MXA PRODUCT TEST: XTREME VIEWPOINT GOGGLE; You Know It’s Good When It Comes From Designer Dale Davis

December 23, 2009
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WHAT IS IT? The second goggle model produced by a company with deep roots in the motocross industry (and run by Dale Davis). The first was the Xtreme Perspective goggle.

WHAT’S IT COST? $49.99.

CONTACT? Your local dealer or

WHAT’S IT DO? It was a logical progression for Xtreme, a company with a long heritage in the sport of motocross, to expand their product line. Over the years, Xtreme has been best known for its humorous T-shirt designs and affordable racing gear (pants, gloves, helmets and jerseys). Last year the company focused their attention on entering the highly competitive goggle market. How do we know that Xtreme has made the goggle business a priority? In the past six months, Xtreme has released two new goggle models.

ÿÿ The MXA wrecking crew tested the Xtreme Perspective goggle in the August 2008 issue. We enjoyed the Perspective goggle and gave it a good rating (three stars out of five), although we voiced our complaint that the Perspective needed multiple layers of foam. Xtreme’s design department answered quickly with the new Viewpoint goggle. It features three layer foam and a competitive price.ÿ

WHAT STANDS OUT? Here’s a list of things that stand out with the Xtreme Viewpoint goggle.

(1) Frame. If you’re like most MXA test riders, you prefer a goggle that offers extensive peripheral vision. To accomplish this feat, it takes a wide frame. The Viewpoint goggle meets MXA’s peripheral demands with flying colors. The Viewpoint goggle seats well in most helmets, but has a tendency to protrude slightly due to the extensively thick goggle foam.

(2) Foam. Xtreme obviously listened to our complaint about the single layer of foam on the Perspective goggle. They added three layers of foam to the Viewpoint and chose a foam density and thickness that makes the Viewpoint stand out as having the most foam on the market. How did they accomplish this feat? The first layer is comprised of thin, open-cell foam. The second layer is an equally thin layer of dense cell foam. The final layer is a 15mm-thick layer of medium density foam. This borders on foam overkill. Why? The foam is so thick that it moves the lens of the goggle farther away from the rider’s face than any goggle we know of (save for over-the-glasses models). The Viewpoint goggle takes some getting used to, but you can adapt to the feeling after a short time on the track.

(3) Strap. The Perspective goggle strap is a typical 1-1/2 inches wide and includes three beads of silicone to prevent strap slippage. What we enjoyed most was the system used to tighten or loosen the strap, which afforded us a precise fit. We also enjoyed the outrigger system on the frame.

(4) Lens. The biggest problem with mirrored lenses is that they scratch easily. Not so with the Viewpoint lens. The lens is scratch resistant and anti-fogging. Additionally, the lens includes tear-off posts. We would like to see a post on the frame to help keep the tear-offs from flapping in our eyes.

(5) Place of manufacture. The Xtreme Viewpoint goggle is made in Taiwan.

WHAT’S THE SQUAWK? Be careful what you ask for. The MXA wrecking crew whined that the Xtreme Perspective goggle didn’t have enough foam, so would it be bad form for us to whine that the Viewpoint has too much foam?

It takes time to get used to the thickness of the foam, but this is a high-quality goggle at a very attractive price.


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