Eli Tomac sweeps the field in Hangtown. 

It was the Autotrader Suzuki rider Phil Nicoletti that captured the holeshot in moto 2 at Hangtown, although that lead was quickly taken away by Yamaha’s Justin Barcia. Eli Tomac was buried in 10th on the first lap. On lap three, Jason Anderson made his way past Barcia for the lead. Anderson led for five laps until Marvin got by him. Tomac made up ground fast and was right on Marvin’s tail when he got the lead and past him the next lap. Eli cruised to an easy 1-1 overall win.


    1. Eli Tomac (Kaw)–1-1
    2. Marvin Musquin (KTM)–2-2
    3. Justin Barcia (Yam)–3-3
    4. Jason Anderson (Hus)–4-6
    5. Blake Baggett (KTM)–7-4
    6. Weston Peick (Suz)–5-7
    7. Benny Bloss (KTM)–10-5
    8. Christian Craig (Hon)–8-8
    9. Phil Nicoletti (Suz)–9-9
    10. Bradley Taft (Hus)–11-10
    11. Ken Roczen (Hon)–6-16
    12. Kyle Chisholm (Yam)–12-11
    13. Cody Cooper (Hon)–15-12
    14. Dylan Merriam (Yam)–13-15
    15. Jake Masterpoll (Yam)–14-14
    16. Kyle Cunningham (Suz)–39-13
    17. Ben Lamay (Hon)–16-18
    18. Brandan Leith (Kaw)–17-20
    19. Toshiki Tomita (Hon)–21-17
    20. Brandon Scharer (Yam)–18-21
    21. Dare DeMartile (Hon)–20-19
    22. Cade Autenrieth (KTM)–19-22
    23. Chris Alldrege (KTM)–22-38
    24. Josh Mosiman (Hus)–23-23
    25. Bradley Lionnet (Hon)–26-24
    26. Matthew Hubert (Hus)–24-28
    27. Austin Walton (Hus)–25-25
    28. Blake Ballard (Yam)–32-26
    29. Austin Kouba (KTM)–28-27
    30. Sean Lipanovich (KTM)–27-37
    31. Chris Howell (Hus)–29-31
    32. Dustin Pipes (Suz)–38-29
    33. Carson Tickle (KTM)–37-30
    34. Robert Piazza (Hon)–30-39
    35. Arik Swan (Kaw)–31-36
    36. Joahchim Falden (Hon)–33-32
    37. Nicolo Gobbi (Kaw)–36-33
    38. Devin Raper (Kaw)–40-34
    39. Chad Gores (KTM)–34-40
    40. Gared Steinke (KTM)–35-35


HANGTOWN MARVIN MUSQUIN 2018 MXNot a bad way to start the season for Marvin—the second step on the podium. 

HANGTOWN WESTON PEICK 2018 MXWeston Peick went 5-7 for 6th overall. 

HANGTOWN Christian CriagHonda Factory rider Christian Craig went 8-8.

HANGTOWN 2018 Benny Bloss MXBenny Bloss got into the top 5 the second moto.

Eli TomacEli Tomac gets the win in moto 1 at Hangtown. 


It was Factory Honda’s Christian Craig that got off to an early lead, although on the second lap it was Jason Anderson that got by Craig. Anderson lead for two laps, but Marvin Musquin was putting on the pressure. By the fourth lap, Marvin took the lead, but not for long. Eli Tomac started fifth place. By the seventh lap he had got around Marvin and started to pull away to took the first moto win.


  1. Eli Tomac (Kaw)
  2. Marvin Musquin (KTM)
  3. Justin Barcia (Yam)
  4. Jason Anderson (Hus)
  5. Weston Peick (Suz)
  6. Ken Roczen (Hon)
  7. Blake Baggett (KTM)
  8. Christian Craig (Hon)
  9. Phil Nicoletti (Suz)
  10. Benny Bloss (KTM)
  11. Bradley Taft (Hus)
  12. Kyle Chisholm (Yam)
  13. Dylan Merriam (Yam)
  14. Jake Masterpoll (Yam)
  15. Cody Cooper (Hon)
  16. Ben Lamay (Hon)
  17. Brandan Leith (Kaw)
  18. Brandon Scharer (Yam)
  19. Cade Autenrieth (KTM)
  20. Dare DeMartile (Hon)
  21. Toshiki Tomita (Hon)
  22. Chris Alldrege (KTM)
  23. Josh Mosiman (Hus)
  24. Matthew Hubert (Hus)
  25. Austin Walton (Hus)
  26. Bradley Lionnet (Hon)
  27. Sean Lipanovich (KTM)
  28. Austin Kouba (KTM)
  29. Chris Howell (Hus)
  30. Robert Piazza (Hon)
  31. Arik Swan (Kaw)
  32. Blake Ballard (Yam)
  33. Joahchim Falden (Hon)
  34. Chad Gores (KTM)
  35. Gared Steinke (KTM)
  36. Nicolo Gobbi (Kaw)
  37. Carson Tickle (KTM)
  38. Dustin Pipes (Suz)
  39. Kyle Cunningham (Suz)
  40. Devin Raper (Kaw)


HANGTOWN MARVIN MUSQUIN 2018 MXMarvin Musquin looked solid in the first moto. He took second behind Tomac. 

HANGTOWN JUSTIN BARCIA 2018 MXJustin Barcia looked good. He placed 3rd. 

HANGTOWN KEN ROCZEN 2018 MXKen Roczen went out and rode well. He didn’t push his limits. He was smart and got through the first moto with a 6th place finish. He had issue in moto two

Eli Tomac took the pole in overall qualifyin at Hangtown. 

