The riders making sure the gate works. 

The 2018 Monster Energy Cup Supercross in Las Vegas is already here! This is the race where riders display their new rides, 2019 bikes are in the pits and it is the first chance for riders to see how they stack up against the competition so they can prepare for the 2019 season.

A surprise for this years Monster Cup Supercross is Ryan Villopoto has come out of retirement to race. Rumor is he is only racing one moto, but that might all change depending on his results. He looked fast today in press day. We also get to see Joey Savatgy on his first race on a factory KX450 as well as Cooper Webb on a factory KTM 450SXF.


Images | Daryl Ecklund

Marvin Musquin 2018 MONSTER CUP-5273Reigning champ, Marvin Musquin running the number 1 plate.
Jason Anderson 2018 MONSTER CUP-5226Jason Anderson back on a Supercross track. 

Ryan Villopoto 2018 MONSTER CUP-5195Ryan Villopoto hasn’t missed a beat since he has been retired.

TYler Bowers 2018 MONSTER CUP-5096Tyler Bowers stretching it out. 

Joey Savatgy dusts Justin Barcia out. 

Justin Barcia 2018 MONSTER CUP-5270Justin Barcia in the fast sand section. 

Josh Grant 2018 MONSTER CUP-5064Josh Grant is on a privateer KX450F. 

Jim Perry 2018 MONSTER CUP-5047Team manager of factory Yamaha Jim Perry. 

TYler Bowers 2018 MONSTER CUP-5096Tyler Bowers jumping into the sand section. 

Ryan Villopoto 2018 MONSTER CUP-5018Ryan Villopoto practicing starts. 

Justin Barcia 2018 MONSTER CUP-4980Justin Barcia gets his head over the front end. 

Jason Anderson 2018 MONSTER CUP-4956Jason Anderson over the dragons back. 

Chad Reed 2018 MONSTER CUP-4879Chad Reed looked on the lean side. 

Joey Savtagy 2018 MONSTER CUP-4871Joey Savatgy. 

Eli Tomac 2018 MONSTER CUP-4858Eli Tomac jumping into the sand section. 

Cooper Webb 2018 MONSTER CUP-4819Cooper Webb on his new ride. 


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