MXA PRODUCT TEST: Tool Seat Aluminum Tray

March 1, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? The Tool Seat is an aluminum tray that is designed to rest on the seat of your bike.

WHAT’S IT COST? $39.95–(760) 727-5072 or

WHAT’S IT DO? Working on bikes at the track is a way of life for the MXA wrecking crew. Although we prep our bikes in the expansive MXA workshop before heading to the track, once we are there we are constantly changing parts, tearing bikes down and making adjustments.

ÿÿ When it comes to working on bikes in the pits, a clean, flat surface is a precious commodity. Despite our better judgment, greasy tools and random bolts usually end up scattered to the winds. Tool trays have been standard fare on the motocross scene for decades. A trip through the MXA garage reveals plastic ones (made by Acerbis), aluminum ones (made in Canada), magnetic ones (which worked better with steel frames) and trays of every shape and size designed to slip under bike stands.

ÿÿ The Tool Seat is the latest in this heroic line of places to park your tools.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Tool Seat.

ÿÿ (1) Design. The Tool Seat is a 16 by 9 inch rectangular tray that has two wing-like lips riveted to its bottom. The wings are designed to hug the side of a motorcycle seat to keep the tray firmly in place. The wing-like lips are minimal enough that when the tray is set on flat ground they work as legs.

ÿÿ (2) Applications. The Tool Seat fits on all bikes that have seats narrower than five inches at the top. This spec encompasses all CR, CRF, YZ, YZ-F, KX, KX-F, RM, RM-Z and KTM dirt bikes. Additionally, the wings guarantee that the tray will stay in place whether the bike is on a conventional stand, triangle stand or kick stand.

ÿÿ (3) Cleanliness. A rubber mat lines the inside of the tray to cushion tools and hardware from clanging when you toss them in. The mat is removable for cleaning.

ÿÿ (4) Partitions. We ordered tool box partitions from the Sears Craftsman catalog and made a few tackle box-style partitions in the tray to segregate various bolts.

ÿÿ (5) Durability: While $40 may seems expensive for a tool tray, the aluminum tray is sturdy enough to last forever.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? The MXA gang had three minor complaints: (1) Step seat owners beware. The hump/step on your seat may affect the stability of the Tool Seat. (2) The tray’s seams aren’t 100 percent liquid proof. If you spill oil or brake fluid in the tray, clean it out. (3) The Tool Seat’s primary purpose is to rest on your bike’s seat, but many maintenance issues require removing the seat. Luckily, the Tool Seat can quickly become the Tool Fender in a pinch.

We give it five stars for its ability to hold tools, four-stars for its design and construction, three stars because it’s an extra part that you have to carry, and two-stars for its price. In the end, the Tool Seat is a luxury item that is nice, but not necessary.


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