MXA PRODUCT TEST: Thrill Billies Double-Wide DVD

May 5, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? The latest installment of insanity from Travis Pastrana and his fearless friends.

WHAT’S IT COST? $29.95.

(888) 873-8423 or

WHAT’S IT DO? If Travis Pastrana were given a dollar for every time anyone called him crazy, he would pass Bill Gates on the Fortune 500 list. Now that Travis is unofficially retired from Supercross and motocross racing, he has taken his talents elsewhere. Thankfully, we can still keep track of him because Gregg Godfrey has filmed Pastrana’s rally racing, base jumping, freestyle, and off-road competition endeavors. “Double Wide” is the latest video in The Nitro Circus stable. You won’t be shocked to learn that “Double Wide” isn’t altogether different from previous offerings. Godfrey’s formulaic recipe for success is insane stunts coupled with bone-crushing crashes, outrageous ideas gone wrong, and nonstop entertainment.

ÿÿÿ Although most people think of a Travis Pastrana Nitro Circus video as a motorcycle video, “Double Wide” isn’t a sport-specific flick. It touches on the 2008 Supercross season, but then moves to snowmobiling, downhill mountain biking and other action sports. “Double Wide” is intended to be a direct reflection of the activities that Pastrana is interested in.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the ThrillBillies “Double Wide” DVD.

ÿÿ (1) Stunts. What do you like? Monster trucks, downhill mountain biking, rally cars, Supercross, tree climbing, water slides, alligator wrestling, freestyle motocross or base jumping? Most of “Double Wide” is focused on rally cars, freestyle motocross and crashes, but there is enough variety in “Double Wide” to keep viewers interested through multiple showings.

ÿÿ (2) Locations. Godfrey and Pastrana usually head to far away locations. In “Double Wide,” the crew spent time in Costa Rica, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mexico and Pastrana’s house in Maryland. Thankfully, unlike in the last video, Travis Pastrana didn’t almost die while doing stunts in most of these places.

ÿÿ (3) Length. “Double Wide” is exactly one hour long, and the DVD includes a few extra features. Unfortunately, the extras aren’t very interesting. Be advised that the language is not appropriate for young children and concerned parents should exercise caution (unconcerned parents will let Junior do whatever he wants).

ÿÿ (4) Best moment. “Double Wide” begins and ends with Pastrana’s not-so-brilliant idea to ride a plastic tricycle down a mega ramp and hit a super kicker. Travis backflips the tricycle and comes up short on his first attempt. On his second attempt he rings his bell for the 14,326th time in his life. Right before the credits roll at the end, TP finally sticks the landing.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Two squawks: (1) There is a language issue…bad language for young uns. (2) If you’ve seen one Nitro Circus video, you’ve seen them all.

Godfrey and Pastrana continue to work well together, and while “Double Wide” is derivative, it does have some unique ideas and a go-for-broke approach. It’s an entertaining flick for any action sports junkie.


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