Washougal National track. 

Round 9 of 12 of the AMA Outdoor National Championship is being held at the famous Washougal MX track in Washington state. On Friday during a hot amateur day Press Day was held for some pro riders to get some laps in the day before the race. Some of the riders were Ken Roczen, Ryan Villopoto on a YZ125, the entire Autotrader Suzuki team, Carson Brown, Blake Baggett and others.

We also took a lap around the pro pits to see what we could find. We found the bikes of the red plate holders Eli Tomac and Aaron Plessinger as well as others.


 Notice the welded on plate below the footage mount? That is to keep dirt out when the pegs are dragging in ruts. 

ELi Tomac KX450F 2018 Washougal motocross-4739 Will Eli Tomac be able to bring the red plate home?

Data collecting. 
 Josh Grant’s factory KX450F engine. 

The candy red shock spring is beautiful. 

The Geico Honda lineup. 

TRAVIS SOULES BEN SCHIERMEYER 2018 Washougal motocross-4725 Ben Schiermeye (left) and Travis Soules (right), yin and yan.

Justin Hill RM-Z450 2018 Washougal motocross-4723Justin Hill’s Autotrader RM-Z450. 
 MXA test rider Brian Medeiros will be racing this weekend aboard his Pasha Racing YZ250F. 

The 250 red plate holder Aaron Plessinger YZ250F.  

 Blake Baggett’s KTM 450SXF looks like is has supermoto tires on. 
 The KTM/TLD 250SXF’s run a fan to cool off the radiators for outdoors. 

Marvin Musquin KTM 450sxf 2018 Washougal motocross-4783Marvin Musquin’s KTM 450SXF undressed. 

Marvin Musquin KTM 450SXF 2018 Washougal motocross-4956Dressed. 

Ken ROczen 2018 Washougal motocross-4964 Ken Roczen in focus. 
 The Washougal pits. 
 Josh Grant KX450F 2018 Washougal motocross-4953 Josh Grant’s factory KX450F. 

Ken Roczen give this little guy something special to remember him by. 
 Cooper Webb‘s factory YZ450F engine. 

Jody! We found some original HiPoint boots for you.

Dylan Ferrandis’ Star Racing YZ250F. 

Ken ROczen 2018 Washougal motocross-5295Kenny scrubbing . 

Weston Peick 2018 Washougal motocross-5241Weston Peick looked comfortable in practice. 

Ryan Villopoto 2018 Washougal motocross-5233Ryan Villopoto is seated in the 125 All-Star class so he rode with the pros during their press day practice. 

Blake Baggett 2018 Washougal motocross-5170Blake Baggett laughing the single into the and section. 
 Washougal overview. 
  Enzo Lopes2018 Washougal motocross-5138Enzo Lopes. 

Noah McConahy. 

Ryan Villopoto 2018 Washougal motocross-5233Ryan charging. 
  Ken Roczen 2018 Washougal motocross-5151Roczen laying it over. 

 CARSON BROWN 2018 Washougal motocross-5277Carson Brown is riding the 450 class this weekend. 
 Ryan Villopoto Justin Hill 2018 Washougal motocross-5273Justin Hill looks over at Ryan Villopoto.  

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