MXA PRODUCT TEST: THE GREAT OUTDOORS: THE DESTROYERS DVD: You Can Live The 2008 AMA 250/450 Nationals All Over Againa

July 9, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? A 90-minute, moto-by-moto review of the 2008 AMA 250/450 National Championship.

WHAT’S IT COST? $24.95.

CONTACT? www.nofear.com or (866) 787-3691.

WHAT’S IT DO? Since 2002, the MXA wrecking crew has spotted Troy Adamitis and his loyal crew of cinematographers hiding in bushes and toting video cameras around the AMA Nationals. Their goal? To capture the bare essence of the rugged outdoor Nationals. Troy’s videos, all titled as “The Great Outdoors,” have excited us year after year. While the formula for each video has been modified slightly, each flick still has the same basic plot, showing overall coverage from the preceding year’s races.

ÿÿ “The Destroyers” is the 13th video in the “The Great Outdoors” collection. That is more sequels than “Rocky” and “Star Wars” combined.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with “T.G.O.: The Destroyers.”

ÿÿ (1) Cinematography. Troy Adamitis continually finds creative angles when filming the Nationals. With that said, “The Destroyers” walks the line between comprehensive racing coverage and artistic filming, which left us wanting more. This film follows the entire National series, but the footage barely covers the battles that occurred behind James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto (and that is where the real racing took place in 2008). This is a great video for viewers who are only interested in watching guys who finished on the podium.

ÿÿ (2) Continuity. “The Destroyers” lists the top three at every National. The commentator discusses riders who started out front (like Trey Canard in the second moto at Washougal), but fails to provide any further information once the rider is out of frame. This problem could have been solved in one of three ways: (a) A list of the top ten results could have been flashed on the screen after every segment. (b) The commentator could have followed up with the rest of the story. (c) Interviews of the riders explaining what happened on this particular day could have been played over the action.

ÿÿ (3) Running time. We really enjoyed how long “T.G.O.: The Destroyers” was. At 90 minutes, there is more than enough time to really get in-depth coverage of the 2008 Nationals. Ten years from now, “The Destroyers” will be a good piece of racing history.

ÿÿ (4) Screen time. James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto had a stranglehold on the 2008 Nationals, so it’s no surprise that they get all the screen time. Ryan Dungey and Tim Ferry also received a solid amount of coverage, but we were disappointed that more riders didn’t get quality coverage.

ÿÿ (5) Highlight. The cameramen captured Mike Alessi’s gut wrenching crash at Red Bud. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We only have one major complaint: “The Destroyers” does a lackluster job of covering anyone who didn’t stand on the top step of the podium.

In our opinion, “The Destroyers” could have been so much better, but, as is, the video captures unique angles and the flavor of the 2008 National series–even if it is with broad brush strokes.


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