The twelve round 2019 Pro Motocross Series kicks off this weekend in Sacramento at the Hangtown Motocross Classic and as we are excited for the new season to start. We decided to take a look at what happened at the opening round last year. Although we just saw all of the top riders racing less than two weeks ago in Las Vegas, the results could very easily be quite a bit different this weekend at Hangtown. Supercross and motocross use two completely different styles of riding and usually riders prefer one or the other.


HANGTOWN 2018The Hangtown Motocross Classic was hot and sunny last year, but it looks like it will be very different this year.

Currently it’s wet and rainy in Northern California. Press day was scheduled to happen Thursday afternoon, but with the rain in Sacramento MXsports decided to delay Press Day until Friday afternoon. Currently the  forecast for Saturday’s race is showing a 100 percent chance of rain. We hope it blows over, but rain or shine the races will go on.


Eli TomacEli Tomac won both motos at Hangtown last year.

Coming into Hangtown Eli Tomac will be hard to beat. After winning the 450 Motocross Championship in 2017-2018, Eli is confident and ready to do it again.


Jason AndersonJason Anderson finished fourth overall at Hangtown last year.

Jason Anderson led laps in both motos last year, but he couldn’t maintain the pace needed to stay up front. He went backwards finish fourth and sixth in each moto. This year, Anderson was injured during a practice crash in January and he sat out the rest of the Supercross season. With that being said, Jason has healed up and he’s been training outdoors since the beginning of April, while the rest of his competitors have been focused on Supercross.

The young Star Racing Yamaha rider, Justin Cooper was in a similar situation last year. He was injured in January and once he was healed, he started training on outdoors. The situation worked out well for him as he led laps and placed 5th overall at Hangtown and 3rd overall in the 250 championship.




Cooper webb 2019 Las Vegas Supercross-3211The 2019 450 Supercross Champion will surely be entering Outdoors with some extra confidence.

Cooper Webb has every reason to be confident coming into the Pro Motocross series, but how much time has he spent training on outdoors this year? Usually when riders have their focus set on the Supercross Championship, they struggle at the first few rounds of outdoors. It will be exciting to see how Cooper and his Red Bull KTM work together on the rough National tracks.


Zach Osborne went 1-1 at Hangtown in the 250 class the last two years in a row. 

A pre-season injury caused Zach Osborne to begin the Supercross season late. His first few races started off slow, but the 450 rookie learned each weekend and continued to improve. His podium finish at East Rutherford and heat race win in Las Vegas testify of the hard work Zach put in. Keep your eyes on the #16 this weekend.


Ryan Villopoto yz125Ryan Villopoto and Wil Hahn shredding the 125 Two-Stroke All-Star class at Hangtown last year. 

Backed by popular demand, the 125 Two-Stroke All-Star class will be traveling to all twelve rounds of the 2019 Pro Motocross Series. The class will have one practice on Saturday after the first 250 and 450 practice sessions and then they will compete in a short exhibition race at 11:45am, before the 250 and 450 LCQs. This year Ryan Villopoto, Colton Haaker and Robbie Wageman are on the current entry list along with MXA’s Dennis Stapleton and 34 others.


Hunter Lawrence_Glen Helen 3-28-19Hunter Lawrence is originally from Australia, but he spent his last few years in Europe, traveling and racing the in the MXGP series. 

Hunter Lawrence will make is American Pro Debut this Saturday at the Hangtown Motocross Classic with the Geico Honda team. Hunter was scheduled to make his American debut in Supercross, but injures kept him on the sidelines. Like Jason Anderson, the Aussie has been preparing for the Nationals for awhile now and he has been looking fast at the practice tracks.


There are 71 riders on the 450 entry list. The top 36 in the timed-qualifying sessions will directly transfer to the motos and the rest will compete in an LCQ for the final 4 spots.

Racing Number First Name Last Name
1 Eli Tomac
2 Cooper Webb
4 Blake Baggett
14 Cole Seely
15 Dean Wilson
16 Zachary Osborne
17 Joseph Savatgy
21 Jason Anderson
25 Marvin Musquin
41 Ben LaMay
43 Tyler Bowers
46 Justin Hill
48 Cody Cooper
49 Henry Miller
51 Justin Barcia
56 Lorenzo Locurcio
68 Brandan Leith
74 Cade Autenrieth
82 Justin Hoeft
85 Dare DeMartile
94 Ken Roczen
101 Fredrik Noren
103 Dean Ferris
140 Austin Kouba
165 Kris Keefer
169 Dylan Kappeler
173 Grant Wall
182 Mason Olson
195 Keaton Ward
225 Brett Stralo
227 Derek Kelley
229 Francisco Martini
231 Robert Wilson
234 McCoy Brough
246 Chance Blackburn
272 Rory Sullivan
286 Erki Kahro
Racing Number First Name Last Name
292 Kolton Dean
309 Jeremy Smith
314 Tyler Stepek
329 Chad Gores
332 Dustin Winter
335 Jake Masterpool
383 Casey Brennan
402 Samuel Greenawalt
403 Keylan Meston
444 Caleb Tennant
446 Blaine Silveira
447 Deven Raper
477 Todd Waters
482 Riley Brough
526 Colton Aeck
553 Brent Rouse
565 Dominic DeSimone
577 Felix Lopez
588 Kurt Thomas
621 RJ Wageman
637 Bobby Piazza
647 Matthew Hubert
661 Noah Chambers
700 James Weeks
718 Toshiki Tomita
767 Mason Wharton
841 Jeff Walker
845 Bryan O’Neil
876 Chris Alldredge
892 Garret Ioppolo
909 Jacob Smith
917 Drew Thomas
929 Taiki Koga
934 Brian Medeiros



There are 58 riders currently signed up for the 250 class.

Racing Number First Name Last Name
12 Shane McElrath
23 Chase Sexton
26 Alex Martin
28 Jordon Smith
31 RJ Hampshire
32 Justin Cooper
34 Dylan Ferrandis
36 Michael Mosiman
38 Christian Craig
39 Colt Nichols
45 Brandon Hartranft
49 Nick Gaines
52 Jordan Bailey
61 Garrett Marchbanks
66 Mitchell Oldenburg
77 Challen Tennant
83 Killian Auberson
92 Adam Cianciarulo
110 Yusuke Watanabe
112 Thomas Covington
122 Chris Howell
123 Mitchell Falk
139 Nathen LaPorte
153 Carson Carr
154 Chase Felong
156 Jacob Hayes
162 Maxwell Sanford
168 Cale Kuchnicki
186 Tyler Monks
194 Jerry Robin
196 Hunter Lawrence
205 Todd Wilson
209 Jared Petruska
232 Dylan Bolinger
233 Derek Drake
259 Corbin Hayes
286 Brandon Sussman
291 Zane Merrett
310 Kai Aiello
321 Bradley Lionnet
345 Joshua Prior
Racing Number First Name Last Name
356 Daniel Lippman
357 Kameron Barboa
407 Benjamin Nelko
427 Deegan Vonlossberg
461 Thomas Richards
554 Wade Brommel
583 Corey Ridel
614 Christopher Shenoy
842 Joseph Gerrior
898 Jack Fowler
906 Adrian Galamba
916 Jorge Rubalcava
923 Chris Moore
926 Ciaran Naran
936 Ty Masterpool
964 Mitchell Goheen
974 Brian Marty


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