Austin Forkner_2019 Rutherford Supercross-6692Austin Forkner taking the lead in East Rutherford main event before he pulled off due to his knee injury. 

The big news heading into Las Vegas Supercross is Austin Forkner will not be racing. Austin went in depth on his Instagram account telling the world how bad he knee is and about his aggressive riding in East Rutherford.

Here is what Austin had to say about the extent of his injuries: “The extent of my knee was a fully torn ACL. Not a half tear, not a quarter tear, it was fully torn and that’s a big difference. Fully torn is tough and there is no stability. I also tore my meniscus and I think a slight tear and beat up my MCL. I also chipped some cartilage off of my femur and had a massive bone bruise from where the tib-fib and femur clanked together.”

What Austin commented about his aggressive riding: “I was smashing guys on the first lap, I sent it into the first turn. I didn’t really care. I feel like some people are talking about the passes were dirty and this and that blah, blah, blah.  Heard some podium stuff being said, but I don’t care. It’s a three point championship battle, two races left, my knee jacked up, you got to expect that stuff is going to happen. I was hanging it out and going for it. I just sent it as hard as I could until my knee buckled.”

Chase Sexton_2019 Rutherford Supercross-2740Chase Sexton won his first ever Supercross last weekend as well as took the 250 East Coast points lead.

The 250 East Coast Championship is now Chase Sexton’s to lose with Forkner out. Although the Monster Energy Star Racing rider of Justin Cooper is in striking distance. Cooper sits nine points behind Sexton coming into Vegas. If Justin Cooper wins, Sexton can’t place any worse than 7th.

Click here for 250 East Coast points heading into Las Vegas Supercross.


Dylan Ferrandis_Adam Cianciarulo_2019 Seattle Supercross-5187Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo might be friends off the track, but the gloves will be coming off in Vegas. 

Adam Cianciarulo sits eight points ahead of the Star Racing Yamaha rider of Frenchman Dylan Ferrandis. Adam’s track record at the Las Vegas Shootout is flawless. He won both times he raced in 2017 and 2018. Adam will be confident coming into Vegas. Although Adam wasn’t under as much pressure coming into the last round. Dylan is going to be all in. He has nothing to lose while Adam has everything to lose. Eight points is a nice cushion, but as it is a shootout the competition gets stiffer.

Click here for 250 West Coast point heading into Las Vegas Supercross.



Eli Tomac 2019 Rutherford Supercross-0557Eli Tomac crashed in the same section the same way twice last weekend in East Rutherford. It could have been the nail in the coffin that cost in the 2019 450 Supercross crown. 

Eli Tomac has done it again. Back in 2017 the 450 Supercross championship was his to lose. And lose he did to Ryan Dungey. Eli had races where no-one could touch him. Then come back the next week and make amateur mistakes. We are seeing the same mistakes coming from Eli once again in 2019. Crashing twice in the same section the same way last weekend in East Rutherford cost him big time. But Tomac is the only guy still in the running to best Cooper Webb. Webb has a big 23 point lead coming into Las Vegas Supercross this weekend. Webb can’t finish worse than 20th in order to bring home the crown.


Click here for 450 points coming into Las Vegas Supercross. 

Cooper Webb_2019 Rutherford Supercross-2687Cooper Webb deserves to bring home the crown in 2019. 



JasoN AndersonJason Anderson in Vegas last year when he took home to 450 SX champinship. 

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2000 Vegas SUpercross2000 Las Vegas start of the 125cc class. 

450SX Class: Las Vegas Facts 

The first 450SX Class race held in Las Vegas was on March 17, 1990 in Sam Boyd Stadium. Jeff Matiasevich won the race on a Kawasaki for his first and only 450SX Class victory. The series has returned every season except for 1996. 2019 will mark the 29th time the gate will drop for a 450SX Class race in Las Vegas. 

