wash your bike at the racetrack, but it’s perfect for at-home washing. The 35-foot power cord (with circuit protection) is plenty long enough.

(6) Transport. The retractable handle and six-inch diameter wheels are handy features.

(7) Place of manufacture. The Snap-on 1750 PSI electric pressure washer is made in China.

(8) Performance. Boasting 1750 pounds per square inch of water pressure, the Snap-on washer can blow paint off walls. For motocross purposes, this amount of pressure can be dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced user. The adjustable nozzle should be turned to a position where the water fans out to a wide area. Using the high-pressure setting might damage bearings and cause water to seep into places where moisture isn’t supposed to enter. Always be gentle when washing around the axles, linkage, suspension and triple clamps of your bike.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The high-pressure hose feels rather cheap.

There is no better electric pressure washer than the Snap-on. If your wife thinks that it’s a bad idea to buy a pressure washer, tell her that you’ll also use it to wash her car.


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