mx2 start MXGP of Switzerland_ Frauenfeld_ Round 16Jorge Prado won the overall, although he still has the same 28 point lead he did over Jonass the last round as they swapped moto wins. 


MXGP’s 16th round of the year was held in Frauenfeld-Gachnang, Switzerland for the 2018 MXGP of Switzerland. In the MX2 class it was again the two KTM riders of Jorge Prado and Pauls Jonass that swapped moto wins. The points leader Prado got the overall with his second moto victory. Factory Honda’s Hunter Lawrence went 5-3 for third overall. Prado has a 28 point lead with four rounds left in the 2018 MXGP season.


Pos Rider Bike Race 1 Race 2
1 Prado, Jorge KTM 2 1
2 Jonass, Pauls KTM 1 2
3 Lawrence, Hunter HON 5 3
4 Covington, Thomas HUS 3 6
5 Rodriguez, Anthony YAM 4 8
6 Watson, Ben YAM 6 7
7 Olsen, Thomas Kjer HUS 10 5
8 Weltin, Marshal KAW 8 9
9 Cervellin, Michele YAM 9 10
10 Vlaanderen, Calvin HON 30 4
11 Jacobi, Henry HUS 12 13
12 Bernardini, Samuele YAM 11 15
13 Van doninck, Brent HUS 16 11
14 Rubini, Stephen KTM 7 30
15 Gole, Anton YAM 13 17
16 Vaessen, Bas HON 21 12
17 Sikyna, Richard KTM 17 16
18 Pessoa, Gustavo KAW 22 14
19 Furlotti, Simone YAM 14 27
20 Roosiorg, Hardi KTM 18 18
21 Malaval, Adrien KTM 15 22
22 Lesiardo, Morgan KTM 29 19
23 Koch, Tom KTM 19 31
24 De Waal, Micha-Boy HON 28 20
25 Savaste, Kim KTM 20 29
26 Zanotti, Andrea HUS DNS 21
27 Krc, Martin KTM 25 23
28 Contessi, Alessandro KAW 24 24
29 Freidig, Loris HUS 26 25
30 Zurbrugg, Cyril YAM 27 26
31 Casas, Oriol HON 31 28
32 Pichon, Zachary KTM 23 DNS



Jorge Prado MXGP of Switzerland_ Frauenfeld_ Round 16Jorge Prado has the points lead with four rounds left to go. 

Pos Rider Bike Total
1 Prado, Jorge KTM 692
2 Jonass, Pauls KTM 664
3 Olsen, T. HUS 519
4 Watson, Ben YAM 482
5 Vlaanderen, C. HON 462
6 Covington, T. HUS 452
7 Geerts, Jago YAM 346
8 Cervellin, M. YAM 314
9 Jacobi, Henry HUS 278
10 Lawrence, H. HON 229
11 Pootjes, Davy KTM 218
12 Beaton, Jed KAW 216
13 Mewse, Conrad KTM 200
14 Sterry, Adam KAW 189
15 Larranaga Olano, I. HUS 185
16 Van doninck, B. HUS 166
17 Rodriguez, A. YAM 138
18 Bernardini, S. YAM 135
19 Brylyakov, V. YAM 127
20 Vaessen, Bas HON 127



mx2 start MXGP of Switzerland

MX2 Qualifying race was off to a more typical start than that of MXGP with Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Jorge Prado taking the Holeshot. Looking comfortable for the first time in many races was Honda 114 Motorsport’s Hunter Lawrence who was second with Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Thomas Covington 3rd.

Covington’s teammate Thomas Kjer Olsen was 4th but under pressure from the other Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider Pauls Jonass. By the end of the 3rd lap Jonass had taken 4th from Olsen as Covington continued to pressure Lawrence. The pressure didn’t seem to hinder Lawrence however who instead took advantage of a fall from Prado to get into the lead.

Prado’s fall only cost him the lead as he got up just ahead of Lawrence but didn’t have the momentum necessary to clear the next jump. Lawrence’s lead lasted for 3 laps before he made a mistake and seemingly stalled his bike losing both his momentum and the lead.

Kemea Yamaha Official MX2 Team’s Ben Watson took his Yamaha from 8th on the first lap up to 6th while his teammate Jago Geerts crashed out of the race and was helped off the track by medical personnel.

At the finish of the race it was Jorge Prado who took the win even after his fall with Hunter Lawrence 2nd, Thomas Covington 3rd, Pauls Jonass 4th, and Thomas Kjer Olsen in 5th.

Jorge Prado: “It was a good qualifying race, I had good start, made a small gap but then I made a small mistake and crashed so it took a bit to get back in my rhythm but then was able to put in some good laps.”

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