A major lighting malfunction that occurred before the 1995 Las Vegas Main Events resulted in poor sight on-track for riders. The race was held regardless even though six riders, including the already crowned champion Jeremy McGrath, decided to sit out the Main Events. It was the only Supercross Main Event that McGrath missed from 1993-2002. Overshadowed by the lighting controversy was Jeff Emig taking his first career premier class win, as he battled the dark on his Yamaha to take the checkers. 

In 1997 Doug Henry won the Las Vegas Supercross on a YZM400 four-stroke Yamaha. It was the first time a four-stroke had won a premier class Supercross Main Event. Now they are unanimously used amongst professionals even though two-stroke bikes are still permitted. 

In only 13 of 28 races did the winner of Las Vegas win the 450SX Class title. The winner of Las Vegas did win the title for five straight seasons from 2013-2017 however. 

Manufacturer Wins in Las Vegas (Last Win) 

Yamaha: 8 (2008) 

Kawasaki: 8 (2018) 

Honda: 6 (2011) 

KTM: 3 (2016) 

Suzuki: 2 (2010) 

Husqvarna: 1 (2017) 

Top Winners in Las Vegas 

1) Jeremy McGrath: 4 (1994, 1998-’00) 

1) Chad Reed: 4 (2003, 2005, 2008, 2011) 

1) Ryan Dungey: 4 (2012, 2015, 2016-’17) 2 April 29, 2019 

4) Ryan Villopoto: 3 (2009, 2013-’14) 

450SX Class: First Time Winners in Las Vegas 

Jeff Matiasevich: 1990 

Mike LaRocco: 1991 

Jeff Emig: 1995 

250SX Class: Las Vegas Facts 

Jeremy McGrathJeremy McGrath won three times in Vegas in the 125cc class aboard a Honda CR125. This year Adam Cianciarulo can tie Jeremy’s Vegas record as he already has two under his belt. 

The first 250SX Class race held in Las Vegas was on March 17th, 1990 in Sam Boyd Stadium. Jeremy McGrath won the race on a Honda and would go onto win the first three 250SX Class races in the venue. He is still the only rider with three 250SX Class wins in Las Vegas, but Adam Cianciarulo could tie him with a victory in 2019. 

Sam Boyd Stadium would host a 250SX Class race from 1990-1995 before missing the 1996 season. In those first six seasons of hosting, the Las Vegas Supercross was a points-paying Western Regional round. That would all change in 1997 when the series returned to Las Vegas, as the race would be turned into an East/West combined non-points paying showdown for the next 14 seasons of racing in the venue. Things got bigger from 2011-2014 as not only would the Showdown take place but beforehand each region would race their final points paying rounds of their respective regions. 

In 2015 the series returned to being solely a non-points paying showdown, however from 2016-present the series runs points-paying showdowns as the only Main Event. Including points paying and non-points paying Showdowns, Eastern Regional rounds, and Western Regional rounds, there have been 36 250SX Class races in Las Vegas. 2019 will be the 28th season of 250SX Class racing in Las Vegas and the 37th race in total. 

Justin Barcia won the Eastern Regional Main Event and the non-points paying Showdown in 2012. He is the only rider to win two races in the same venue on the same day in either class’s history. The Eastern Region and Western Region are tied with 11 wins a-piece in Las Vegas Showdowns. This includes both the points paying and non-points paying events. 

Manufacturer Wins in Las Vegas (Including Showdowns) 

Kawasaki: 15 (2018) 

Honda: 8 (2013) 

Suzuki: 6 (2008) 

Yamaha: 4 (2014) 

KTM: 3 (2015) 

Top Winners in Las Vegas (Including Showdowns) 

1) Jeremy McGrath: 3 (1990-’92) 

2) Adam Cianciarulo: 2 (2017-’18) 

2) Ryan Hughes: 2 (1994-’95) 

2) Nathan Ramsey: 2 (1999, 2001) 3 April 29, 2019 

2) James Stewart: 2 (2002, 2004) 

