Jeffrey Herlings MXGP of Netherlands_ Assen_ Round 19Champagne flying as Jeffrey Herlings celebrates winning his first MXGP World Championship. 

Factory KTM’s, Jeffrey Herlings clinches his first MXGP World Championship at the 19th round of the 2018 MXGP series in his home country the Netherlands. The Veteran, Antonio Cairoli gave it everything he could to keep him at bay, but The Bullet was on another level in 2018. Cairoli went 2-2 to finish second overall while factory Husqvarna’s Max Anstie went 3-4 for third overall.


Pos Rider Bike Race 1 Race 2
1 Herlings, Jeffrey KTM 1 1
2 Cairoli, Antonio KTM 2 2
3 Anstie, Max HUS 3 4
4 Coldenhoff, Glenn KTM 5 3
5 Gajser, Tim HON 4 5
6 Simpson, Shaun YAM 6 6
7 Paulin, Gautier HUS 7 8
8 Desalle, Clement KAW 9 7
9 Strijbos, Kevin KTM 8 11
10 Seewer, Jeremy YAM 11 9
11 Lieber, Julien KAW 10 10
12 Leok, Tanel HUS 13 13
13 Lupino, Alessandro KAW 14 15
14 Butron, Jose KTM 21 12
15 Dewulf, Jeffrey KTM 19 14
16 Van der Mierden, Sven YAM 17 16
17 Searle, Tommy KAW 12 29
18 Bobryshev, Evgeny SUZ 15 30
19 Irwin, Graeme KTM 20 17
20 Bogers, Brian HON 16 26
21 Kahro, Erki KTM 25 18
22 Karro, Matiss HUS 18 31
23 Renkens, Nathan HON 27 19
24 van Berkel, Lars HUS 26 20
25 Potisek, Milko YAM 34 21
26 Bengtsson, Filip YAM 28 24
27 Monticelli, Ivo YAM 31 23
28 Bengtsson, Jonathan KTM 28 24
29 Waters, Todd HON 24 25
30 Dekker, Nino KTM 29 27
31 Kritikos, Manolis YAM 30 28
32 Kullas, Harri HUS 23 32
33 Desprey, Maxime KAW 32 DNS
34 Van Horebeek, Jeremy YAM 33 DNS
35 Petrov, Petar HON 35 DNS



Jeffrey Herlings MXGP of Netherlands_ Assen_ Round 19Jeffrey Herlings is crowed the 2018 MXGP World Champion a race early in Assen.

Pos Rider Nat. Total
1 Herlings, J. NED 883
2 Cairoli, A. ITA 782
3 Desalle, C. BEL 645
4 Gajser, Tim SLO 625
5 Febvre, Romain FRA 544
6 Paulin, G. FRA 541
7 Coldenhoff, G. NED 511
8 Seewer, Jeremy SUI 445
9 Van Horebeek, J. BEL 404
10 Anstie, Max GBR 366
11 Lupino, A. ITA 283
12 Bobryshev, E. RUS 267
13 Lieber, Julien BEL 257
14 Strijbos, K. BEL 255
15 Simpson, Shaun GBR 235
16 Nagl, M. GER 227
17 Searle, Tommy GBR 183
18 Leok, Tanel EST 131
19 Jasikonis, A. LTU 111
20 Guillod, V. SUI 97
21 Butron, Jose ESP 96




Jeffrey Herlings MXGP of Netherlands_ Assen_ Round 19

This weekend in the Netherlands could very well see Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jeffrey Herlings be crowned the 2018 FIM Motocross World Champion and today put him one step closer to his dream. Herlings rocketed out of the gate to take today’s Qualifying race lead away from title rival and Red Bull KTM Teammate Antonio Cairoli who then followed in 2nd.

With the lead and clear track ahead Herlings pulled away and keep his distance from any potential threats. Cairoli was chased by Team HRC’s Tim Gajser and Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team’s Clement Desalle. Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Glenn Coldenhoff put on a strong ride for his home crowd as he passed Desalle who then lost another spot to Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Max Anstie.

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP’s Jeremy Van Horebeek was in 7th but then fell on the second lap and fought his way to a 14th place result. Gajser was next to lose positions as Coldenhoff continued forward into third and Anstie took another spot from the Slovenian.

Honda RedMoto Assomotor’s Petar Petrov was battling with Wilvo Yamaha Official MXGP’s Jeremy Seewer before losing control and ejecting off his bike over the finish. Petrov got up and rode away while Seewer’s Wilvo Yamaha teammate Shaun Simpson battled with Desalle. After close racing between the pair Simpson clipped the back of Desalle and fell before finishing 9th, 2 spots ahead of Seewer.

At the finsh Herlings took the win nearly 18 seconds ahead of Cairoli with Coldenhoff making it a Red Bull KTM 1,2,3 finish as Max Anstie took 4th while Gajser took fifth. Gajser’s HRC teammate Brian Bogers returned to action after missing the entire season with injury to take 19th.

Jeffrey Herlings: “Today was good, fastest in free practice, fastest in time practice, and taking the qualifying win. The energy you feel when you pass the fans here is pretty amazing so it is a lot of fun to race and I’m looking forward to racing here tomorrow. I am actually pretty calm and relaxed… I hope to have the same thing tomorrow and everything is working well with the bike and the team. I can’t wait to hopefully have the championship under my belt, it is my long term dream and we have been working so hard, it would really be a dream if we can pull it off.”

Brian Bogers: “I wanted to ride here and I have been riding for 3 weeks now which isn’t much but I’m feeling ok on the bike. The free practice and time practice were stressful but the qualifying was already much better, every time I’m on the track I’m feeling better.”

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