MX2 start MXGP of Belgium_ Round 15Points leader Jorge Prado goes 1-1 in Belgium.

For the 15th round of the 2018 MXGP World Championship series in Belgium at the sandy Lommel track it was the factory KTM rider of Jorge Prado that went 1-1 to extend his points lead by 28 points on his teammate and last years MX2 champ, Pauls Jonass. Jonass didn’t have the race he wanted finishing 5th overall. American Thomas Covington finished third and his factory Husqvarna teammate Thomas Kjer Olsen rounded the podium in third.


Pos Rider Bike M1 M2
1 Prado, Jorge KTM 1 1
2 Covington, Thomas HUS 2 3
3 Olsen, Thomas Kjer HUS 3 4
4 Geerts, Jago YAM 7 2
5 Jonass, Pauls KTM 4 6
6 Vlaanderen, Calvin HON 5 7
7 Mewse, Conrad KTM 6 8
8 Watson, Ben YAM 11 5
9 Sterry, Adam KAW 8 9
10 Van doninck, Brent HUS 10 11
11 Weltin, Marshal KAW 14 10
12 Vaessen, Bas HON 12 13
13 Lawrence, Hunter HON 16 12
14 De Waal, Micha-Boy HON 15 14
15 Jacobi, Henry HUS 13 17
16 Cervellin, Michele YAM 9 25
17 Roosiorg, Hardi KTM 19 15
18 Koch, Tom KTM 18 18
19 Lesiardo, Morgan KTM 26 16
20 Rodriguez, Anthony YAM 17 26
21 Gole, Anton YAM 25 19
22 Pichon, Zachary KTM 20 20
23 Furlotti, Simone YAM 21 21
24 Griekspoor, Lars KTM 24 22
25 Sikyna, Richard KTM 22 23
26 de Vries, Dani HUS 23 24



Pos Rider Bike Total
1 Prado, Jorge KTM 645
2 Jonass, Pauls KTM 617
3 Olsen, T. HUS 492
4 Watson, Ben YAM 453
5 Vlaanderen, C. HON 444
6 Covington, T. HUS 417
7 Geerts, Jago YAM 346
8 Cervellin, M. YAM 291
9 Jacobi, Henry HUS 261
10 Pootjes, Davy KTM 218
11 Beaton, Jed KAW 216
12 Mewse, Conrad KTM 200
13 Lawrence, H. HON 193
14 Sterry, Adam KAW 189
15 Larranaga Olano, I. HUS 185
16 Van doninck, B. HUS 151
17 Brylyakov, V. YAM 127
18 Bernardini, S. TM 119
19 Vaessen, Bas HON 118
20 Rodriguez, A. YAM 107


Jorge Prado MXGP of Belgium_ Lommel_ Round 15Factory KTM’s Jorge Prado extends his points lead by going 1-1 in Lommel. 

Pauls Jonass MXGP of Belgium_ Round 15Pauls Jonass needs to kick it into another gear to regain the points lead. He finished 5th in Lommel. 

Thomas Covington MXGP of BelgiumAmerican Thomas Covington went 2-3 for second overall. 

MX2 husky team _MXGP of BelgiumThe factory Husqvarna team celebrated two riders being on the podium. 


MX2 start MXGP of Belgium

The MX2 racing was just as interesting and showcased nearly as dominant of a performance from Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jorge Prado. Similar to Herlings in MXGP, Prado took Saturday’s qualifying race win and backed it up with a Fox Holeshot to start Race 1 today.

Prado had Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Covington behind him first but title adversary and Red Bull KTM Teammate Pauls Jonass was alongside and took second from the American immediately.

Covington’s Rockstar Energy Husqvarna teammate Thomas Kjer Olsen chased Covington with Team HRC’s Calvin Vlaanderen following both. In a heated battle over 6th was Hitachi KTM UK’s Conrad Mewse and Kemea Yamaha Official MX2’s Jago Geerts. Geerts had the upper hand however with it being his home GP the fans cheered him on to pass the Brit in what was his first race in nearly 6 weeks.

The biggest moment of the race however was the crash of Jonass as he tried to catch Prado for the lead. Jonass miss timed the massive SIDI jump into rollers and landed heavy which ejected him from his bike. Lucky to get away from the fall uninjured Jonass rejoined the race in 4th but lost another spot while trying to kick his clutch lever back into place.

At the finish Prado took the win with Covington 2nd, Olsen 3rd, and Jonass 4th after he passed Vlaanderen back 2 laps after the crash. Mewse managed to take the 6th spot back from Geerts after following the Belgian’s lines for 6 laps.

Race 2 was consistent with the Race 1 for Prado who took the Fox Holeshot again leading Covington and Olsen while Jonass fell remounting in 14th. Kemea Yamaha Official MX2’s Ben Watson started well in 4th but dropped to 7th before the opening lap was complete.

Geerts in the other hand battled again with Mewse taking the spot and advantage of a crash from Vlaanderen. Geerts continued his charge forward taking 3rd from Olsen and then going after Covington for 2nd.

Covington made a mistake and jumped off the track while under pressure from Geerts and lost the spot but somehow managed to stay on the bike and take 3rd. Prado’s 2nd race win was followed by Geerts, Covington, Olsen, and Watson while Jonass fought back to 6th.

In the overall podium result it was perfect 50 points from Prado followed by Covington’s 2-3 and Olsen’s 3-4. Prado now leads the championship by 28 points after gaining 17 points on Jonass this weekend.

Jorge Prado: “It was a great weekend getting the qualifying win yesterday and today I felt really good already in warm up with the bike and the track. The first race I got a good start and could win then in the second race got the FOX Holeshot and won again. We train really hard and you can tell we get to a track like this.”

Thomas Covington: “This weekend I’m really happy to be up here on the podium in Lommel. I really struggled here my first few years in Europe so to come away with a podium is pretty big for me, I think it has been a long time since an American was on the podium at Lommel so it is a pretty cool accomplishment.”

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “It is really great to be on the podium again. I had a couple of rough weeks off the podium so I was really motivated to get back on the box, just get 2 good starts, and ride like I know I can. I am happy for me and for the whole team to have 2 riders on the podium at the home GP.”

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