2) Five others tied at 2 

250SX Class: First Time Winners in Las Vegas (Not Including Showdowns) 

Jeremy McGrath: 1990 

Ken Roczen: 2011 

Tyler Bowers: 2013 

Jeremy Martin: 2014 

450SX Class Past Winners in Las Vegas 

1990: Jeff Mataisevich- Kawasaki 

1991: Mike LaRocco- Suzuki 

1992: Jean-Michel Bayle- Honda 

1993: Jeff Stanton- Honda 

1994: Jeremy McGrath- Honda 

1995: Jeff Emig- Yamaha 

1997: Doug Henry- Yamaha 

1998: Jeremy McGrath- Yamaha 

1999: Jeremy McGrath- Yamaha 

2000: Jeremy McGrath- Yamaha 

2001: Ricky Carmichael- Kawasaki 

2002: Ricky Carmichael- Honda 

2003: Chad Reed- Yamaha 

2004: Kevin Windham- Honda 

2005: Chad Reed- Yamaha 

2006: James Stewart- Kawasaki 

2007: James Stewart- Kawasaki 

2008: Chad Reed- Yamaha 

2009: Ryan Villopoto- Kawasaki 

2010: Ryan Dungey- Suzuki 

2011: Chad Reed- Honda 

2012: Ryan Dungey- KTM 

2013: Ryan Villopoto- Kawasaki 

2014: Ryan Villopoto- Kawasaki 

2015: Ryan Dungey- KTM 

2016: Ryan Dungey- KTM 

2017: Jason Anderson- Husqvarna 

2018: Eli Tomac- Kawasaki 

250SX Class Past Winners in Las Vegas 

Western Regional Races only (1990-1995) 

1990: Jeremy McGrath- Honda 

1991: Jeremy McGrath- Honda 

1992: Jeremy McGrath- Honda 4 April 29, 2019 

1993: Damon Huffman- Suzuki 

1994: Ryan Hughes- Kawasaki 

1995: Ryan Hughes- Kawasaki 

Non-Points Paying East/West Region Showdowns only (1997-2010) 

1997: Kevin Windham- Yamaha 

1998: Ricky Carmichael- Kawasaki 

1999: Nathan Ramsey- Kawasaki 

2000: Travis Pastrana- Suzuki 

2001: Nathan Ramsey- Yamaha 

2002: James Stewart- Kawasaki 

2003: Andrew Short- Suzuki 

2004: James Stewart- Kawasaki 

2005: Davi Millsaps- Suzuki 

2006: Andrew Short- Honda 

2007: Ryan Dungey- Suzuki 

2008: Ryan Dungey- Suzuki 

2009: Christophe Pourcel- Kawasaki 

2010: Jake Weimer- Kawasaki 

East Region Race, West Region Race, and Non-Points Paying Showdowns (2011-2014) 

2011: Blake Baggett- Kawasaki (ER) 

2011: Ken Roczen- KTM (WR) 

2011: Ryan Sipes- Yamaha (SD) 

2012: Justin Barcia- Honda (ER) 

2012: Eli Tomac- Honda (WR) 

2012: Justin Barcia- Honda (SD) 

2013: Tyler Bowers- Kawasaki (ER) 

2013: Eli Tomac- Honda (WR) 

2013: Ken Roczen- KTM (SD) 

2014: Jeremy Martin- Yamaha (ER) 

2014: Dean Wilson- Kawasaki (WR) 

2014: Justin Hill- Kawasaki (SD) 

Showdown only (2015) 

2015: Marvin Musquin- KTM 

Points Paying East/West Region Showdown 

2016: Joey Savatgy- Kawasaki 

2017: Adam Cianciarulo- Kawasaki 

2018: Adam Cianciarulo- Kawasaki 


SD = Showdown 5 April 29, 2019 

ER = Eastern Regional 

WR = Western Regional 



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