125cc All-Star start Off the 125cc All-Star start it was Mike Brown (3) with the early lead. 

The Washougal National held the fifth round of the 125cc All-Star race. On Friday there were two divisions of 125cc All-Star’s for qualifying. There were 56 125cc rider to be exact with 18 riders from each qualifier making it into the three lap 125 All-Star race on Saturday.

125cc all-star raceThe three past factory riders—Ryan Villopoto, Mike Brown and Wil Hahn—head up Washougal’s Horsepower Hill.


The 125cc All-Star race on Saturday was held before the first 250 moto. Riders like Ryan Villopoto, Mike Brown and Wil Hahn were on the gate. Off the start it was the Husky TC125 of Mike Brown that got off to an early lead with Villopoto and Hahn in tow. Brown made an early mistake on the first lap and Villopoto got around him. Ryan pulled a small lead within the first two laps, but Brown reeled him in the last lap making for a close finish. Below are the full results from the fifth round of the 125cc All-Star race in Washougal.

(ROUND 5 OF 7)

Pos Rider Brand
1 Ryan Villopoto Yam
2 Mike Brown Hus
3 Wil Hahn Yam
4 Brad Nauditt Hus
5 Robbie Wageman KTM
6 Chris Johnson KTM
7 Braden O’Neal Yam
8 Harris Hulzenga Hus
9 David Pingree Hus
10 Tyler Ducray KTM
11 Layton Small Yam
12 Nathan Barnes Hon
13 Talon Gorman Hon
14 Zach Redding Yam
15 Maston Holt Hon
16 Bryan O’Neil Hon
17 Neal Allen Yam
18 Preston Dickinson Hus
19 Bradley Olsen Yam
20 Randal Skillman KTM
21 Zach Rebholz Hon
22 Josh Armstrong Yam
23 Andy DiBrino Hon
24 Kelson Ammons KTM
25 Jesse Wyffels Kaw
26 Kylar Ulibarri Yam
27 Brandon Hoff KTM
28 Rob Kniss Hus
29 Jeff Gorman Jr Hon
30 Cody Hockema KTM
31 Russ Robins Yam
32 Blake Best Yam
33 Cody Buyas Hus
34 Blake Gill KTM
35 Garhett Carter KTM
36 Tyler Davis Hus
37 Mason Watson Kaw
38 Devin Watson Hus
39 Blaine Holdsclaw Yam
40 Tanner Paulsen KTM


Ryan Villopoto washougal Ryan Villopoto took advantage of Mike Brown’s mistake on the first lap to take the lead and overall win. 

Mike Brown The 46-year-old of Mike Brown was a fan favorite. He can still mix it up with the kids. 

Wil Hahn Washougal 2018 The Star Racing Yamaha team manager and ex-factory rider Wil Hahn crossed the line in third on his YZ125. 

Brad NaudittBrad Nauditt finished fourth. 

Robbie Wageman 2018 Washougal motocross-5541Southern California rider of Robbie Wageman placed fifth. 

Chris JohnsonChris Johnson was sixth. 

Braden OnealBraden O’Neal placed 7th on MXA‘s own YZ125.

Harris HulzengaHarris Hulzenga was 8th. 

125cc all-star podium The 125cc All-Star Washougal podium from left to right: Mike Brown (2nd), Ryan Villopoto (1st), Wil Hahn (3rd).

Ryan Villopoto washougal yz125Ryan’s YZ125 up close and personal on the podium. 

Wil Hahn YZ125Wil Hahn’s Yamaha YZ125. 


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