MXA PRODUCT TEST: UTOPIA WARRANT GOGGLE: Stretch Armstrong’s Twin Brother; A Goggle You Can Fold Up

September 27, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? A top-of-the-line goggle from Utopia Optics.

WHAT’S IT COST? $64.99.

CONTACT: or (760) 918-9292.

WHAT’S IT DO? Utopia entered the motocross market in 2002 with the introduction of the Dirty MX goggle. With five basic colors, Utopia didn’t overshoot their boundaries, instead focusing on one goggle. The following year, the goggle brand revised their original design and renamed it the Too Dirty MX goggle. Currently, Utopia has expanded their line to include three different frames in four various models. Utopia’s growth in the volatile motocross market has been steady, and they have also gained market share in the snow industry.

What is so different about Utopia goggles? At first glance, the MXA wrecking crew didn’t notice anything unusual, but after a quick presentation by Utopia, we were blown away. Why? These goggles are flexible! The 100-percent Grilamid TR-90 polyurethane that the Utopia is made from offers extremely high bending strength. We were able to contort the goggles in every conceivable position, and the frame still didn’t warp, crack or break. The MXA wrecking crew decided to test Utopia’s top-of-the-line goggle, the Warrant.

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Utopia Warrant goggle.

(1) Lens. The lens is the most important part of any goggle. The clear Utopia Warrant lens is coated with an anti-fogging solution and is said to be scratch resistant. In reality, the lens does an exceptional job at resisting scratches (better than most goggles that we’ve ever tried). As for fogging, the goggle only fogged up when we stopped on the track to rest for a minute.

(2) Frame. This is the most flexible frame we’ve ever seen. We were able to contort it into a pretzel shape without the lens or frame showing any creases or breaks. What does this mean? The Warrant frame is durable and can easily bend to match various face shapes. The frame provides ample peripheral vision from side to side and top to bottom.

(3) Strap. The strap is the only part of the Utopia Warrant goggle that test riders complained about. Although it comes with the standard 1-1/2-inch-wide strap, the elasticity in the strap doesn’t allow for much stretching. Test riders felt that the strap always felt too tight or too loose against their faces. On the plus side, the strap retention system was easy to use, and the back of the strap was outfitted with a strip of silicone (although more silicone would be nice).

(4) Foam. Utopia didn’t get overly elaborate with the foam. The first layer is thin and dense, while the second layer is thick and soft. The foam sandwich is topped off with a layer of felt. Riders weren’t able to sweat through the foam, meaning that the foam is more than sufficient for a long moto.

(5) Tear-off posts. The Warrant has built-in tear-off posts and comes with a separate film anchor on the strap. We were able to get five tear-offs loaded onto the goggle before vision became milky. Utopia sells 20 pack of regular tear offs for $12.00 and 50 pack for $29.00. Utopia also offers laminated tear offs for the Warrant and Slayer Pro goggles they’re available in stacks of 7 and come in a pack of 14 for $16.00 and pack of 28 for $32.00. Also available is their CVS System ( Roll Off System ) for the Warrant, Slayer Pro, Slayer and Too Dirty Goggles.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? We would like to see a more elastic strap and increased silicone on the back of the strap.

The Warrant goggle is a very impressive offering from Utopia. We loved the scratch-resistant lens, triple-layer foam, sharp looks and flexible frame.ÿ


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