MX2 START MXGP of Turkey_ Afyon_ Round 18The MX2 class off the start in Turkey. 

The American Thomas Covington got the overall in Turkey at the 18th round of the MXGP World Championship series in the MX2 class. He went 1-3 for the overall. He almost won both motos, but when he was leading in the second moto he went down with four laps to go with Pauls Jonass and his teammate Thomas Kjer Olsen getting around him.

The points leader Jorge Prado gave up six points to his teammate Pauls Jonass. He still has a 24 points gap with only two rounds left in the season.


Pos Rider Bike Race 1 Race 2
1 Covington, Thomas HUS 1 3
2 Jonass, Pauls KTM 6 1
3 Olsen, Thomas Kjer HUS 5 2
4 Lawrence, Hunter HON 2 5
5 Watson, Ben YAM 4 4
6 Prado, Jorge KTM 3 7
7 Rodriguez, Anthony YAM 7 6
8 Cervellin, Michele YAM 9 10
9 Jacobi, Henry HUS 8 11
10 Vlaanderen, Calvin HON 13 8
11 Vaessen, Bas HON 12 9
12 Furlotti, Simone YAM 10 12
13 Van doninck, Brent HUS 14 13
14 Pancar, Jan YAM 17 14
15 Sikyna, Richard KTM 16 15
16 Renaux, Maxime YAM 11 21
17 Casas, Oriol HON 18 17
18 Pessoa, Gustavo KAW 15     DNS
19 De Waal, Micha-Boy HON 23 16
20 Cetin, Mustafa YAM 19 18
21 Karaboce, Yasin HUS 20 19
22 Valimaki, Furkan KTM 22 20
23 Senkalayci, Emircan KTM 21 22



Jorge Prado MXGP of Turkey_ Afyon_ Round 18Jorge Prado is the MX2 points leader.

Pos Rider Nat. Total
1 Prado, Jorge ESP 773
2 Jonass, Pauls LAT 749
3 Olsen, T. DEN 593
4 Watson, Ben GBR 551
5 Covington, T. USA 525
6 Vlaanderen, C. NED 483
7 Geerts, Jago BEL 346
8 Cervellin, M. ITA 337
9 Lawrence, H. AUS 305
10 Jacobi, Henry GER 301
11 Pootjes, Davy NED 218
12 Beaton, Jed AUS 216
13 Mewse, Conrad GBR 200
14 Van doninck, B. BEL 194
15 Rodriguez, A. VEN 189
16 Sterry, Adam GBR 189
17 Larranaga Olano, I. ESP 185
18 Vaessen, Bas NED 169
19 Bernardini, S. ITA 152
20 Furlotti, S. ITA 131


Thomas Covington MXGP of Turkey_Thomas Covington celebrates. 

While MXGP racing was dramatic on its own the MX2 class was just as epic as the two title contenders of Pauls Jonass and Jorge Prado from Red Bull KTM Factory Racing spared off while Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Covington took the win.

Race 1 started perfect for Covington as he scored a long desired Fox Holeshot over Prado. Jonass took the lead from Covington at turn 2 however and Prado was right alongside to add extra pressure.

Honda 114 Motorsport’s Hunter Lawrence jumped past Kemea Yamaha Official MX2 Team’s Ben Watson in a close move to take 4th as Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Kjer Olsen and STC Husqvarna Racing’s Henry Jacobi fought over 6th.

Prado was trying on many occasions to pass Covington for second and the American was only able to keep the #61 at bay for the first lap and half. As soon as Prado took 2nd he had his sights set on the win and beating his teammate Jonass.

Team HRC’s Calvin Vlaanderen crashed hard at the end of the pit lane straight while in tenth but was lucky to get back up in 16th uninjured. A battle ensued for the lead between Jonass and Prado peaking when Prado dove past Jonass who jumped and landed on the rear of points leader’s bike sending the Latvian down hard and Prado off track.

Jonass remounted and rejoined the race in 6th while Prado came back on track in 3rd. Inheriting the lead and 2nd place was Covington and Lawrence. At the finish Covington took the race win followed by Lawrence, Prado, Watson, Olsen, and Jonass.

The first race put Jonass another 5 championship points back of the 30 Prado led by coming to Afyon. Another Fox Holeshot from Covington started race 2 with Watson 2nd, Prado 3rd, and Jonass 4th.

Jonass made 2 quick moves in the first turns to get past both Prado and Watson for 2nd. Lawrence then passed Prado for 5th and the Spaniard continued to drop positions to 7th.

Covington rode a solid race at the front while Jonass tried to force an error and with 4 laps to go Covington tucked the front end on a roller. The mistake gave Jonass the lead and Olsen 2nd while Covington got up in 3rd.

The top 10 held their positions for remainder of the race which meant a win for Jonass followed by Olsen, Covington, Watson, and Lawrence. In the overall Covington took the GP victory for the first time this season with his consistent 1-3 finishes over Jonass and Olsen.

The points gap which started as 30 then went out to 35 is now 24 and Prado still maintains the red plate with the 3-7 finishes as the championship heads to Assen.

Thomas Covington: “I got off to two good starts in the races here and I saw the opportunity to win then just tried to hang on to it. I really wanted to get the 1-1 but just pushed a little too hard… luckily I got back up pretty quick and was still able to get the overall.”

Pauls Jonass: “All weekend I was feeling good. After the first race I wasn’t sure how it was going to be with my knee when I race but like I said yesterday it is not over till it is over. I gained 6 points in the championship this weekend, there is still 100 points on the table and like I said nothing is over, we are going to fight until the end because for me there is nothing to lose anymore.”

Thomas Kjer Olsen: “It feels really good to be up here on the podium again with my teammate. At the moment I am having a lot of fun on the bike… I just felt good this weekend.”

Jorge Prado: “I was feeling good this weekend. I am still pretty happy how everything went, I didn’t go down so I’m safe, just struggled a little in the second race.”

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