KEN ROCZEN CRF450 2019 GLENDALE SUPERCROSSKen Roczen‘s Factory Honda CRF450 ready for battle at the 2nd round of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross series in Glendale, Arizona. 


This is the Best in the Pits gallery from the 2nd round of the 2019 Supercross series in Glendale Arizona inside State Farm Stadium. We got up close and personal to many of the Factory riders bikes last week for the Best in the Pits gallery at the first round in Anaheim to look at the unobtainium and to unlock new secrets. This time around we backed up the camera to got beauty shots of a select few of the top Supercross riders bikes in Glendale. Try not to drool.

Photos by Brian Converse

Adam Cinaciarulo 2019 Glendale SupercrossAdam Cianciarulo, full access.

KTM Jr Rider Bike 2019 Glendale SupercorssThe first round of the KTM 50 challenge is in Glendale. 

KTM 50 challenge linup 2019 glendale supercross The KTM 50 lineup. 

Jason Anderson FC450 2019 Glendale supercrossJason Anderson‘s Factory Husqvarna FC450. 

Michael Mosiman FC250 Glendale SUpercrossMichael Mosiman’s FC250 Factory engine.

Roder Decoster 2019 Glendale Supercross“The Man” Roger Decoster. 

Jacob Hayes Cycle Trader YZ250F 2019 Glendale SUpercrossJacob Hayes’ Cycle Trader YZ250F.

Mitchell Harrison Bike 2019 Glendale SupercrossMitchell Harrison’s Rockwell YZ250F. 

Adam Cianciarulo Bike 2019 Glendale SupercorssUp close with Adam Cianciarulo’s Pro Circuit KX250. 

Cameron McAdoo CRF250 2019 Glendale SupercrossCameron Macadoo’s and RJ Hampshire‘s Geico Honda CRF250s tucked under the tent. 

Eli Tomac KX450 2019 Glendale SupercrossEli Tomac‘s Factory Kawasaki KX450. Brian Kranz who is in the background had some serious work to do on Eli’s bike after the mud race in Anaheim last weekend. 

Justin Barcia Yamaha YZ450F red plate 2019 Glendale SupercrossJustin Barcia gets to run the red plate at the 2019 Glendale Supercross. KEN ROCZEN CRF450 2019 GLENDALE SUPERCROSS

Colt Nichols Yamaha YZ250F 2019 Glendale SupercrossThat red sure does look good on Colt Nichols Yamalube YZ250F. 

Colt Nichols Yamaha YZ250F 2019 Glendale SupercrossA beauty shot of the 250 West Coast points leaders steed. 

Dean Wilson FC450 2019 Glendale SupercrossDean Wilson put on quite the performance last week in Anaheim. Dean actually turned down being a fill-in for the injured Zach Osborne to pit out of his Sprinter van. 

Cole Seely Factory Honda CRF450 2019 Glendale SupercrossIt was Cole Seely’s first race back last weekend from his injury. He is looking to pick up the pace slowly on his Factory Honda CRF450. 

Cooper Webb KTM 450SXF 2019 Glendale SupercrossCooper Webb came from last to 5th last weekend. What can he do with a good start on his Factory KTM 450SXF.

Aaron Plessinger YZ450F engine 2019 Glendale SupercrossThe Factory power plant of Aaron Plessinger’s Yamaha YZ450F.

Aaron Plessinger YZ450F 2019 Glendale SupercrossAaron’s weapon. 

RJ Hampshire Honda CFR250 2019 Glendale SupercrossRJ Hampshire’s Geico Honda CRF250.

Ken Roczen factory HOnda CRF450 2019 Glendale SupercrossThe front view of Ken Roczen‘s Factory Honda CRF450 with mechanic Oscar Wirdeman making some finishing touches. 

Michael Mosiman FC250 2019 Glendale SupercrossMichael Mosiman’s Factory Husqvarna FC250. 

Joey Savatgy KX450 2019 Glendale SupercrossWe had our video guy, Travis Fant do a cover-all on Joey Savatgy’s Monster Energy Factory Kawasaki KX450. Make sure to check it out!

Shane McElrath KTM 250SXF 2019 Glendale SupercrossShane McElrath’s KTM 250SXF. 

Malcom Stewart CRF450 2019 Glendale SX-20Malcolm Stewart‘s Smartop Honda CRF450. 

Justin Barcia Bike 2019 Glendale SupercrossJustin Barcia’s Factory Yamaha YZ450F.

Marvin Musquin KTM 450SXF 2019 Glendale SupercrossMarvin Musquin‘s Factory KTM 450SXF. 

Garrett Marchbanks Pro Circuit Bike 2019 Glendale SupercrossGarrett Marchbank’s and Adam Cianciarulo‘s KX250s under the Pro Circuit tent. 

Sean Cantrell KTM 250SXF 2019 Glendale SupercrossSean Cantrell’s KTM 250SXF. 

Justin Brayton CRF450 2019 Glendale SupercrossJustin Brayton‘s ride. 

Dylan Ferrandis YZ250F 2019 Glendale SupercrossDylan Ferrandis’ Factory Yamalube YZ250F.

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