MXA PRODUCT TEST: THE MOTOCROSS FILES RICK JOHNSON DVD: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About RJ; Told To You By The Man Himself

November 13, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? This special-edition Rick Johnson DVD is culled from “The Motocross Files.”

WHAT’S IT COST? $29.95 (plus S&H).

CONTACT? or (714) 626-0885.

WHAT’S IT DO? Nostalgia is on the rise in America. And nowhere is that more evident than in the sport of motocross. Old racers want to relive their past, young racers wish to hark back to a grander time, and longtime motocross fans love the trivia of the Good Old Days.

Filmmaker Todd Huffman has his finger on the pulse of this nostalgia movement with his “The Motocross Files” TV show. But the shame of producing a 30-minute show for network television is that the actual content must be reduced to 22 minutes. Todd does hundreds of hours of interviews over a nine-month period and then has to cut it down to 22 minutes. It is no secret that a lot of fabulous moments in motocross history are left lying on the cutting room floor.

“The Motocross Files: Rick Johnson” DVD rectifies that problem. Todd Huffman took all of the interviews, race footage and stories and put them in a special three-hour Rick Johnson DVD. This DVD includes the original 22-1/2-minute television show, 97-minutes of scenes that were edited out of the TV show, and RJ’s raw

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with “The Motocross Files: Rick Johnson.”

(1) History. Rick Johnson is a great interview. He speaks clearly, has full command of the past and isn’t above self-deprecating humor. Thanks to wonderful
family photos, archival 8mm footage and interviews with all of the main players, “The Motocross Files: Rick Johnson” covers every aspect of Johnson’s career. With the help of interviews with Roger DeCoster, David Bailey, Keith McCarty, Johnny O’Mara, Ron Lechien, Cliff Lett, Dave Arnold, Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Ward, Larry Huffman and Broc Glover, the history of Johnson’s career comes into clear focus. Over 20 different racers, mechanics and team managers get to contribute their opinions.

(2) Deleted scenes. Although the original TV show was good, the deleted scenes are much better. Ricky Johnson goes into detail about his feud with Jeff Ward, the 1986 Anaheim Supercross, his childhood, the MXDN, and his painful 1982 250 National Championship loss to Donnie Hansen. Great stuff.

(3) Highlights. Did you know that Scott Burnworth was responsible for the “Greatest Supercross race of all-time?” RJ explains why. How did Danny Storbeck break Ricky’s wrist? RJ explains it in detail. Why did Bob Hannah give Ricky the one-finger salute? RJ tells the story with a laugh. Do you want to hear Ricky’s speech at the famous Rodil Cup sandbagger race? It’s in here. Why did Ricky lose the 1982 AMA 250 National Championship? He spills the beans.

(4) Language. All bad language (and there is a little) is bleeped so that more kids can watch the bleepin’ video.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The saddest thing about watching the three-hour Rick Johnson DVD is the knowledge that the TV show could be so much better if only they gave “The Motocross Files” more air time.

ÿ”The MX Files: Rick Johnson” is an oral history of motocross in the 1980s. This is as close to the real events as anyone can ever get.ÿ


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