The Silly Season: Rumors Abound

July 10, 2008
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Heard On the Streets

* Despite other rumors that Team L&M/San Manuel might riding Hondas next year, it’s a safe bet that they will remain with Yamaha especially since, with Chad Reed departing, Langtson’s future unknown and Josh Hill still un-proven, the Tuning Fork company has no real star riders under their factory tent. And oh yeah, they will be joined in the effort ? with a new rider by the name of James Stewart.ÿ The downside to the deal is that the L&M team will remain a Supercross only team.

* Speaking of Reed, despite still being contracted through September to only ride blue and with his team kit, he’s been seen riding with neither lately. First it was Chad on a Hondas and most recently, a Suzuki.ÿ The word on the street is that with budget cutting in full-effect, the deal on the table with Suzuki is for $100,000 with Rockstar kicking in another $400.000. To bridge the gap to the millions he made at L&M, the Suzuki contract is supposed to be rich with win bonus money.ÿWhen DeCoster first mentioned the Reed connection to us back at the Las Vegas Supercross, he was visually pained at the thought of hiring an indoor specific rider. It was also definitely clear that he was not expecting to pay any rider a full-time deal for a part-time season. Time will tell.

* Though it’s still officially a rumor, it would be a big surprise if Jake Weimer ended up anywhere else but the Monster/Pro Circuit team.

* Despite all the talk of budget cutbacks, it will be interesting to see what kind of rides top privateers like Jeff Alessi, Sean Collier, and Jarret Jet Browne are able to find. Of course one of the biggest mysteries surrounds Jason Lawrence and whether or not he’ll be welcomed back by the Yamaha of Troy team.


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