It was Eli Tomac who dominated the competition here in Hangtown during qualifying for the first round of the 2018 Outdoor Nationals. He was trailed by KTM’s Marvin Musquin and Factory Yamaha’s Justin Barcia.


  1. Eli Tomac (Kaw)–2:15.521
  2. Marvin Musquin (KTM)–2:17.243
  3. Justin Barcia (Yam)–2:17.986
  4. Christian Craig (Hon)–2.18.133
  5. Jason Anderson (Hus)–2:18.274
  6. Blake Baggett (KTM)–2:18.603
  7. Benny Bloss (KTM)–2:18.664
  8. Weston Peick (Suz)–2:19.539
  9. Ken Roczen (Hon)–2:19.701
  10. Phil Nicoletti (Suz)–2:21.324
  11. Kyle Cunningham (Suz)–2:21.374
  12. Bradley Taft (Hus)–2:21.475
  13. Kyle Chisholm (Yam)–2.22.292
  14. Jake Masterpool (Yam)–2:23.001
  15. Cody Cooper (Hon)–2:23.204
  16. Brandon Scharer (Yam)–2:23.510
  17. Ben Lamay (Hon)–2:23.669
  18. Dylan Merriam (Yam)–2:23.678
  19. Brandan Leith (Yam)–2:24.284
  20. Josh Mosiman (Hus)–2:24.897
  21. Dare DeMartile (Hon)–2:25.033
  22. Bradley Lionnet (Hon)–2:25.349
  23. Cade Autenrieth (KTM)–2:25.653
  24. Toshiki Tomita (Hon)–2:25.791
  25. Robert Piazza (Hon)–2:26.189
  26. Dustin Pipes (Suz)–2:28.717
  27. Sean Lipanovich (KTM)–2:26.749
  28. Chris Alldredge (KTM)–2:27.261
  29. Austin Walton (Hus)–2:27.664
  30. Matthew Hubert (Hus)–2:27.724
  31. Chad Gores (KTM)–2:27.742
  32. Carson Tickle (KTM)–2:28.140
  33. Chris Howell (Hus)–2:28.599
  34. Deven Raper (Kaw)–2:29.178
  35. Joahchim Falden (Hon)–2:29.482
  36. Blake Ballard (Yam)–2:29.664
  37. Austin Kouba (KTM)–2:29.728
  38. Arik Swan (Kaw)–2:30.029
  39. Gared Steinke (KTM)–2:30.734
  40. Riley Brough (Hon)–2:30.843
  41. Christian Cicero (Kaw)–2:30.990
  42. Keith Knight (Yam)–2:31.943
  43. Nathen LaPorte (Hon)–2:32.442
  44. Nicolo Gobbi (Kaw)–2:33.072
  45. Devin Harriman (KTM)–2:33.779
  46. Joseph Gerrior (Suz)–2:33.888
  47. Jorge Rubalcava (Hon)–2:34.365
  48. Nicolas Peterson (Hon)–2:34.869
  49. Jason Bunch (Yam)–2:35.715
  50. Cody Johnston (Yam)–2:36.013


2018 Marvin Musquin MXMarvin Musquin rode well in qualifying and to take second.
Ken Roczen 2018 MXKen Roczen rode conservatively in Hangtown. He qualified 9th.
Justin Barcia 2018 MXJustin Barcia looked good on his Factory Yamaha qualifying third.

Jason Anderson had trouble in the first qualifying session, but pick up his time by over a second in the second qualifying session. 

Eli Tomac blew away the competition in the first qualifying session at Hangtown. Eli was almost two full seconds faster than the second fastest rider Marvin Musquin. 

Can Eli Tomac get back to back AMA Outdoor National Championships this year? He always has the speed as he showed this morning here in Hangtown. The heavy hitters in the 450 class this year will be Marvin Musquin, Justin Barcia and Jason Anderson. We don’t know how Ken Roczen will manage after his horrible crash earlier this year during the 2018 Supercross series in San Diego, but we are sure he will give it 100 percent. Under the radar riders will be Christian Craig, Blake Baggett and Weston Peick.


  1. Eli Tomac (Kaw)–2:15.521
  2. Marvin Musquin (KTM)–2:17.243
  3. Justin Barcia (Yam)–2:17.986
  4. Christian Craig (Hon)–2.18.133
  5. Blake Baggett (KTM)–2:18.603
  6. Benny Bloss (KTM)–2:18.664
  7. Jason Anderson (Hus)–2:19.272
  8. Weston Peick (Suz)–2:19.539
  9. Ken Roczen (Hon)–2:19.701
  10. Phil Nicoletti (Suz)–2:21.324
  11. Kyle Cunningham (Suz)–2:21.374
  12. Kyle Chisholm (Yam)–2.22.292
  13. Jake Masterpool (Yam)–2:23.001
  14. Brandon Scharer (Yam)–2:23.510
  15. Ben Lamay (Hon)–2:23.669
  16. Dylan Merriam (Yam)–2:23.678
  17. Cody Cooper (Hon)–2:23.785
  18. Josh Mosiman (Hus)–2:24.897
  19. Cade Autenrieth (KTM)–2:25.653
  20. Toshiki Tomita (Hon)–2:25.791
  21. Dustin Pipes (Suz)–2:28.716
  22. Chad Gores (KTM)–2:27.742
  23. Chris Howell (Hus)–2:28.599
  24. Deven Raper (Kaw)–2:29.178
  25. Gared Steinke (KTM)–2:30.734
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